Expert Interview Reveals How A Fitness Startup Transformed The Fitness Industry With Oga Fit – Ashish Rawat

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ashish rawat oga fit founder interview

The internet is disrupting every sector of our lives, including the fitness industry with Ashish Rawat, leading the charge with Oga Fit.

The digital disruption of lives and routines has become a welcomed development as many persons have entirely adjusted their schedules to fit it to the “smart life” where almost everything they need can be handled over the internet.

So many industries have taken a hit for a downward spiral with a lot of other industries like e-commerce, digital marketing, and advertising amongst others, benefiting hugely from the new normal or new reality.

The fitness industry is not left behind.

The media team here at Good Business Blog (G.B Team) caught up with the founding member of Oga Fit, a Bengaluru-based digital fitness platform that helps people gain their confidence back with the great body and fitness levels they have always wanted.

The beautiful thing about Oga Fit is how it seamlessly created an atmosphere of togetherness for her users in this pandemic, proving that though we are apart, we are even more together now.

Before we proceed, here is a short clip of how Oga Fit works

How Oga Fit Works

See what Ashish Rawat had to say about Oga Fit, how it works, and the gruesome challenges they had to overcome as a company to bring this awesome fitness experience to people.

G.B Team:  Who is Ashish Rawat?

Ashish Rawat: I am a tech entrepreneur, passionate about bringing a positive change in people’s lives through innovative technology that can reshape the whole digital fitness landscape.

I started Oga Fit back in 2017 to give people a better way to stay fit, active, and healthy. Since then, we have grown the service on all fronts and made it into a fully interactive fitness platform with thousands of members and growing.

OgaFit workout
OgaFit workout

G.B Team:  What inspired OGA FIT?

Ashish Rawat: We, human beings, are social by nature. We are happiest when surrounded by the people we love, and fitness is no different.

Working out at a studio with friends motivates us and pushes us to do our best rather than working out alone at a gym. But often; long work hours and busy schedules make it extremely difficult to have a regular workout routine.

Digital solutions have tried to solve this problem by offering on-demand workouts, but they lack the crucial element that makes a studio workout fun: interactivity.

In this ever-changing world where interaction forms the crux of everything that we do, there was a need for a fitness platform to provide quality studio-like workout experience, anytime, anywhere. This was the primary reason for the creation of Oga.

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G.B Team:  OGA FIT is online. How does it work?

Ashish Rawat: Oga Fit is an interactive platform that offers the true experience of an in-studio workout from the comfort of a user’s home. 

Our proprietary motion comparison technology compares user’s movements with the trainer’s in real-time, to provide feedback on what went right or wrong.

Through our platform, users have the ability to workout solo or host a group class with friends. 

They can create their custom workout routine from a wide range of yoga, dance, and fitness content, sourced directly from the best trainers the world has to offer.

Oga Fit tracks how well a group is following the workout in real-time by providing a constantly updating leaderboard to further drive up the experience.

At the end of every session, users have access to a post-workout screen that provides detailed insights on their fitness data and how they stacked up against their friends.

Through Oga Fit, users can enjoy an engaging, interactive, fully immersive, and highly competitive workout experience anytime, anywhere.

Working Out With Oga Fit
Working Out With Oga Fit

G.B Team:  What are the notable business challenges you have faced leading to this point?
Ashish Rawat: A problem that is faced by any start-up is having the right people to talk to; experts who can help in deciding the business strategies and marketing tactics.

Thankfully, we have a star-cast of board members and partners we can lean on. 

Another challenge is getting the right team in place. It is the team that makes the product.

Getting the right people is a challenge but we have been fortunate enough to hire some extremely talented individuals who share our vision and drive the company together.

G.B Team:  How has the COVID-19 pandemic presented opportunities for Ashish Rawat as a person and OGA FIT as a company?

Ashish Rawat: COVID-19 has been an extremely unfortunate time in all our lives however the silver lining for us all has been to witness families & friends coming together on our platform and exercising as a unit whilst competing with each other on who does the maximum jumping jacks/Surya namaskars, or who is the better dancer, etc.

All this is provided to our users as part of our virtual in-studio experience.

ashish rawat oga fit interview
Ashish Rawat Founder OgaFit

G.B Team:  What customer acquisition strategies work best for OGA FIT?

Ashish Rawat: We have kept the focus on influencer marketing, community building, and engaging the existing user-base to delight them so they can voluntarily be our ambassadors.

I have always believed that word of mouth is the strongest marketing medium and it can make or break a product.

G.B Team:  Any word for struggling businesses on how to secure business growth
in these uncertain times?

Ashish Rawat: My biggest advice to all the businesses is to include the use of technology as much as possible into your operations. The sooner you can adopt it, the sooner you can be back in the game, especially in these uncertain times.

Over to you. Did you know that a fitness routine can double your daily productivity? Did you know that with a great fitness routine, your brain stays productively functional for longer hours?

Oga Fit is a digital platform. You can use Oga Fit anywhere, any time.

Up your fitness game now!

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