7 Best Email Marketing Software For Your Business [Updated]

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Best Email Marketing Software

Running a business in these uncertain times? You definitely need to start using the best email marketing software for your email campaigns and email list building.

Ditch the one you are using now if you must, the biggest, most important thing you can do for your business is to find an effective way to stay up on the faces of your customers and prospects on a steady basis.

What better way to do it if not through effective email marketing?

A lot has been said about selling products and services to people through emails that people have begun to ask if it is now overrated.

Let us find out if it is overrated, shall we?

Email Marketing, Really?

Is email marketing overrated? I find it shocking that this is even a question popping up in people’s minds by this time of the year.

I had such questions myself when I first started my business but upon close study, I found out that people are making some good returns from this tricky way of marketing.

According to email marketing statistics from HubSpot, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. On close observation, it accounts for about 3,800% Return on Investment, making it one of the most effective marketing options available.

Furthermore, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in their email engagement in the last year with 80% of business professionals believing that email marketing increases customer retention.

Besides, with a proper engagement strategy, you stay on the mind of your audience as they get used to expecting emails from you.

[Verdict: It is not overrated].


What To Look For In A Good Email Marketing Software

If you want a highly engaging email campaign, you should be on the lookout for one with an easy user interface that gives you the liberty to design it to your taste.

It is also of very great importance that you use software that makes managing your contacts an easy task and also allows you to easily automate your emails according to a customer’s buying or interaction journey with you.

Other Important Reads:

Most importantly, use email marketing software that helps your emails end up in the inbox. Nobody opens the email just to check for emails in the “junk/spam” folder.

This was what drove me to figure out ways to increase my email open rate by 10% and, trust me, you don’t want to have the feeling of having your emails end up in the junk folder.

Why Is Choosing The Best Email Marketing Software So Important

The reason behind this figure is the ease with which you can manage your email campaigns when you know the right email marketing KPIs to watch out for.

Since a large percentage of your email marketing success depends on the software or platform you use, we have decided to give you our updated verdict on the 10 best email marketing software for your business.

Even for a B2B, email marketing strategies for B2B guarantee a steady flow of leads you can turn into raving clients when you nurture them well but your success would be stifled when you use the wrong email marketing tools.

7 Best Email Marketing Software For Your Business


1.       iContact

Pricing: Starting from $30.60
Ease of Use: 
Not so easy to use (technical)

Free Version: No

Payment Plans: Depends on the number of contacts

iContact is arguably the best email marketing software for businesses out there with its robust functionalities that allow you to create a profitable email campaign with the beauty it creates.

Its unique promise is to help you upgrade your email marketing. It promises speed in building email lists and powerful automation that delights your subscribers with speed and accuracy.

When you compare iContact with other email marketing software in the market, it comes out efficient. The best part is that its 30-days free trial allows you to test-drive its amazing features before signing up for their premium features.

Besides, you can sign up with the number of subscribers you have as they have room for any number beginning from 500 subscribers.

constant contact review

2.       Constant Contact

Pricing: Starting from $20
Ease of Use: 
Easy to use

Free Version: No

Payment Plans: Depends on the number of contacts

With its simple email marketing needs, Constant contact can be considered a great email solution for small businesses.

Constant Contact has been in business since 1995 and during that time, they have grown to rank as one of the most used email tools with over 700,000 customers.

This amazing tool is targeting small businesses, but they are not really the most affordable starting from $20/month, mostly when you consider that their features are not as advanced to charge $20/month for just 500 subscribers.

However, their drag-and-drop feature is amazing and their automation system is one of the best out there for e-commerce businesses.

sendinblue review

3.      SendInBlue

Pricing: Starting From $25.00
Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use
Free Version: Available

Payment Plans: Based on Sent Emails

SendInBlue has a free plan you can use if you do not have money to start up or you just want to test them out.

