How important is Mold Inspection for Your House or Office?

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How important is Mold Inspection for Your Home or Office

When it comes to mold inspection and testing in your house or office, it is not just a question of how affordable it is but also about how important mold inspection and testing are.

There are definitely going to be a few occasions where you’d want to question if you need an inspection in your house or office.

This article would consider in full, what mold inspection and testing is, its necessity, and how expensive or affordable it is.

First, let us look at what mold inspection and testing are.

what is mold inspection and testing

What is Mold Inspection and Testing?

A mold (often called Mildew) is a fungus that thrives in moist places and spreads by releasing small “spores’ or microscopic particles that floats around the air until they rest on a surface.

Interestingly, you cannot totally eradicate mold spores entirely from your house until you install some cleanroom filtration system. By nature of its operation, those can only mold when they rest on moist surfaces.

Mold inspection and testing, therefore, is when someone (professional or not) looks around or inspects a building for mold.

Whereas mold inspection is simply identifying the presence of mold and the severity of the problem, mold testing involves identifying the type of mold and how many pores are in the air.

Below is a typical picture of mold and how unpleasing it is to the eye.

Is Mold Inspection Worth it?

Mold is a major challenge for a house or office owner and finding out its impending contamination before it grows or escalates can save you a few thousands.

For this reason, it has become very obvious that inspecting and testing for mold in a building would always be cheaper and worth it when buying or moving into a new house.

Identify the presence of mold in your house or office is just a visual inspection of the building for the presence of mold but can save you loads of money you’d rather push into treating the unpleasant health challenges like lung irritation, skin rash, sore throat, coughing, headache, etc.

Sadly, people with a compromised immune system, cystic fibrosis, asthma, allergies, etc. are at a greater risk of infection and crisis when exposed to mold for an unnecessarily long period.

Preventing a major health crisis or challenge is worth it when compared to the amount you would likely spend to treat health complications caused by exposure to mold.

What are signs of Mold in Your House or Office?

Mold thrives on moist surfaces and expands quickly from just a tiny spot. It can trickily appear white, black, powdery, etc. when you notice a patch on a moist wall and are not sure what it is, it is most probably mold.

The first step would be for the mold to start thriving on a moist surface and so, you should do everything possible to not have moist walls or corners around your office or house.

should i get a mold inspection when buying a house
Mold Remediation

Should I get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House?

Buying a home can be so exciting that you forget some of the smallest, yet important things to do.

Yes. If you suspect that a house or an office you want to move into has mold, it would only make sense to thoroughly inspect the place for mold.

A pre-purchase mold inspection is one of the most important real estate due diligence you should do and it is always advised before you pay for the house; this helps you decide if you would go ahead to buy the house or tell the realtor to get it fixed before payment.

Testing (in the air as well) is another important step to be taken because if not done, there is a large possibility that the molds in the air can settle on the next damp surface they can find and spread.

professional mold inspectors near me

How to Get a Mold Inspection

There are several professional mold inspection agencies where you can schedule mold inspection and testing for your house or office.

However, you should always be on the lookout for agencies or professionals who do a thorough check in the HVAC, attic, and other crawl spaces that are likely to be moist in no time.

It is very important to search for and engage mold inspectors with great knowledge and experience in not just inspection and testing, but also in treatment or remediation.

Do not forget to ask how many inspections and remediation they must have done in the last 4-5 months.

While the price for mold inspection varies, it usually lies between $350 to $450 for small houses within 3800 square feet, if bigger, it can be about $800.

There are several professionals and agencies you can reach out to if you want your house inspected for mold.

Final Thoughts on Mold Inspection for Your House or Office

It is very important to routinely inspect your house or office for mold so that you can prevent the health challenges that come with mold exposure.

However, you must do everything you can to prevent the mold from forming.

Since mold thrives heavily on moist places, you should always watch out for roof leakages and fix them. You should also clean and dry things often, and control humidity both in your basement and other places not accessed regularly.

It would be highly inappropriate for a business partner or customer to walk into your office and see mold somewhere around.

Total negligence of our business surroundings is one of the salient reasons customers never come back and if you want to keep them coming back, you should employ the best customer retention strategies as well as keep clean surroundings.

As simple and insignificant as it seems, this has made so many businesses lose deals worth so much.

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