Workplace Value: How To Retain Value In The Workplace

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How To Retain Value In The Workplace

How do you increase and retain value in the workplace? The regular workplace is a place of great value demonstration and sharing among staff and clients.

A great workplace value sets the tone for great business relationships and make no mistakes, people are on the hunt for how to retain value in the workplace.

A company with great company culture is better positioned to make strides in their industry but as a business executive, how do you build a great company culture without first considering what type of workplace value to look out for either in your employees or while recruiting?

In this article, Brand Storyteller and Copywriter, Ikedi Jedice guides us through how to retain value in the workplace. He dealt with company goals, innovative arts of selling, among other disruptive ideas that can help you identify and retain value in your establishment.

What is Workplace Value?

Workplace values are those (individual) values that drive behaviors, attitudes, and communication among your staff within the workplace.

These values might be any of or a combination of accountability, diligence, empathy, and respect.

It is of great importance to understand and identify the values of your team members so you can either make some adjustments that would positively impact your company culture.

People perceive values differently as it differs with personality, needs, ideologies, culture, and belief systems but in the workplace, relevant value systems should remain the focus as is defined by the company executives.

A pure example of a personal value that translated to amazing value is demonstrated in the life of a certain character, Daniel who remained relevant to several governments in the Christian Bible.

As is recorded, the character Daniel was always sought after by several governments in times of severe crisis.

How Can Workplace Value Be Retained

How Can Workplace Value Be Retained?

How can workplace values be preserved? Quickly, let’s look at the ways value can be retained.

Company Focus and Goals.

Most companies have a lot of goals that make the employees confused. Running a multi-faceted company that is into a lot of things; Housing, Charity, Food production, etc. can be frustrating and confusing to your staff.

Every employee delivers a good job when their job description is focused on a certain area that aligns with their abilities or skillset.

To correct this and get optimum service delivery from your staff, you should be clear on what you want to focus on per time; goal-focused, market-focused, customer-focused, etc.

This works best when you consider the best marketing KPIs that align with your business goals per time.

Let’s say a restaurant is focused on its customer’s hygiene, this determines the cleanliness of the kitchen, how the utensils should be sterilized, how the chefs should appear, how healthy the ingredients should be, food that would be prepared, etc.

The employee would find it a lot easier to bring their game face on and deliver the best services all the time.

Your company would no longer look to let any staff go just to employ a new one when their job descriptions are streamlined.

Your company would retain value because your staff has a goal they are focused on constantly achieving.

Company values are instilled in fresh employees when you train your new employees before they start working with your firm so that they can be oriented with all that goes on in the company, their values, and ethics.

This is because if the employee cannot understand what the company is all about then he or she cannot fully represent that company before her customers.

How Can Workplace Value Be Retained

The Art of Selling

Every company, employed person, or entrepreneur should master the art of selling. Sometimes one can have the right products but nobody knows about its benefits and features.

There are two books that changed my perception of selling are: Sell like Crazy (Sabri Suby) and Sell or be Sold (Grant Cardone).

Every day we all sell things without being aware. You see people their selling ideas, some sell their personalities to get friends, while others simply sell to avoid getting punished.

How well do you sell?

Change the mindset of selling a product to seeing yourself offering value to your customers, imagine your customer as a patient, and your product is the cure to that sickness. You must love your product too and believe in it before others would.

The grave mistake companies make is forcing their marketing team players to always pass the message that their products are on sale. That doesn’t always cut it!

Truly, products are on sale but if a member of the marketing team has a certain experience that would further bring value to your business, why not allow them?

No matter what product you have on sale, what you are selling is the benefits that come with using the product and not the product itself.

In one of his articles on Copywriters and how they function in America, Noble Cyril stated that copywriters are in the best position to help your business draft a better “sales copy” or “sales message”, and that they are getting increasingly affordable to hire.

If you want an in-house copywriter, then it would be best to pick one of the best brains in your marketing team to train, otherwise, you consider sales outsourcing.

Great Customer Service

Money lies with people that are patronizing your business and if you get their hearts, you’ll get their treasure.

According to Mike Murdock, “every good business deal should spring into a relationship”.

Have you been able to reach out to your customers and ask about their welfare lately? You should send goodwill messages to them and wish them well during any of their anniversaries (in none nosey way).

I once saw an advert about a soap during the pandemic lockdown, telling people to wash their hands to stay safe not just with their soap but any soap at all. This shows empathy that you have their welfare at heart.

There is a golden rule that says “treat others as you would want them to treat you” but the platinum rule says “treat others how they want to be treated“.

Why? This is because how you want to be treated might not be how they want to be treated.

Besides, treating clients how they like to be treated within the bounds of reason would help them patronize you more.

It is one of the ways a business can retain its clients.

Effective Digitalization Helps Retain Workplace Value

Take your business online!

Let your business have an online presence and high visibility. You can employ social media managers, copywriters, and content writers so you don’t end up doing everything by yourself.

Always allocate job portfolios to the staff that knows how to handle them best, this way, they bring their values and expertise to the front row.

Have you tried “Google my business” yet?

Create a website, have a social media platform for reaching out to customers, engaging with them, listening to their complaints, and giving them first-hand information about new products or services.

Research and Forecasting

While other businesses are counting their losses, make research, check how businesses bounce back during epidemics, and study patterns as most patterns repeat themselves.

A detailed business researcher and futurist know how best to relate past events to current business events or trends in a way that would help him forecast future business occurrences.

Have you thought about studying your staff to know who understands market trends better? Some of these hidden skills and expertise might just make your redundant staff more productive; this is how to retain value in the workplace.

While recruiting, try to watch out for those that understand detailed, data-driven researching, they will save you a lot of bucks with time.

retain value in the workplace

Study the Generation-Z (1996-2015)

If your audience lies within this exciting audience, then you should study them.

How do they think? What inspires their buying habits? How about where they can be found both online and offline?

The Gen-Z are an exciting bunch to study if you must leverage social media as a marketing tool.

This generation has a variety of dynamic choices that points to some important Key performance indicators (KPIs) you should look at even if your audience is not in their age bracket.

It would be a good thing if you a Gen-Z as a staff, that way you can study their responses to several of your marketing iterations and tests.

The workplace should be dynamic and your workplace value should allow some space for a little humor.

If you have a product that is targeting a Gen-Z, it makes sense to expose your marketing materials or messages to your staff members that fall within the bracket.

Their response to your message would prove very useful.

Running a decentralized office hierarchical structure would encourage your staff to bring some of their hidden values to light if they know that their opinion and expertise would be valued and respected.

This is how to retain value in the workplace.

Hope you found value

Author Profile:

Ikedi Jedice is an author, storyteller, and copywriter who continuously drive great numbers in sales by helping brands tell their stories in a way that attracts and converts leads.

His book – “Storytelling: The Attention Magnet” teaches the importance of corporate storytelling and how to use it to capture attention and sell your ideas, brand, and products.

He thinks that applying storytelling in your marketing helps to make your opinion heard and make your values irresistible to your audience.

Buy Storytelling: The Attention Magnet from Amazon and get more leads.

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