7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Urgently

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Deadly Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Marketing is not about knowing a bunch of tools or having unrestricted access to budget, this pushes you to make so many deadly marketing mistakes you just have to avoid if you must sell more.

Gainful marketing is more about understanding what goes on in people’s minds and what influences their buying decisions.

No method of marketing would perform better than it would when the brains behind it understand the core behavioral pattern of their audience and their [expected] response to the products they are pushing out.

If you have been in business for a minute, you would understand without a doubt that every bit of sale you pull through is tied to a bit of marketing.

But why do so many marketing campaigns succeed and others fail?

Why do some companies and brands pull off successful marketing campaigns and others simply walk by?

There is so much more to marketing than people are willing to admit which is why they make some deadly marketing mistakes the must avoid at all costs that ruin their efforts.

To better understand how to successful a marketing strategy would be, it is better to understand what makes marketing campaigns fail.

Here are 7 of the top deadly marketing mistakes you must avoid if you are to sell more.

1.      Choosing Exposure over Engagement

Engagement is everything!

One of the deadly marketing mistakes is to assume that because you have become more visible to people, you are on your way to business success.

You get top of the mind of prospective customers when you intrigue them into engaging with your brand and not just when they “run into” you or your message.

Engaging with your brand is an indication that they are interested in what you are offering; whether product or service.

You understand more about how your customers perceive your brand through their engagement.

Big brands closely monitor their customer engagement as this is one way they decide who best to target with their next marketing campaigns to get the best results.

Visibility is amazing for your brand but having them engage with your content either via social media, print advertising, or email marketing is the real gold you should be looking out for.

2.     Not Talking to Customers Enough

Sadly, marketing executives believe that “just” talking to their customers is enough to get their marketing efforts on track when it is performing badly – it isn’t really enough.

Every customer/client speaks but in their language.

A “good enough” communication is one that ensures that both parties understand each other clearly through a well-defined communication channel.

Say, for instance, you want to introduce a new product to your business, what determines its success rate is how well (or badly) it is received by your customers.

It is not enough to receive feedback and discard it after doing something about it; do more by asking for another feedback on the changes you have effected.

Whatever channel you use to gain the required feedback is fine.

What matters most is that you get a second opinion about the new product you are adding to your catalog.

The effectiveness of this cannot be underrated because it helps you keep your customers’ minds on the new product/service and also makes them feel like they are a part of your business process.

Customers always feel sentimentally attached to a brand that does not just ask for their opinion but makes necessary adjustments towards meeting their specific needs as informed by their opinion.

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deadly marketing mistakes to avoid making
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3.     Being Everything to Everyone

Isn’t it stressful to attend to everyone at the same time? You must focus mainly on your most profitable audience.

It stretches your resources and reduces your efficiency when you keep trying to serve every available customer.

Do not seek to be everything to everybody, instead, seek to be everything to that one customer your product/service is made for.

This deadly marketing mistake of targeting everyone with your business is most evident in the food business.

Understandably, everyone eats but trying to sell to everybody would be the reason why your brand perception would not amount to much.

No matter what product you sell or the industry you function in, always seek to properly dissect your target audience to the very best among the crowd.

Filtering your audience is an important step to aligning your services to your target audience no matter your niche; this is why you’d never see luxury cars targeting a sales message to the average audience.

4.     The Stereotype Mentality

Another of the deadly marketing mistakes you should avoid is the mistake of functioning with a stereotype mentality.

Sadly, this marketing mistake is responsible for inhibiting the growth of so many companies.

It is encouraged to clearly structure your company culture to represent your company’s ideologies but such company culture must have an element of flexibility that would encourage relevant changes when needed.

Refusing to adapt to change is a deadly marketing mistake because this single marketing mistake would stop you from innovating and adapting to the ever-changing nature of your customers’ buying behavior.

According to The American Express Institute, 88% of Fortune 500 Companies in 1955 were gone or lost relevance by 2014 with the chief reason being that they could not adjust properly to new customer demands.

A stereotype mentality stifles your company’s growth and points the company towards extinction.

You must not always continue your business processes with one procedure because it has worked in the past. Always create room for flexibility and adaptation.

Think about Yahoo, MySpace, General Motors, etc. the one huge reason why they are no longer as huge and impactful as they used to be is the deadly marketing mistake of not creatively adapting to new customer demands.

5.      Not Making It about Your Customers

Your business is more about your customers than it is about you.

Running my consulting business has taught me a lot about the relevance of customers to every business.

There is an African saying that “customers are the reason business doors open” and that is entirely true as, without customers, every business dies a natural death.

Always seek to bear your audience in mind whenever you are making any decisions that would reflect on them.

Think about what they spend their money on (not necessarily what they need), how they are convinced to spend the money, and also what triggers their desire to dump one product for another.

Crafting a marketing campaign that focuses more on the company than your customers is a sure recipe for a failed marketing campaign.

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6.     Ignoring Performance Indicators; Another of The Deadly Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

You must specify the goal that every marketing campaign would accomplish. That way, you would know what data to track and analyze.

Not paying careful attention to the data your campaign returns would lead to tracking the wrong performance indicator (more about Marketing Performance Indicators You should not Neglect here) which creates room for wasted resources.

Seek to always track your data as it is the only reliable source of figures that shows how good or bad your marketing campaigns are performing.

7.     Not Working On Effective Sales Message

If you realize how effective a well-crafted, targeted sales message is, then you would spend most you’re your effort in creating the best kind of sales message.

The one reason why a lead would become a lead is more about the sales message than it is about the product you are offering.

Granted, you have a great product that would definitely benefit and change your customer’s life for the better but without telling them about the product in the best way possible is a sure way to product-market failure.

So many retired products would have still been huge presently if companies told their customers about the product in the best possible way.

This brings to mind the usefulness of copywriters in your business.

Copywriting in America had become the biggest reason for marketing success and copywriters are gradually gaining the recognition they deserve in the marketing department of every company.

You can either employ a copywriter or recruit one whenever the need arises.


The goal of every marketing effort is to meet a target as defined by your key performance indexes while drafting your marketing plan.

Marketing has since moved from a straight-jacket procedure to one that requires careful and creative effort.

Carelessness with your marketing would force you to commit some of these listed deadly marketing mistakes and make you waste your marketing budget.

All the brands you look up to have guarded their marketing efforts against these mistakes and you should do the same.

Carefully craft your marketing message properly and focus on only the people for which the product is made for.

Resist the urge to serve everybody with your product/service not minding the universality of your product.

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