The Best Business and Finance Blog in Africa: a Call for Votes!

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Best Business and Finance Blog in Africa

We have been working hard to give you the best business and finance support you need for several months and now, this blog has been nominated to be the best in Africa!

Would you help us?

It started with a mail from the organizers congratulating us on the feat.

Yes, we have won the Top 100 Small Business Blog Award of 2020 (coming 41st in the list) as issued by Feedspot but how special this one is cannot be articulated.

Build Good Business Blog Has Been Nominated!

The feeling of ecstasy is overwhelming and while it is our first award for 2021 and one coming from Africa, our biggest award is that you find a solution in our detailed articles.

This nomination to win the best Finance and Business blog in Africa is a special one as it is coming straight from country home.

Help us bring it home.

Afro Bloggers Awards nominated us!

Afro Bloggers Award Best Business and Finance Blog in Africa

A little about Afro Bloggers Award

Afro Bloggers Award is an award event organized by AfroBloggers (the body).

AfroBloggers is a virtual hub (based in Zimbabwe) where the world meets bloggers of African descent.

Its platform empowers meaningful networking and engaging communication among bloggers as they help them to learn from each other in an inclusive environment where every story matters.

This amazing organization is led by a collective of exciting and amazing people drawn from different African countries driven by the burning desire to see Africa and its creatives succeed.

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Noble Cyril Amaugo Blogger

A Little about Build Good Business Blog

We are not going for a long talk about Good Business Blog as we believe you already know us by now.

We started as a pet project of the founder Noble Cyril.

Build Good Business Blog as a pet project was purposed to share amazing business principles he had learned from his years of experience as a business executive.

Now, we have helped thousands of business executives make outstanding business decisions while winning a little award on-the-go.

Show some support and help us win another one. This would make us the Best Business and Finance Blog in Africa!

How to Vote for Good Business Blog to Win Afro Bloggers Award This Year

Best Business and Finance Blog in Africa
  1. Visit the voting portal through this link, it leads to the AfroBlogger’s voting portal and is entirely safe for you; it is just a voting portal and would not require any personal detail from you.
  2. There are many other categories but you can find Good Business Blog in the FINANCE AND BUSINESS category.
vote build good business blog afro bloggers award

>>> Scroll down to the FINANCE AND BUSINESS category and vote for Build Good Business Blog. It is the first name on the list in the finance and business category.

That is all!

Final Thoughts

Build Good Business Blog is excited for Africa!

We are excited about our blog, your business, and what the future holds for all of us.

In this blog, we would continue to give relentless value to our audience as our strength lies in the conviction that we are helping you grow a sustainable business.

Visit Afro Bloggers Awards voting Portal here… to vote for Build Good Business Blog in the FINANCE AND BUSINESS CATEGORY.

We are counting on your support to bring this one home.

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