8 Best B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies [UPDATED]

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b2b lead nurturing strategies

B2B Lead generation is no longer the chief challenge of business executives but how to know the best b2b lead nurturing strategies.

It is very important that being a marketer, you should take care of the highest point of the sales funnel of your business with leads but how many of those leads have converted to sales and retained customers?

Without employing the best lead nurturing strategies, leads would not push themselves down the sales pipeline by themselves and become a client on their own. Clearly, that barely occurs!

You should comprehend and understand that your leads need a little push with subsequent follow-ups which is the most testing part for some marketers and salespeople.

In this article, we would take a deep dive into the best b2b lead nurturing strategies that would help you nurture the leads you have already generated through the best b2b lead generation strategies.

As you already know, not all leads generate sales.

Marketers and salespeople nowadays have a lot of B2B sales questions as it has become a tough task because they have to understand that the B2B audience has evolved, and the buying behavior of buyers has also evolved.

B2B lead nurturing

Before buying anything, customers will learn more information and evaluate your company and nobody would want to invest their time and money in a poor business. They do their research and take advice from direct personal references.

Clients want to be confirmed that solving their problems or concerns is your foremost priority. They need value and assurance. It is the reason that B2B lead nurturing has become so important nowadays, which you can’t simply overlook.

According to research conducted by Gartner, lead nurturing can save 80% of your direct mail funds from the overall budget and produce a 10% or more boost in revenue in 6-9 months.

Let us get right into how best you can nurture your leads for optimum conversion.

1. Understand Your Lead

You must know every bit of information related to your generated lead like – What is their objective of doing business? What are the current issues they are facing? How can your product or service be the best solution for them?

Understanding your leads is one of the best b2b lead nurturing strategies that would guarantee a larger number of those leads or prospects to be converted to buying customers.

These are some of the essential questions you have to answer to convert your ideal prospects into clients. After you understand and familiarize yourself with them, categorize those leads into –

  • Non-qualified leads – These leads are not interested at all, you have to give more time to generate their interest.
  • Qualified Leads – All you have to do is entice them more as they might have reached out to you by filling the form or visiting your website daily or replied to an email you sent.
  • Marketing Qualified Leads – These leads are definitely going to convert into trusted clients.

2. Personalize Your Outreach

To make your lead nurturing strategy work, personalization can help you achieve loyally and trusted clients.

Personalization makes those prospects feel more connected with you.

You must do the following things –

  • Write personalized informal emails with a solution to their problems
  • Call your prospects by their name
  • Entice them more by talking about their pain points
  • Communicating in a descriptive and friendly tone

If you are uncertain what content you should convey to your prospects, you should consider what lead magnet you used to capture their details.

You should know with what pages on your site they are associating the most, and their beliefs that they share on social media destinations.

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3. Stop Emailing Them Daily

This is another top strategy in the list of the best b2b lead nurturing strategies that has pulled in the best results for me.

A bad approach to have your leads instantly unsubscribing is by emailing them consistently and daily.

Sending messages, emails, or cold-calling them daily would disturb your leads as well as show you like a hungry person. Subsequently, they may wind up unsubscribing and could never spend their time and money on you.

Set up an ideal lead nurturing email plan with the best B2B lead nurturing tools that not simply stays within the mind of your possible leads but allows them to engage more with you.

Re-engage b2b leads

4. Re-engage Your Leads If Needed

Is it true that your leads aren’t opening your messages at all or aren’t reacting to your business calls?

Attempt reconnecting them through email marketing.  Again, in this case, you can take the help of a B2B Prospecting tool.

Instructions to re-engage with a lead:

  • Approach them and ask for their feedback.
  • Offer something as an incentive that they will find profoundly significant
  • Ignite their desire to act quickly

5. Make a Move Instantly

Try not to trust that your prospects will show buying intent and then you begin the lead nurturing. If you will wait for them to make a move, you might end up losing a great deal for your business growth.

You have to start nurturing your leads when they reach out to you through any form, with any area of your business, or even if they have come through your blog content.

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6. Leverage Content Marketing

Nowadays, customers seem to be well-researched and more engaged than marketers. They dispose of whatever seems like an advertisement or a special campaign.

That is the place where content marketing comes in, which is tied in with being smart about your prospects’ problem areas and producing content that resolves those trouble spots.

Content marketing empowers you to win your prospects’ trust, who are probably going to turn into your expected clients.

7.  Mix Up Your Sales And Marketing Procedures.

At the point when marketing and sales adjust, lead supporting methodologies are more fruitful and client conversion rates increase.

They both have to recognize the specific focuses in the buyer’s journey, and leads should be switched between groups. To do such, consider various triggers like lead scoring, transformation opportunities, and work process enlistment.

8.  Score Your Leads Effectively

The lead scoring system allocates a rating to the activity taken by clients while furnishing you with contact data.

Not all contacts are equivalent, so choose which things should pick up higher point esteem. The score esteem reveals to you where your B2B lead nurturing systems would be best.

A few actions to set up your scoring:

  • Product demo requests
  • Waiting on a certain site page areas
  • Intentionally following your social media accounts
  • Proceeded with interest in your items or services


Every b2b business executive wants sales and more sales but most do not know how best to transition those leads they must have generated into buying clients.

While it is important that for you to get the right kind of leads, you must use the best lead magnets that solve your prospects’ problems, it is even more important to follow up with the best b2b lead nurturing strategies so that you can reach optimum conversion.

An effective marketing technique improves lead quality by experimenting with modern concepts and updated techniques. You must use the above-mentioned strategies to nurture your leads and easily convert them into a trusted client.

I hope you generate more sales moving forward.

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