How To Increase Your Email Open Rate by at least 10%

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How To Increase Your Email Open Rate By At Least 10%

Understanding how to increase your email open rate by at least 10% is one very important thing you should do if you want to constantly make impacts in your email marketing campaign. With about 57% of email marketers increasing email marketing budget recently, email marketing continues to prove effective.

There is a reason why there are millions of emails left unopened if they even make it to the inbox and not spam folder is dependent on a variety of reasons.

What Is Email Open Rate?

Email open rate is the percentage of the total number of your email subscribers who open your email messages. Email open rates differ based on a number of variables such as subject line, relevance of email to a particular subscriber, and where the message actually lands when it is received. A lot of people do not open their spam folder for years.

What is a Good Email Open Rate and How You Can Improve Yours

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate By At Least 10%

Assuming you have done a good job and people receive your mails, how do we get them to actually open your email and read its content?

Below are a few ways guaranteed to help you increase your rate by at least 10%.

1.       Optimize for all devices

It is now mainstream knowledge that over 60% of people who would be opening your emails would do so using their mobile devices. This is possible because with the great growth in mobile phone technology, it has become more comfortable to live our whole lives on a mobile phone.

It is important that you take great care to make sure that your message is optimized for any kind of device. If you must send out a mail, be sure that it is responsive in nature.

This means that it should fit to whatever screen size the reader would use to read your messages without scrolling through right or left; a lot of persons don’t even remember anymore what the web looked like before responsive web page designs.

2.      Tailor your mail to the recipient

How do you feel when you receive a message with your name on it? Doesn’t it feel personal? There is this thing about having a sort of personal relationship with people and brands. I feel excited most times when I get those messages that come with my name on it, it feels really personal.

What you end up doing when you send out a campaign with your reader’s name correctly spelt and attached to it, the reader would gradually start looking forward to your mails (especially if you constantly bring value)

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How To Increase Your Email Open Rate
How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

3.      Stay true to your promises

When you say that you would not bombard them with messages or invade their inbox, do just that! Stay true to your words, nothing is more annoying than one promise broken over and over again.

Do not send out a message just for the fun of it or just to keep in contact with your subscriber. It is even better you literarily send out a greeting message once in a while than just sending out baseless messages that ends up helping you to break a promise.

Whatever word you gave while they are signing up for your email list, keep to it. There is a mail I never open. The promise was that I would receive a mail ONLY when it is important. These days, I get their message every morning. What turns out important every morning if not life?

4.      Be interactive – people are getting fed up with emails

There is a reason copywriters are hired to write email campaigns. There is a reason subscribers anticipate your mails on schedule. When you make your mails interactive, you capitalize on their inquisitiveness to increase open rate.

Subscribers have figured out that so many people just use their inboxes as a market place and so, they tend to treat emails in batches as less relevant except the ones they are actually expecting. How do you feel when you open your inbox by 10 in the morning to see 20 new emails without soliciting for or expecting any one of them?

To get people to open your emails, you need to grab their attention in an instant. It just doesn’t end there as you would need to water the ground for your subsequent messages using the current message. Learn storytelling and use it to retain them and make them anticipate your email on schedule.

You know you are making progress when a subscriber sends you a message asking why you didn’t send a mail the previous day.

Do you think there is something else? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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