How To Know A Good Billboard Advertising Company

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Billboard Advertising

Have you been in search of a good billboard advertising company lately? You should consider the factors we will be discussing in this straight forward article if you want to get the best result for the money you are about to invest in advertising your business.

Advertising is a very integral part of “the business growth machine” and when attended to without care, you waste so much money.

You don’t want that!

Billboard advertising remains one of the most effective advertising tools for businesses that intend to drive a large number of local traffic.

From statistics, at least 70% of Americans look at roadside billboards often and report learning of an interesting product, business, or even an upcoming event from those billboards.

Billboard advertising is kicking back to life as we ease into our normal lives post-COVID and now is a good time to fix billboard advertising into your budget for the new business year.

While it is of very great importance for your business to engage in billboard advertising, it is very pertinent that you watch out for these key defining factors when approaching a billboard advertising agency.

Ways to Optimize Your Outdoor Adverts Post-COVID

Area of Coverage

The coverage area of a billboard advertising company is a very important factor to consider as it gives you a wide range of locations to choose from.

While running a billboard advertising campaign for a printing business I managed in early 2020, I discovered that it will give you a huge advantage to work with a company with a great reach because they stand a better chance of exposing your business in areas of a large number of people.

Your adverts must be seen by a large number of your target audience if it must convert optimally.

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Track Record of The Billboard Advertising Company

Every good billboard advertising company should have a track record of satisfied customers and a good record of relevant metrics you can check out.

These records would show how well their company values would align with your company’s values and culture.

Without a convincing track record of satisfied customers, it would become clear that the risk of doing business with them would not be worth the stress it would bring to your company should they fail to yield good results.

Customer Relationship

Understandably, customers can get under the skin of business executives often but how well they manage difficult customers can count for something.

Should you need to adjust anything already agreed in the terms of service, they should be open-minded enough to give you an audience even if you are violating a pre-agreed term.

Customer relationship is integral to the success of any business and how well they are able to attend to your needs during the period of your business with them should be carefully observed.

Everyone deserves a little pampering once in a while or don’t you?

How to Know a Good Billboard Advertising Company

Considerate Pricing

Pre-COVID, physical billboards cost an average of $800 to$1400 per month in rural areas and up to $2000 in small and mid-sized cities like South Carolina and Nebraska.

While physical billboards are considerably cheap, digital billboards cost an average of $1200 to a little over $12,000 per month depending on location and a few other factors.

How considerate or flexible is their pricing? While they must remain in business and make a profit, a clear consideration should as well be given to small businesses that are vying for growth in a rather saturated business climate.

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Understanding of Billboard Advertising

Lately, advertising has been redefined to focus even more on human psychology and the dynamics that affect their buying behavior.

A good billboard advertising company should understand why people buy and what factors influence buying behavior in people.

That way, they would be in a better position to not only advise you on how best to approach crafting your adverts but be readily available to offer professional insights on what best moves your niche market as it concerns advertising.

How well do they understand advertising and its mechanics? Watch out for this one because you don’t want to plunge your money and other resources into the hands of amateurs.


Every business that engages in marketing should have some Important Marketing KPIs You Should Not Neglect and chief of this should conversion of every form of advert they push out for public consumption.

When choosing a billboard advertising company, it is important to find out how they will help your business to hit goals with their services.

Since they are the ones you would be handing your billboard advertising to, carefully consider the locations they cover, how well your business goals align, and how committed they would be to make sure that you meet goals and not just to collect money from you and call it a day.

Finding the right billboard advertising company for your business relies on the quality of research you are willing to do.

Would you be advertising on billboards soon? What results would you expect? We’d like to know so we guide you better.

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