Workplace Productivity: How Company Culture Affect Employee Productivity

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company culture affect employee productivity

Company culture would always affect employee productivity in every industry or business ecosystem. If workplace productivity is to be increased, effective company culture should be incorporated so that it would positively affect employee productivity.

Have you noticed that every company has a form of culture? Have you ever walked into a workplace and noticed how well every employee of the company works to maintain high productivity?

Workplace productivity is always going to be a hot topic in the workplace ecosystem and how a company’s productivity improves over time would be continually studied.

Employees are never left out in any discussion about company culture, business growth, and productivity.

Hence, as company culture continue to change to accommodate other hitherto neglected ideas, we must look into how such cultures affect employee productivity.

To move forward, let us define company culture in a way a 9 year old would understand it without further explanation.

What is Company Culture

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is a collection of values, goals, ideologies, and standards that a company revolves its operation around.

With that said, a company culture would determine how an employee perceives the company, its goals, and their duties to help the company hit her goals.

Is company Culture That important?

Of course, it is!

Employee productivity level is affected by the culture of their employer company as that is what helps them in making the right on-the-job decisions and respond favorably to their duties.

Strong company culture helps to set the standards when hiring or retaining talents.

When employees feel at home and wanted in a company, their productivity level increases and makes them want to stick around for a while; an effective company culture does that.

In hiring new hands, a strong and well-defined company culture would help you look out for some favorable traits in the employees you intend to hire. This fosters a comfortable atmosphere in your company.

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How Does Company Culture Affect Employees Productivity?

The impact of company culture on workplace productivity is huge.

Let us look at a few important ways a company’s culture would either enhance or deplete an employee’s productivity level.

Employee Engagement:

Staff is not supposed to only be suited to his or her job descriptions but also to that of his colleagues. It is needless to have a staff who only knows how to discharge his duties and nothing else, not even a bit about a co-worker’s job schedule.

How do you get your employees to engage more with the company hierarchy and their colleagues? How do you get them to collaborate more as a team with their colleagues so they can grow together?

A lot of business executives understand that a company culture or atmosphere impacts highly on employee productivity but they merely approach it based on intuition.

To increase employee collaboration and communication, your culture must be one that encourages teamwork and productive collaborations.

How Does Company Culture Affect Employees Productivity

Employee Performance:

In a company where employees feel a certain level of control over their job, they feel valued and at liberty to make some critical decisions that would work in favor of the entire establishment.

An effective company culture gives employees an opportunity to seek growth and increase their excellence in service delivery. There have been several cases where employees put in extra time just to hit targets even without company superiors mandating them to do so.

If you must increase your workplace productivity by improving employee effectiveness, you must have to take a second look at your company culture and how your employees are receptive to it.

Restructure the culture if it does not put your staff into consideration as a happy staff is an excellent workforce.

Customer Relations:

Workplace productivity is also hinged on how well your employees relate with customers. A dissatisfied staff chases clients away either by their disposition or by shabbily discharging their duties.

Bear in mind that customers are very sensitive and so can detect an unhappy staff from a distance. Nobody wants to deal with bitter company staff.

If you must make your customers your foot soldiers or evangelists, you should endeavor to incorporate and effectively communicate a company culture that makes your staff feel at home and happy with their jobs either through incentives or promotions.

Other Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Workplace productivity accounts for how fast a company meets its periodic goals and targets.

If you must get every staff firing on all cylinders, here are a few things to do so your employee productivity rate would only remain so high.

Training Opportunities to affect employee productivity

Always seek to provide training and growth opportunities for every member of staff as this is one way of maintaining a high workplace productivity level.

  • Delegate Effectively: did you ever work 9-5? Have you ever felt out of place in a delegated task?

If you must delegate any duty to an employee, be sure that such duty aligns with their areas of excellence. It is bad enough that you delegate a poor team player to lead a team. Seek to delegate the right employee to the right task – always.

  • Provide the Right Tools and Equipment: it is said that a bad workman quarrels with his tool but nothing has been said about a bad tool in the hands of a good workman.

No matter effective staff is, he would never be as effective as they would have been with the right tool if he is working with the wrong tool.

  • Offer Support: sitting in your high heavens would do nobody any good if they do not receive adequate support from your heavens.

Always be willing to offer quality support to any employee as they discharge either their core duties or delegated duties.

 Everyone can always make do with some extra support.

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Final Thoughts

Workplace productivity always hinges on the productivity level of the employee.

One of the most important ways to increase the much-coveted employee productivity is to create and effectively communicate a company culture that considers staff members of all levels.

Without paying adequate attention to the dynamics of company culture, your company would not reach its full productivity potential.

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