How Best to Promote Your New Podcast and Go Viral Easily

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How can I make my podcast popular

I am sitting here on my table thinking about how best to promote a new podcast and go viral easily and I have a few ideas flowing already.

I mean, new podcasts are created daily and new podcast heroes are born since they go viral but how in this green earth does a podcast go viral on a lean budget when started with little or no audience?

How best do you promote your new podcast and make it go viral easily?

Let us take a little time to figure out if starting a new podcast is worth it in the first place.

Is Starting a New Podcast Worth It?

Think about 27-year old Jake who wakes up early in the morning feeling like his life is in the mud, like everything he thought he would have achieved by now has gone up in smoke before his very eyes.

Think about Jenny who wants to give up on life because of a broken relationship or just fed up with life entirely.

Imagine they both run into a podcast through their favorite podcatchers that reminds them that every day brings a new opportunity to become better and achieve whatever they want.

Imagine, again, that they both take back their lives and a few years down the line, they lead businesses, brands, and corporations.

What changed? What moved them from being disgusted about life to becoming people full of great enthusiasm and energy?

There are numerous Jakes and Jennys out there whose lives, careers, and businesses has been kept on track because of one podcast or another.

Now, it is not always about what effect it has on your audience, it is also about what changes it brings to your life, career, and finances as the podcaster.

Yes, starting a podcast is entirely worth it because it gives you an opportunity to build your own platform and make your voice heard. Starting a podcast helps you create and lead a community of people with common interest.

Starting a podcast helps you create a new income stream as you can gradually become a brand ambassador when strategically handled.

Podcasts are a new way to build authority in a field and become “larger-than-life”.

How do You Promote Your New Podcast and Go Viral Easily?

Say you are planning to start a podcast sometime soon (or you just started one) and you are on the lookout for ways to promote your podcast and go viral easily, and become successful, this article is about that; helping you make it blow up and go viral.

In this article, we would take a deep dive into 6 best ways to promote your new podcast and go viral.

1.      Start Building an Email List before Launch

This always the best thing to do when you think about starting a new podcast with the desire to make it go viral.

A podcast grows and become viral when you have a large audience who accepts and share your content consistently.

How then do you build that audience before starting if not by figuring out who your ideal audience is and building an email list for them?

If you are looking for how best to promote your new podcast and go viral easily, then you must consider building an email list because this is where you prepare them for the launch of your podcast.

People often underrate email lists but that, really, is where you should start because it offers you a unique opportunity to personalize your communication to them and [probably] sell to them.

Building an email list is not that difficult; it is just about offering them something irresistible (free or cheap) in exchange for their email contacts and GetResponse is your best bet while starting.

GetResponse is an Email Marketing platform and is one of the best beginner-friendly email marketing platforms that is most suited for podcasters looking to grow easily.

Start Your Email Marketing journey below…

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

You can also do this by utilizing social media advertisements or other relevant channels.

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2.      Record Some Episodes of Your Podcast before Launching

Pat Flynn had this to say about the relationship between launching and what number of episodes you need to start with.

“I actually received negative reviews from people who had listened to the first episode and were upset that there was only one.”

Think about anticipating the launch of a restaurant business only to get there and find only one food in the menu. How frustrating would that be?

It is always safe to give your audience up to 4 or more episodes on your launch date so that they would have a few contents to consume, respond to, and [possibly] come back for.

When people love your stuff and can relate to it, they would want more of it. Be that guy who gives people more of what they want – always!

3.      Pick a Launch Time Carefully

It is simple human psychology to pick a launch time carefully to be the first few days of the week.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays see the most downloads than the remaining days of the week.

Listeners are always open to new energy and information at the beginning of a weekday.

When is the best time of the day to launch a podcast? You pick. When is the best time of the day for your ideal audience to be open to “your kind of message?”

It could be 5 AM or 11 PM (but definitely not during work hours). What time works for your audience? That is the best time of the day to launch a new podcast of release a new episode.

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How Best to Promote Your New Podcast and Go Viral

4.      Create Brand Assets and Brand Your New Podcast Properly

If your new podcast must go far, then it must stand out. It must stand out with your branding and brand assets.

Proper and uniform branding creates an air of professionalism around your podcast. It helps people to easily identify your brand whenever they see it.

You don’t need so much expertise to get it done. Whether it is graphics for your thumbnails or for social media, all you need is a simple knowledge of Canva or your best graphic design software.

5.      Remain Consistent with Your New Podcast to Make it Go Viral

When it comes to growing a new podcast, consistency in releasing quality episodes is key.

Listeners love it when they get contents in a scheduled, consistent manner.

To avoid burnout, schedule your episode releases in a way that would give you enough time to work on a new episode and release consistently.

6.     Leverage Your Guest’s Audience

Leveraging your guest’s audience is another way to promote your new podcast and go viral easily.

Every guest has an audience and it would be wise to choose a guest that fits into your niche and can offer ideologies similar to yours.

The easiest way to attract a guest is to make your podcast [or a few episode series] have an interview format.

Also make it easy for your audience to share and promote episodes by sending them a note when their episodes go live and include a few shareable like Pullquotes, images, tweets, etc.

This makes it easy for them to share your episodes with them in a few seconds.

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