How I Quit My Job To Grow A Profitable Business

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should i quit my job

Should I quit my job? I asked myself this very critical question a million times. You are probably asking yourself if you should quit your job right now. Hold on a minute, it is not that serious. Wait, it actually is!

Deciding whether to quit my job was one of the most critical decisions I have ever had to make; the easiest was falling in love with Lizzie, I couldn’t help it.

Okay, let us get to it.

Life, my friend isn’t waiting for anyone to sit on their hands as there are bills to be paid, life to be lived, places to travel to, and dreams to chase.

Is your job letting you do any of those things you love? How about traveling to places you have always wanted to travel to? Does it allow you? So I had this really great job (at least I thought it was) that aligned with a career objective at the time and it was a dream come through for me. You know when you land that “dream job” and you think – this is it!

It was a graphic designer job at a printing firm in my city after graduating from university. The company was young and bubbling with life and so, I thought to myself – “why not join the company now that it is fresh off the oven?” well, I did and here we are to talk about that job.

Why Did I Quit My Job?

Sometimes, quitting your job turns out to be a great choice! You could have a good paycheck and still have no desire to continue with the job. There are tons of reasons why people consider quitting their jobs and I was no exception.

My job as a graphic designer brought so many good things my way and I would in no wise regret joining that company full of plenty of amazing people.

My paycheck was not particularly impressive but I was doing a job I loved but I was no longer “feeling it”. Being in that confusing state was a problem. The pay was small and couldn’t do much for me but it was not entirely down to the pay.


How do you feel about your job right now? Unsatisfied? Is it the pay? Do you feel disconnected already? Do you want to change your career, move to a new city, or even take some time off for your kids?

I have seen people who quit their job to spend more time with family. Family is a reward!

I had a lot of reasons why I started considering to quit. Let us look at a few for now.

My Mental Health

It is funny but I had to pay attention to my mental health. There is no need to continue with a job that drains you of your mental energy and still leave you short of cash.

I never liked the stereotypical life for any reason and so, living my life in cycles became boring after some time. The whole 7:30 – 5:30 (not 9-5) lifestyle became mentally draining – I did that for 6 days in a week!

I knew I was capable of so much more. The customers saw it, I knew it, and my colleagues knew it too. Though it was not about them or the desire to chase down fleeting dreams, I was tired of doing the same thing every day without adding a little spice to it.

Nothing drains you of energy and life than doing the same boring thing for more than 10 hours every day.

It is okay to want a little excitement or bubble in your life, nobody is going to crucify you. If you feel like you have stepped into a mental cage where you see yourself chocking, I think it suggests that it is time to quit. If you can find a way to add a little spice to it, fine but if not, maybe you should take a walk. At least, I did!

Poor Paycheck

This is one of the reasons a lot of people quit their job. It came second because my mental health was more important than my paycheck.

Some people handle 3 jobs at a time to pay more bills and that is frustrating. I understand the need to make more money, especially for low-income earners who have a mortgage to pay off and a lot of debts to clear. Children are growing and bills aren’t smiling.

If you think that your pay is not helping, go for a reasonable raise if you deserve one and when it is not forthcoming, take a walk after careful consideration. I worked for a paycheck smaller than $100 a month! How was that going to help?

Let us be real here.  You work to make money and if the money is not coming, consider it carefully, and seek other opportunities. There is no need to be afraid of uncertainties. There are no jobs anymore but you can still land another job or even start something for yourself. Be bold, decide what you want, and go for it. I did!

The CEO Was Not Interested In His Company Anymore

Sad. How can someone invest so much in starting a business only to lose interest and just sit at home, not caring much about how the business is doing? Such was the case.

The CEO had a loose interest in his business. He began growing interest in another man’s business that he was willing to invest over $2000 instead of investing the same in his business to grow it? It beat me! I grew to become a manager at the firm and while the pay increased to a little above $100, the stress quadrupled.

If you must grow a business, grow one you have great knowledge about and one that intrigues you a lot.

He didn’t know much about how to grow a small business, or about investing in marketing his own company or even knew a jot about the entire business procedures. It is important to give credit to him though, he started learning as the business grew but that was not enough.

