7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Lead Generation Post-COVID

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Realtors Increase Sales

Let us talk about some of the best digital marketing strategies for real estate lead generation, especially now that we are easing back into life after COVID-19.

Realtors have this rising need to increase their sales by multiple figures but what is the better way to do this for them in an already saturated market than by employing effective digital marketing strategies?

However busy the market is for you or however difficult it is for you as a realtor to generate leads and increase sales, there is always going to be something new to try out, especially, an unpopular but completely legal strategy other big shots have employed and gotten amazing results.

Have you been finding it difficult to hit your sales goals recently? This article would help you reassess what you already know and expose you to something else you may not have known before now.

About 35% of Americans do not own homes yet (as of 2019), 1.6 million Canadian households living in urban areas were in core house needs in 2016, and even a large percentage of people in Auckland still have this terrible need for housing.

So, whatever your location is, the strategies you would find in this article would help you hit a home run just like other big realtors in your city have been doing.

Digital Marketing and Real Estate Lead Generation

Digital marketing has penetrated every aspect of our human commercial activity.

We survive off the internet these days and while some people do not seem to be comfortable with where the world has gotten to as empowered by technology, its impact cannot be swept under the sheets, especially as the world is transitioning to life after COVID-19

With the ability to sell whatever commodity we have over the internet (basically what digital marketing is), real estate has received a massive boost in sales and is not slowing down in any way.

Since about 84% of real estate professionals use social media platforms to drive sales, it means that with digital marketing, you could probably sit at the comfort of your home office or even office complex and seal real estate deals worth millions in dollars.

So the question becomes: how do I employ digital marketing better so I can increase my sales?

One very striking reason to consider implementing these digital marketing strategies for real estate lead generation is that people now base over 76% of their buying decision on any field on information they get from the internet.

Let us get to it and provide you with some inspiring ideas on how to increase your sale through effective digital marketing strategies.

How Can You Increase Lead Generation With Digital Marketing Strategies

1.      Google My Business As a Lead Generation Strategy for Real Estate

This is a no-brainer if you want to gain control of your locality as a realtor.

When people search for things like “realtors in Ontario”, google returns a search result with business listings topping the list directly below a PPC advert (if any).

Google My Business is a location-based google page that displays your business to people in your locality or people searching for businesses or places in your city or locality.

Setting up a Google My Business Account is not a difficult thing to do.

Besides, it helps people find you in both google search and google maps.

Let us analyze a realtor in Auckland by just searching for “Realtors in Auckland”.

Digital marketing strategies for Realtors in Auckland 2

Google returns a result page as displayed in the image above. If we select “Century 21” the image below shows what we will have.

Digital marketing strategies for Realtors in Auckland

This makes it easier for your proposed clients to visit your office right there in their homes with their phones or computers.

With your Google My Business Page properly set and optimized, people would be able to see your physical shop and also a map that would guide them to your business address.

A Google My Business page tells your clients which exact shop to walk into when they come around your neighborhood.

Again, this is a no-brainer!

real estate

2.     Create a Stunning, User-Friendly Website (That Has a Blog)

To create a “home” for your business on the internet, you’d need a website.

Granted, there could be a website already in place for your business but how effective has it been in driving sales?

The best kind of website a realtor should have is one that is instantly captivating and functions as a sales funnel of some sort.

It is no longer effective to have a good ‘ol website that only displays your contact details for people to see.

It is time to reassess your website and answer some tough questions like:

  1. If I were to be a prospective client, would this website make me want to pull out my phone and shoot a mail or place a call?
  2. Would this website make me trust you enough to want to do some kind of a transaction with you?
  3. Can I find the testimonials of some other persons who have done business with you?

These and other questions need answers only you can provide.

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To attract people who really want your services in this millennium, your realtor website MUST HAVE a blog.

A blog gives you the golden opportunity to communicate with a cold audience by giving them valuable housing information. It can also go ahead to help them answer some very important questions that concern your business.

61% of online users check blogs for ideas and believe what they see on blogs before making a purchasing decision (source).

For instance, if you run a realtor business out of Auckland, your potential clients would find information like “the best places to live in Auckland and why” very useful.

Other things like “the most affordable, yet completely amazing neighborhood in Ontario” would strike a decent chord for Canadians if you are running a real estate business out of Ontario or a neighboring city.

When they can find useful answers to their most pressing questions on your blog, it would drag them to want to stick with you and seal a deal.

This is how people buy these days!

A blog positions you as a big authority in your field.

