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Affiliate / Third-party Links Disclosure and Disclaimer

To help maintain this blog to serve you better and to grow, we may partner with other businesses or become part of their affiliate programs and promote their services or products in this blog and receive little sums as a commission (at no expense to you) when you click and/or make purchases of their product or services through the affiliate links we promote.

Purchasing anything through the links to products we periodically promote is AT NO COST TO YOU but your way to WILLINGLY support what we do here. You are under no obligation to click or follow any links.

If we ever recommend services, coaches, and consultants, it is not intended to be an endorsement except otherwise CLEARLY stated.

Our recommendations are our opinions and are based on personal experiences and results, not a definite guideline.

We do not have control over any external websites or their contents and therefore cannot be held liable or responsible for any content those sites present.

This Disclosure Policy applies to all affiliate links we share on our website, social media, emails, programs, products such as courses, eBooks, services, and any other means of communication with you.

Other Disclosures

Any information communicated through this platform can only be passed on to a third party based on two things: (a) If continuously keeping it secret will harm the reputation, right, and property of BuildGoodBusiness.com, (b) If it is required by a court of competent jurisdiction.

In tracking and analyzing our growth, we do not rely on personal information shared by our website users but that of Google analytics.

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