It is frustrating to work in a company where you have nothing to work with. If you ever find yourself in a place that has no drive or motivation, start looking at the door because sooner or later, the business would collapse.

There was no job security for me there when he reminded me at every chance that he can choose to close it down any day. From his perspective, the business was not profitable but from my point of view as the manager, it was profitable but we needed to do more. Small businesses can make a profit too!

I Felt Strange And Out Of Place

Straight to the point! Certainly, I felt like a bee in water. I felt like something was wrong. I mean, it was an exciting job as it started but growing into the position of a manager should have made me feel great, right? It didn’t.

It is great to be “the man” but rather annoying when you are constantly fighting for a business to grow and you are not getting adequate support from “the powers that be” without dirty scrutiny.

quit your job
quit your job rightly

Do you feel like your job does not compliment you anymore? Maybe it is time to quit your job. Are you feeling like you should be somewhere else? That kind of feeling that tells you that you should be writing articles and teaching people business principles while growing our own company was what I had.

There was a record of financial impropriety before I took the position and had this gut feeling that someone was watching my back and breathing down my neck, waiting for me to slip.

Severally, I have had a member of the leadership team unnecessarily check financial records and frantically searching for something wrong. He even went ahead to threaten my job, paycheck, and personality. It became toxic and I had to take it as a cue since I could start my own business almost immediately.

Before I quit, I had a few things in place. I had a backup plan, I had a vision, I already conquered fear, I had a “rainy day grant”. Never quit your job without a plan! It has never really ended well for people who tried it.

Build Something Good

Before quitting, I hatched a plan and started building my own business as a side hustle. Looking back now, building PrintBoy Naija months before I quit. Did you know that Instagram is a great tool? I utilized it to acquire customers and deliver projects on time. I toiled at night to create a good online presence that covers my city and it paid off.

Owning a resource platform where I would share great business ideas has been my dream for over a decade but I was in no way experienced to do so but after growing in rank to manage a company, I felt like it was time to build a blog.

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Building My Business Blog

I made the right choice with the guidance of Emenike Emmanuel of EntrepreneurBusinessBlog and created BuildGoodBusiness.

Deciding on where to buy a domain name was a huge task for me because I needed one with great customer care and a 24/7 support system that is interested in the client.

I chose Namecheap. It has been a great idea ever since as their support is amazing and their free SSL certificate issuing blew my mind.

Hosting my blog was something else that needed great attention and consideration. There are a lot of great hosting companies out there but my decision to use Siteground has paid off greatly. They always want to assist you. I have never had any challenges with their services.

Now, what you do next after quitting depends on your personality and aspirations. Building PrintBoy Naija and have been a rewarding experience.

I have had a lot of people asking me about the theme I use. I started with NoozeBeat Theme from CSS Igniter. CSS Igniter is one of the best theme market places in the world, their collection of themes for whatever need you have is simply beyond telling!

How I Get Content Ideas For My Blog

I am a natural. I have been in business for years to know that despite being a natural, there are also a lot of things that come up new with business every day. To pass my message, I use a lot of strategies to generate content ideas.

I already have a free book you should read if you are struggling with content idea generation. You can get it for free here.

What Is The Next Thing For You?

Maybe you do not want to become a blogger like me but you want to build a good business for yourself. There are a lot of businesses you can start with $100 or less. Dropshipping is one of them.

Knowing, when to quit your job, can be tricky, most especially if you have a lot of people depending on your paycheck but you have to understand that if your paycheck does not improve, you will continue running in circles.

Seek satisfaction and fulfillment at your place of work because that is the soul of workplace productivity. You should talk to someone you trust if you think that this decision could be detrimental to a certain degree.

Nobody deserves to go through hell for an unsatisfying job, it is not worth it. Quit the fear and make an objective decision. It is going to be worth it.

PS: this is me talking to you from my deepest heart. I do not intend to impress upon you to quit your job or make any hasty, unplanned decision, but to guide you through my journey and to expose you to some of the decisions I took.

[this post contains affiliate links to resourceful products I use and advise people to use. I get a little cent if you purchase anything through any of the links at no cost to you. Those cents help me maintain this little textbook]

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