Please turn it into a sales funnel.

Just note, however, that while writing your blog posts or even your web copy, you should structure them in such a way that would point them to reach out to you for a solution.

3.     Quality Contents That Help With Lead Generation for Real Estate

As has been illustrated above, content is everything!

Listen to people in your city or in the places where you have properties for sale or lease and attend to their biggest challenges with your blog content.

People would always come back to you if you have an answer to their questions or a solution to their most pressing needs.

I read through so many articles about buying houses or even leasing one when I needed to move into a new apartment in Montreal and 65% of the contents I saw couldn’t attend to the peculiar housing needs in my city and when one does, they hardly give valuable information.

You can close this gap and with quality user-focused blog articles or social media content and see your sales rise quickly!

4.     Utilize Video Marketing

Video marketing is a big thing now, utilize it.

96% of shoppers report that they made their buying decisions just after seeing a video explanation of the product or service they intend to reach out for.

Do you have a new house to sell?

Recording a video tour of your listing would be a game-changer for you.

Not many realtors are doing that these days and it is even very effective and affordable.

Before I bought my home, I had to watch a video tour on the social media handle of a realtor in Montreal. The video was so convincing that I didn’t have to wait a week to drive down to check it out.

Utilizing video marketing should be on your checklist if you must plug into the ever-changing sales ecosystem we have all found ourselves in as we ease back into normal life after COVID-19

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5.      Use Retargeting Ads As A Digital Marketing Strategy

Retargeting ads function in a very amazing way.

If you would ever consider running a paid online ad for your business either through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you could gather the details of people (who have interacted with your brand through your website or Facebook page before now) and use them as metrics for targeting a new ad campaign to them.

What this helps you with is to help you “retarget” people who are already aware of your business or brand so you can encourage them to buy something else from you or to help them complete a deal they didn’t seal the first time.

To get this done, I advise you to reach out to an experienced digital marketer who understands the nature of the real estate business.

You can get them on some freelancing websites.

6.     Approach Email Marketing Better

This is also very important in the list of important digital marketing strategies for real estate lead generation that realtors often ignore.

Have you been using email marketing for lead generation?

How effective has it been?

One funny thing I have seen realtors do with their email marketing campaigns is that once they seal a business with you, they tend to forget about you.

With email marketing, you must not assume that they have their housing needs covered even when they must have sealed a deal with you.

Even if it is not for them, they could have someone they can refer to you.

Smart Insights reports that the average open rate of emails for real estate businesses is about 27% and a click-through rate of 3%. What this demonstrates is that people are always willing to read emails that concern real estate.

With a better email marketing strategy, you could increase your current email open rate by another 10% which would translate to more sales.

7.     Think Affiliate Marketing for Your Real Estate Business

Away from the traditional buy-from-me approach to real estate, you could create a referral program that would pay your referrer some money for every customer they bring that completes a deal.

This unknown strategy is highly effective.

Let us paint a picture in a minute.

You just bought a house or leased an apartment from a realtor and he sends you a mail telling you to refer a friend who would complete a deal and get some money directly into your bank account as a bonus.

What would you say?

Let us assume for a moment that you have 25 people bringing in more clients to do business with you so they can receive a bonus from you, is that not an increase in sales?

Of course, it would involve a few technical details here and there to fine-tune it but when you get it right, your sales would likely triple.

Final Thought On The Strategies for Real Estate Lead Generation Using Digital Marketing

Running a business this post-COVID era requires some other kind of strategic approach to your regular sales routine.

There is no traditional way to sell but a clear understanding of how the human mind works at the moment and how best to plug into it would make a huge difference for you and your business.

Real estate is not left behind in this.

It is very important that you re-strategize already successful business procedures or adopt new and effective ones to stand a better chance of increasing your sales.

Video marketing is huge these days and the faster you plug into creating unique video content for your social media or for marketing campaigns, the faster your chances of increasing sales.

The misconception that blogging is dead has been proven wrong over and over and with the recent hike in need for content marketing, bloggers are having a filled day.

This is something you should totally consider. It is either you set up a blog for your business or incorporate blogging into your existing business.

To make more sales, continue to explore ways to expose your business to as many people as possible.

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Google My Business is a great catch and much untapped.

Be one of the first persons in your city to utilize Google My Business to grow your business.

Want more? You should subscribe to our blog either through a push notification or our email list to get the best real estate help tips that would grow and scale your business.

I’m excited about how much growth your business would experience soon enough.

So let’s see, which of the strategies would you be trying out soon?

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