Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid That Beginner Bloggers Are Probably Not Aware Of

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Common SEO mistakes to avoid

Beginner bloggers who do not know the common SEO mistakes to avoid often waste so many months waiting for the important blog articles to rank on relevant search engines and that wait can become annoying sometimes.

Some of those common SEO they must seek to avoid are things staring them right in the face but they either lack the concentration to see them or even the experience to know that they are deadly SEO mistakes they must avoid.

SEO is arguably the best marketing strategy if you have a business website of any kind. However, most beginners make some common SEO mistakes that hinder the development of their blogs and websites SEO-wise.

In this article, you’ll learn about these common deadly mistakes and how best to avoid them in order to improve the ranking of your articles on relevant Search Engines.

Also, you’ll get some helpful recommendations on what to do to improve your rankings instead of making these common SEO mistakes.

Ready? Let’s dive into it already.

1.  Publishing Without “Marketing” Existing Content

Publishing articles or other content types frequently is good. In fact, Search Engines like Google get to index your content faster if you publish regularly.

Actually, when you publish regularly, your organic traffic has the potential to increase slightly though not significantly.

So, if you want to improve your ranking significantly, publishing very often should not be your most important priority.

If your website is new or you’re getting little traffic, what’s the point of publishing so often when you’re getting little or no traffic? Who’s reading them?

Most new publishers fail to make conscious efforts to promote their websites. They just keep publishing hoping traffic will grow “with time”.

To be clear, by “promote”, I don’t mean paid ads. I mean organic methods of “marketing” or distributing your content where your idea clients spend most time.

See each content of your content as a product. Market the heck of it!

Let people know about each and every one of them.

This could be in the form of Guest posting or other organic outreach strategies.

However, for the purpose of SEO and improving your ranking and traffic in the long run, strategic and consistent Link Building is highly recommended.

common-seo-mistakes backlinks and domain rating

2.  Assuming Any Backlink Would Be Effective

Link Building is a very fundamental part of SEO. It is probably one of the most important factors in SEO.

But, many publishers do not know the trick about Link Building. They assume just ANY backlink to their website would do, which is hardly the case.

First, a Backlink has to be contextually relevant to have any effect on your ranking (preferably a “do-follow’). Second, it must be done CONSISTENTLY over time to have a meaningful effect.

Choosing to build links for a few days or just one month then stopping would not help your ranking.

Also, bear in mind that results will not come immediately.

SEO takes time, so it requires understanding, patience and consistency so you don’t get frustrated when results don’t show up in a month or two although it happens this way for authority blogs in some cases.

Link Building and SEO are like long term investments that are 100% worth every single minute of your time and resources.

For example, if you have a soccer jersey business and website, SEO is super important for such a website to rank.

After learning how to start a profitable soccer jersey business, the next step is to build links on other authoritative Football websites consistently over time. This is very much practical in any niche though.

But sometimes, you won’t get opportunities to get backlinks from websites in your niche.

So, it’s okay to step out of your niche once in a while. But try as much as possible to make the link and anchor texts as contextually relevant as possible.

Unfortunately, many new publishers or Bloggers miss the mark. They just want Backlinks from ANYWHERE, even from spam websites.

This can harm your website and destroy your hard work.

On another hand, many webmasters try to build ANY kind of links just to improve their “Domain Authority”. This leads us to the next common SEO mistake.

common seo mistakes you must avoid

3.  Getting Nuts over Domain Rating Or Domain Authority

I have seen so many people pay so much attention to Domain Authority without knowing that it is one of those common SEO mistakes to avoid.

Domain Rating, Domain Authority, or whatever you call it is a metric that has disoriented many webmasters (and even so-called “experts”) about SEO.

The metric is given too much undue importance.

This explains why many people would go extra to get Links anywhere just to improve their Domain Authority.

The cold-hard-truth is that Domain Rating or Authority is a superficial metric that has no direct correlation to your Ranking on the Search Engines or your organic traffic. In fact, the Metric is unknown to Google.

It is very important that you understand that Domain Authority is MAINLY useful to people who may want to do business with your website or blog. Understandably, it influences some of their decisions but do not mistake its importance to them with its importance to relevant search engines.

The metric is largely dependent on the amount of backlinks you have (even the irrelevant ones). So, if you can manipulate your way to building dead, useless or irrelevant backlinks, yes your Domain Authority would improve but never your article rankings.

This explains why some websites have a very high Domain Authority but have a significantly lower number of organic traffic than websites with a lower Domain Authority.

Also, it sheds light on why some websites have a low domain authority and have better organic traffic than other websites with a higher Domain Authority.

Lesson? Build relevant links from trusted websites to improve your ranking and stop assuming that Domain Authority has any impact on how Google views your website.

Also, learn to be consistent in building links while you wait for at least 3 months to see improvement.


Now that you know 3 common SEO mistakes to avoid, it’ll be smart to try to avoid them. This article points you in the right direction.

In summary, you need to avoid publishing regularly without “marketing” your existing content. A good strategy is to publish one content, then “promote” the heck of it before publishing another.

Stop building irrelevant backlinks. Don’t jump at ANY opportunity to get a backlink. Make sure they are relevant and from a safe website.

Building relevant links consistently is a good way to let Google trust your website and once they do, the only way your traffic goes is up.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the “Domain Authority” metric. It has no real direct impact on your ranking on Search Engines.

If you avoid these 3 common SEO mistakes stated in the article and follow the outlined suggestions, you’ll see significant improvement in your ranking over time.

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