With 10 million emails every day and over 10 years+ experience, it has grown into a whole system that incorporates management systems for email, SMS, CRM, chat, and more, all in their platform to help you grow your business by building strong customer relationships.

Isn’t that all that matters?

It has advanced automation that includes web tracking and leads scoring, and they also charge based on the number of emails you send rather than how many contacts you have in your email list.

With its beginner-friendly marketing automation, it allows you to create a workflow for follow-up emails and segment your subscriber list.

These features make SendinBlue an extremely easy to use platform with excellent tools to create a beautiful and highly engaging email. Its algorithm that ensures better email deliverability is not overrated.

mailchimp review

4.      MailChimp

Pricing: Starting From $9.99
Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use
Free Version: Yes

Payment Plans: Based on Number of Contacts

Mailchimp is arguably the most popular email marketing software/provider in the world. Interestingly, they offer a forever-free email marketing plan.

It comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder, contact segmentation, autoresponders, and more. It also allows you the liberty of setting up email delivery times based on a user’s local time zone or geolocation.

The Mailchimp dashboard prompts you to import your email contacts either from a .csv file or simply copy and paste.

Its tagging functionality is top-notch as it allows you to send mails to people marked by a tag while isolating other emails in the email list.

The process of setting up a campaign for your list building is really easy as the entire process is smooth and guided all the way.

The main deal about Mailchimp’s email marketing tool is the drag and drop tool, email automation, sign-up forms, customer segmentation, and hundreds of integrations with both social media and other web applications.

getresponse review

5.      GetResponse

Pricing: Starting From $10.50
Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use
Free Version: No

Payment Plans: Based on Number of Contacts

GetResponse is one of the most interesting products in the market with its flamboyant email marketing, landing pages, e-commerce, sales funnels, and webinar tools.

This amazing tool is a good worth for every penny paid because of how well it is delivering on its promises of taking care of businesses with its strong online marketing features.

The pricing plans for GetResponse are very flexible and affordable with the most basic starting from $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers.

The more your subscribers you have, the better it is for you to upgrade to a better plan that can accommodate your list subscribers (you also get to unlock more exciting features as you progress).

While GetResponse has great tools for bloggers and content creators, it pays better attention to business executives. It has a webinar tool that helps business owners to make more sales through webinar marketing. GetResponse is often referred to as the be-it email marketing tool.

aweber review

6.      Aweber

Pricing: Starting From $16.50
Ease of Use: 
Free Version: No

Payment Plans: Based on Number of Contacts

Aweber offers a lot of tools for all businesses to manage their email marketing campaigns. It integrates easily with WordPress and gives bloggers and content creators enough flexibility to manage their email lists, autoresponders, as well as track their insights.

Just like most other email marketing tools, it offers a limited free plan for up to 500 email list subscribers.

With Aweber, you can easily combine automation rules with their tagging system to make autoresponders behave in a sophisticated, yet reasonable way.


7.      Convertkit

Pricing: Starting From $25
Ease of Use: 
Free Version: Yes

Payment Plans: Based on Number of Contacts

Convertkit is one of the most easy-to-use email marketing tools with broad functionalities hidden behind an easy-to-use user interface.

It is directly made for bloggers and content creators whose major aim is to build an email list and communicate with their subscribers without robust features. It has easy integration with WordPress with its straightforward WordPress plugin.

There is no secret charge in Convertkit for duplicate emails because it eliminates duplicate emails and instead, it allows you to tag your subscriber list by how they interact with you; this is a great feature.

Convertkit also has a 247 live chat/support system that is always available to help you sort out any challenge you may be facing as you use their platform.


Email marketing becomes very easy and effective when you choose the right email marketing software suitable for your business.

Your choice of software to use may depend on your budget, how well versed you are with the use of email marketing software, or even how big or small your email list is as you start.

Email marketing is still and would always be the best way to guarantee a big ROI in your marketing.

I hope this article gave you a list of other email marketing tools in the market and has given a good overview of the best software/tools in the market.

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