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About us
Build Good Business

Who we are at BuildGoodBusiness is an online resource center that offer effective, time-tested business principles that educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start, grow and expand their businesses using digital marketing strategies and life experiences.

Build Good Business is a collection of amazing personalities with great business and digital skills insight who work together as a team to remain consistent in bringing valued information.

Our Facebook community for business leaders and intending business experts is a fast growing community for people who share great business insights that works. In this our private community, we share ideas and tips that enable us raise business executives.

We periodically invite inspiring people who are doing great business to come share their stories and strategies with us

About the Founder/CEO

Noble Cyril Amaugo; Founder:

BuildGoodBusiness was founded by Amaugo Noble Cyril. He is also the tribe leader of the Good Business Community. He is a business leader who has founded PrintBoy naija and BrandWick Digital Agency since he quit his no-longer-satisfying-job. Noble Cyril is the Author of Content Idea Generation CheatSheet and How to Position Yourself for Relevance

As a Graduate of Computer Science and Computer Engineering fro Abia State Polytechnics Aba and Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, he co-published a journal on Web-based Prison Management and Police Investigation System with a case study of the Nigerian Prison Service (Afara Umuahia, Abia State) with Engr. Aguodoh P.C and Amadi Christopher

Founding Story

BuildGoodBusiness Blog started July, 2020 in my room immediately I quit my job as a Manager in a digital printing firm in my city. The main goal of this blog is to share the business tips I learnt while managing businesses over time and the new things I would learn as I foray into building BrandWick and PrintBoy Naija.

BuidGoodBusiness has gone on to be more than it set out to be with other international bloggers joining the dream of helping people build sustainable businesses based on sound and relevant business principles.