Copywriting In America: For Freelancers Alone?

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copwriting in America

Copywriting in America

Businesses gain greater sales with well-crafted sales messages. Isn’t it quite eye-opening how Copywriting in America has become amazingly mainstream over the last few years? Do companies start employing copywriters in America like they do other members of staff? This is a big question for recruiters.

Do you remember the last time you bought a product without a nicely crafted ad or some written text pulling you to buy one product and dump the other?

That is copywriting in action!

Copywriting in America
Copywriting in America: Do we leave it for freelancers alone?

What is Copywriting?

I’d attempt to build the meaning of Copywriting with an illustration. I

n a little video I saw on twitter (you must have seen it too), I saw a blind man receiving trickles of cents every now and then simply because on his “board” he wrote these words (or something close to it): “I am blind, help me”.

A lady passes and rewrites it to “it is a beautiful day and I can’t see it”. Money flew in much more than it previously did. She rewrote his woes to move people’s compassionate nature differently and it worked.

Copywriting is writing the very same thing in a different, more compelling way that drives people to take required action or “feel” guilty if they don’t. This is the most basic way of defining copywriting without adding a few industry jargons into it.

Copywriting is the ART of writing for the purpose of advertising and/or marketing through well-crafted, and psychology triggering texts that induces the reader to act in an expected manner.

Noble Cyril Amaugo

Do companies employ Copywriters? The big question

As more and more people embrace this copywriting as a “thing” and as more businesses open up to the potentials a professional copywriter holds for their sales and business, a lot of Americans are turning to freelance writing agencies in America who hardly have enough time to do due diligence to study a business and craft copies peculiar to individual businesses as their needs permit.

There is the risk of employing amateur copywriters with big C.V who create bad copywriting examples for others in the industry and there is also the bright light of employing great copywriters who would make it a duty to create good copywriting examples for others in the industry to understudy them.

Recruiters have a tricky job cut out for them while trying to figure out which potential to go for.

The benefits of employing a copywriter

As you will rightly see, there are several benefits of employing a Copywriter in your company.

Understandably, recruiting in the general sense now lies with recruiting potentials and not portfolios because they integrate easily with company traditions and business models.

It is important for employees who attempt to employ Copywriters in their ranks to engage them with a great Copywriting training course while training other staff for optimal performance so they can do a better job when next they write copies for whatever reason.

The average salary for copywriters in America is around $58,800 per year which is $4,900 per month and employing one could save you the stress of paying that huge sum to an outside copywriter who you are going to pay for every project they handle.

Why Do You Need an In-house Copywriter?

Your in-house copywriter would also be a good help in content marketing since they are closely related.

Besides, when a copy fails to convert, reconnecting with the same copywriter who did a bad job would cost you some money but when you have them in your employ, you simply sit down with them and figure out reasons why their copies did not convert as expected and come up with better ways to make fresh copies convert; this, right here, is a win-win.

Joe Coleman, a Top American Copywriter

The other benefit of employing a copywriter as staff is that you can also outsource his/her services to cover client jobs, that way, you rake in more revenue for your business.

Would you like to hire a professional copywriter who would charge nothing less than $5000 per project? This is a huge question that has an answer that is dependent on your monthly revenue as a business. Nobody likes to increase business expenses.

This is not to undermine the importance of professional copywriters but a bid to lend a voice to the importance of growing one into a loyal professional at the lowest cost.

What Next?

The lavish lifestyle a copywriter affords by charging you thousands can be truncated if you employ an average copywriter and train him/her to become a pro to benefit your company needs.

If this is not done, they would grab one of these online Copywriting jobs while they stumble and grow to become professionals or even join a freelance Copywriting agency in America that you would approach pretty soon with your big bucks.

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Why not bridge that gap by discovering a pure talent and grow him/her into a professional who owes your company total loyalty? Why not figure out a way of even making the same copywriter cover the grounds of a content marketer since every business needs one these days.

You see, the huge sums you pay to pro copywriters can be invested into training an average copywriter to do more and become an “in-house” pro.

While you are cringing on the idea of spending money to train an average into becoming a pro for you, a lot of average copywriters are growing into A-list copywriters.

I however, just hope they don’t use your ad copies as a training ground to grow and still charge you great sums while at it.

Do you buy this idea? What do you think? I would really love to have your opinion in the comment section. I will definitely reply.

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