Why You Need a Top Digital Ad Agency to Help Grow Your Business

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Why You Need a Top Digital Ad Agency

So many businesses got hit in the worst possible ways since COVID which is why we are looking at why you need a top digital ad agency to help grow your business.

If you have been in business for over a decade, you would agree with me that the business ecosystem changed forever since digital marketing brought its innovative ways of customer acquisition.

Technology and its disruptive ways!

I worked with a top digital advertising agency in my city a few months ago where I discovered how effective digital ads are to pulling in sales and the entire growth of both small and big businesses.

Those hands-on discoveries form the basis of what this article is about: no literature or theory beats an on-field experience.

During that period, I realized that most small businesses desired growth but don’t know how to grow their businesses beyond the traditional methods they are already used to.

Some desired online presence but still didn’t know how to go about it or what best to do to get their businesses online and make an impact.

Are you in that bracket?

While it was effective for many of the small businesses I visited that only used Outdoor advertising to grow their businesses, there is an urgent need for them to consider working with the best digital ad agencies around them or in their city.

Neglecting the importance of a top digital ad agency to your business is overly detrimental to your business.

Zero digital advertising knowledge to reach the targeted audience is one of the major reasons entrepreneurs fail in business today.

What Is A Digital Ad Agency?

A digital ad agency is a company whose responsibility is to handle the online presence of its clients with the major job of helping them grow their businesses.

They create, plan, and controls adverts and promotions for clients.

Their job description also includes marketing products or services to a targeted audience, push for leads, and conversions to sales using various online media and social media platforms to promote clients’ businesses.

Granted, you may already have your online presence covered but a top digital Ad agency will not only beat the current online anomalies in your business but will push your brand down to the minds of your targeted audience.

Isn’t that what every business needs? To always be remembered by their target audience? How would you feel if customers think about you just immediately they need someone that can attend to their needs?

For instance, I remember Domino’s Pizza and a bottle of Coca-Cola whenever I need something to take my mind of work. Healthy or not, I just have them in my subconscious; you should desire the same for your business.

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Top Digital Ad Agency

Now that we have gotten a hang of what a digital ad agency is, let us quickly look at some of the best ways a top digital ad agency can help you hit your business goals.

1. Re-work Your Online Identity

Let us be real, over 50% of the online identities of businesses were created by the business owners or people close to them.

This is not to spite, but do you realize that there is more to brand identity than logo and color scheme?

An optimized identity takes care of the brand story, positioning, and other important branding details that your little niece cannot handle.

How do they re-work your online identity? How do they open your business to massive online recognition and brand awareness?

a. Platform Selection

The big deal about an online platform selection is not about choosing to create a Facebook page or create an Instagram profile.

Every business has a target audience. How and where best they approach their audience is what makes the entire difference.

You may have not noticed yet, but there is a possibility that your business is using the wrong social media or should have an expression in one other social media platform.

A digital ad agency would help you access who your ideal customer is, where best they hang out online, and how best to get them to recognize your business so they can buy from you.

Do you know who your ideal client is? Here is a free Customer Avatar Template that can help you figure out who your ideal client is for free in 15 minutes or less!

[convertkit form=1834711]

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b. Campaign Setup and Management

Businesses thrive on sales and your business is not an exception.

So many business executives focus more on production than on sales; this is wrong by any stretch!

A digital agency that knows its job would help you set up and manage your online marketing campaigns.

Chances are that your current marketing campaign can do better.

They do this by accessing what you have currently (if any), to figure out what to twist or change entirely for optimal performance of you campaign.

That is not all!

Ad campaigns return several Key Performance Indicators which is usually overwhelming for you if you do not know what to search for or what to expect.

An ad agency would help you determine what best to measure from a pool of KPIs and helps you track the,

Here is a list of important marketing KPIs you should look at to determine what to measure and analyze per time.

c. Rebranding (if needed)

Rebranding your online presence does not cost as much as offline rebranding.

This is not about logo change and color scheme adjustments.

This could involve changing your brand perception, twisting your brand story, or even rewriting your web copies: anything that would help your audience stick more with your brand.

When a customer has a bad perception of your brand, the customer rarely comes back. A change in your branding can help bring the same customer back.

Here is the idea: what is not working? Get it to work and make your audience more engaged with your brand.

2. Lead Generation

One major place where you, as a business executive should quickly see results is in the area of sales.

The best digital ad agencies help their clients generate more leads, thus increasing sales.

With a proper twist in your marketing campaign, whether in audience targeting, rewriting your copy, or redesigning your ad creative, digital ad agencies would help you get more people interested in your products or services.

Lead generation cannot be ignored because it is the bone of sales in the 21st century; it has always been!

Digital ad agencies attract investors, more partnerships, and deals with your existing business by employing the best practices that tap into buyer psychology.

This is the reason why the best businesses in your niche rakes in more sales than you are currently doing.

3. Helps you Focus On The 20%: Remember 80/20 Rule

A top digital ad agency can help you grow your business by driving targeted traffic to your business which ultimately can be converted to leads and massive sales.

They allow you to spend more time running your business while they handle other aspects of your business.

The 80/20 Rule postulates that for every business, there is a 20% that drives more productivity than a certain 80%.

Put differently, it is only 20% of the things you do in business that drive the cash flow needle in your business while the remaining 80% does not translate directly into sales.

They focus on the 80% while you focus on the most important 20%. Sometimes, they form a key part of the 20%.

The whole idea is to free you of so much work so that you can face other very important aspects of your business.

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What Will a Top Digital Ad Agency Do To Promote Your Business?

Below is a list of some of the most important things a top digital ad agency would do to help your business grow.

  1. Search Engine optimization
  2. Online Advertising and Monitoring
  3. They optimize your social media designs and help you interpret important analytics.
  4. Top Digital ad agencies design well optimized promotional video clips that will convert both on YouTube and other online platforms.
  5. Your lead generations are made easy with a top digital ad agency.
  6. They deliver optimized conversion rates to your business.

Digital Ads are cost-effective, it saves you money, and it gives high conversion results when compared to traditional advertising methods.


Every business needs a digital ad agency to help them grow their business.

Businesses in our world today need an online presence and brand visibility to reach more clients and generate more sales.

This is why the life-changing importance of digital marketing in promoting both small and big businesses can never be underestimated.

However big your sales are at the moment, it is very important that you take a moment and reassess it for growth opportunities and figure out how best to involve a digital ad agency to help speed up your growth.

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