Powerful Ways To Grow Your Business Online [Round-up Post]

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ways to grow your business online

In this harsh business reality, to grow a business is no small feat, but doing it online gives a leverage

However strict or tight running a business and paying bills have become, some businesses have managed to stay afloat and have made profits in this pandemic while others have gone below.

There is a reason!

The internet has become a great tool to grow any business online. This makes for greater visibility and sales.

The most successful, recession proof businesses use the internet as a useful tool to reach their customers and drive sales.

In a search for tested and easily applicable ideas for business growth, we reached out to these industry experts who gave amazing insights.

Their insights on how they have built their thriving businesses from scratch and how they are helping other businesses to grow and expand are top notch.

How To Use Internet To Grow Your Business

  • The Unicorn Growth Hack Theory
Larry Kim

Larry Kim had a rather radical but highly effective approach to business growth.

His ideas are guaranteed to be effective for all business models.

See his response below.

With my first company, I discovered 3 unicorn growth marketing hacks:

1. Be somewhat delusional. There is tremendous power in projecting a slightly delusional plan.

2. Find your unicorn growth hack. The top 10 percent of offers covert five times better than the donkeys. 

I started MobileMonkey to help businesses take advantage of a unicorn marketing channel. Connecting with future customers through real-time web chat tools and SMS marketing results in 10-20X higher engagement and 5X more sales. 

3. Make unicorn babies. Once you find your unicorn growth hack, replicate that successful idea.

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Larry Kim is the founder and VP of Marketing of MobileMonkey, the world’s best chatbot marketing platform for marketing and customer support on Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and SMS. He’s been named Search Marketer of the Year from PPC Hero (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017), Search Engine Land, and the US Search Awards.

  • The Clarity and Target Theory
Edirin Edewor

With Edirin Edewor, it was a wholesome bundle of ideas guaranteed to help you through the idea stage to profitably launching your business.

See her preferred ideas below.

In growing a business using online tools and media, business owners must first be absolutely clear on what they want to achieve, and their business objectives.

People spend a lot of time online and while it is a great business strategy to meet them where they already are (online), business owners must be sure to answer these questions before they begin building their businesses online:

1. What problems do I solve for people and how do I solve these problems uniquely in a way no one else can? (Message)

2. What specific kind of people can I solve this problem for and are they willing and able to pay me for it? (Audience)

3. Where do these people mostly spend their time? (Platform)

4. How can I package my solutions in a way that is appealing to my audience? (Product)

5. What marketing strategies will I employ to make sure I reach my income goals monthly? (Income Plan)

6. How do I launch my business into the online space profitably? (Launch Plan) Above all, be intentional about your business and think with the end in mind.

Edirin Edewor is a multiple Amazon Bestselling Author and an award winning Entrepreneur.

She is the host of Breakthrough Summit and has been featured on several platforms where she teaches profitability with books among other things.

Reach Edirin Edewor on Instagram @edirinedewor or Join her Facebook Community

  • A Theory of Strategy and Targeted Adverts
Emenike Emmanuel

The digital marketer and influential blogger, Emenike Emmanuel gave great insight on how to deploy the internet to the advantage of a faltering business.

See his ideas below.

The pandemic has dealt a huge blow on small businesses around the world but only very few business owners have been able to create a roadmap for themselves.

These business owners did something others didn’t consider to be very important at the time when everything was normal.

What did they do, you may ask?

Simple! They took their business online.

Having a digital presence is the first step to growing your business online.

Once you are done with this basic step, the next thing is to create a marketing strategy that will make it super-easy for you to automate some areas of your business.

You can’t be available in real-time to take your leads all the time. So, you need a marketing funnel to do the heavy lifting for you.

Once the marketing funnel is in motion, the next thing is to use paid advertising to drive massive traffic to it while you sit back to do the closing at your end.

Small businesses that did the same thing I just said here were less affected by the pandemic compared to their counterparts who ignored it.

Emenike Emmanuel is the Winner, Global Excellence in Marketing Awards, USA, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Blogger, and Author.

Emenike is the host of Naija SitUp and has been featured on Starter Story among other platforms where he constantly shares insightful business ideas.

Reach Emenike Emmanuel on Facebook or Twitter @emenikeng or Join his Facebook Community

Final Thoughts

Is your business faltering? You should grow your business online using the internet.

Are you seeking to drive more sales and increase your client base continually? The internet is a massive tool you should not ignore as it has the potential to move your business from ruins to profitability in no time.

Follow these ideas as shared by these result-driven professionals and you are guaranteed to see results change in your business.

Which of the responses resonated with you more?

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