I struggled for months in my blog and saw my Bounce Rate increase daily without even ranking well on search engines until I figured it out. Now I sleep well because I can do all that in 15 minutes!

Get Help In Planning Your Next 1 Year Blog Content With This "365 Days Printable Blog Post Planner" All For A $10 Steal!

...Plus a FREE Viral Content S.E.O Checklist and a Guestposting guide to shoot your traffic and D.A up in weeks

Hi there,

Do you have the same challenge of planning your blog post or ranking on search engines that tons of bloggers are having right now?

Don't be shy, you are not alone. Reliable statistsics show that over 59.3% of bloggers struggle with planning their blog content.

My name is Noble Cyril and I am the owner of the ever resourceful blog -  BuildGoodBusiness Blog.

Starting out, I struggled a lot to not just plan and write my content, but to even know what to do  to have a chance at ranking my articles properly on relevant search engines.

All that is in the past now as I get it done in minutes!

I had an amazing coach starting out and he was really helpful but he wouldn't help me put my house in order; he had stuff to do too.

I figured it out after months of less sleep and now? All the struggle is in the past that I even write long useful articles of 1500 words and above with ease (it should be about how useful your articles are to your audience, right?).

If I had seen a useful Blog Post Planner close to this one, I would have saved months of unneccessary stress! This is how I know I can help you.

Why did my bounce rate keep increasing? Why was I not able to build a good email list? Why did I not profit from my blog for months?

I had articles on my blog that answered people's questions and addressed their pain points (which is the essence of blogging) but they left as soon as the came in because there was no clear plan of contents on my blog. As painful as it was, I had no idea why!

You should know what amount of work we put in getting the traffic to our blog. Now think about it, why would you do all that and have them leave almost at an instant?

I cried tirelessly! I loved blogging and was determined to make it work. 

I took courses and most of them ended up stupid and uselss!

Email list? who would want to subscribe to an unplanned blog with unrelated contents? I had to start my blog from beginning just so I can make all the contents relate to each other.

A well panned blog content was all I needed.

You need the same too. You need to make a reasonable amount of money CONSISTENTLY from your blog, right? yes!

Now, I have a great email list and a blog with an amazing engagement rate. What more could I have asked for?

I almost quit my blog in failure but I figured it out!

I discovered that for my audience to remain on my RESOURCEFUL blog and read content after content, I needed a working plan!

You cannot quit your blog. You cannot cover your face in shame and just ride along and hope for some magic.

You have to fight for your blog and all the resources you have buried inside it. You have to fight for your audience and the solution you are bringing to their challenges.

When I discovered this master blueprint of a planner, I gave it out to a few of my blogger friends to check it out and in just a little while, they had planned their year long blog contents.

Introducing the amazing secret - "Simplified 365 Days Printable Blog Post Planner"

This Planner is what me and so many bloggers use for our blogs and you should steal it out too!

  • Plan 1 Year Content Ahead - Figure out a series of relatable contents and plan their writing and arrangement ahead
  • Free S.E.O Checklist - An amazing checklist of all to do to rank well on search engines
  • Progress Monitor - Monitor your content writing progress and the important things your contents should contain to go viral.

The planner is easy to use even for a week-old blogger!

"Writing and ranking my blog contents have become easier than I could have imagined. Now, I have a blog content planned out for the next year.

It couldn't have been easier"

- Nelson U.

Starworth NG

"Writing contents for my clients have become easier with this planner as my clients wonder how I have it all figured out. $10 is a big steal.

I paid $70 for this!"

- Umoh A.

All the awesomeness for $10! Isn't that a steal?

Giving it out for $10 has never been the plan but what can I give to you for Christmas?

For a test basis, I gave it out for $70 and they believed it was a crazy giveaway and yet, here I am going even more crazy for $10.

You only need to pay $70 $10 if you act fast.

In just a few days when my giveaway madness clears (oh, it would surely clear), the planner is blowing up to $70 which would still be a steal. I could hatch the idea of making it a $200 premium!

I Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Seek a refund and get it ASAP if you did not find value in this planner.

If you think that this planner is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money with an incentive to apologise for wasting your time.

No Question Asked!

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