How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2022

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how to start a blog

Let me guess, you are right here looking for the best and most reliable information to help you start a profitable blog in 2022.

Well, there is always going to be a piece of information out there posing to be the best piece of information but end up hollow and hardly contain quality and convincing information.

In this really detailed article, I would be sharing with you how I started my blog (in-between the lines), and how you can start your blog and make sure your blog turns out profitable from the first month in 2022.

Most of the things you would be reading here are things I experienced and others I found out through series of intensive research I carried out when I was desperately looking for the most hassle-free ways to monetize my blog.

Save this article because you would always come back to it.

Let us dive right in by considering what blogging was before 2022 

Blogging Before 2022

Is blogging dead? Has blogging ever been dead? The answer is an emphatic “No”.

Think about it for a moment, how could blogging die when more and more people are looking for answers to the nagging questions they have? How would blogging die when the challenges people are facing needs viable solutions that people provide through their blogs?

To get a better grip on this before we talk about how to start a profitable blog, let us take a moment and understand (like we are 12) what Blogging is.

Blogging is simply the design and editing (or running) of a blog. By-the-way, a blog is simply an e-journal a person keeps to “publish” certain information they see as valuable.

Blogging has changed!

Before now, people would just type away their thoughts and share them on their blogs for people to read and share from their thoughts and some other times, they have a very difficult blogging journey because they do not have a content planner.

Steal this 1 Year Printable Blog Post Planner Now!

Stay with me so we will get a clear background of what you intend to do.

Gradually as time went by, we started discovering ways to harness the amount of attention we received through our blogs to help people solve even more problems. Hence, Blog Monetization.

Now, people make tons of money by sharing their thoughts on their blogs and helping people along the way; health experts share helpful health tips and possibly sell helpful products to people who need them, copywriters share helpful marketing information and offer to help people write the best sales letter or email blasts, talk of business leaders?

They are not left out as they are also continuously sharing helpful business principles and possibly selling their books or consultancy services through those blogs.

The list is endless!

To burst the bubble for you, if you do not intend to share helpful content and proffer or provide solutions to people, then you should not think of blogging.

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Many people are in it for the money. Though they end up picking a dollar or two, they do not do it with the finesse they would have, if they really intend to help people and change their stories by the information they give out.

What do you want?  To just match “word count” while obeying certain SEO principles and make a few (or plenty) bucks along the way, or make the same money or more while also helping people live better lives?

I started my blog to share my business experiences with people facing the business challenges I have overcome before now and it is working out pretty fine.

Again, how do you want to play the game?

Let us move right on.

Starting a profitable blog is easy when you lay down the right foundation for it. Below are a few of the most important foundation-laying principles for profitable blogging in 2022

1. Clarify Your “Why”

Before now, we have taken a subtle look at your reason for choosing to blog.

Let us look at it again but this time, let us look closer a little bit.

Why do you want to blog? There are several reasons why people want to blog and as I shared on my personal Instagram page, I would go ahead and list out a few of them here.

-To attract an audience

-Establish authority in a field or industry

-To build rapport and engagement

-Create even more opportunities for themselves and others

-Organize their thoughts and learn more

-Tell their story and meet new people

-Validate their expertise and make more money.

I could go on and on to explain some of those reasons but a mere look at them explains them.

Pick your reason. Why do you want to blog? To answer a “blogger”? It is a cool title by-the-way, or to do one of those things on the list?

There is nothing wrong with picking any or more of those reasons but my honest opinion is that you would get lost if it is not underlined with a desire to help people along the way.

You could help people when you make more money, you could help people when you establish authority in a field or even when you attract an audience.

Let one of the biggest inspirations you have for blogging be underlined by an inert desire to help people either by giving accurate and readily applicable information or by referring them to helpful products or services.

Your “WHY” plays a very big role. Be careful with it.


2. Streamline Your Niche More

Every blogger has a niche. Heck! Every problem has an area it manifests the most.

Really, what would you like to blog about? What solutions would you like to bring? How about what you like talking about? What would you like to know more about?

The thing is: when you have an idea, it can be drilled down to even the smaller chunks that make up the idea.

Let us pick a niche and examine it. Let us pick the HEALTH niche (I hope you know what a niche is).

In the health niche, there are many things one can blog about.

Since the health niche is so wide, we could drill it down to either female health, male health, or even general health (if you will).

The female niche can go further down to talk mainly about pregnancy and labor or common health challenges facing women.

Do you get what we are talking about now?

The male niche can talk about the health of men with prostate challenges being the chief of them.

Let us pick another niche or industry, say, travel, and hospitality.

Talk about travel or plain ol’ hospitality.

Nice but cheap hotels, exquisite and luxury hotels, resorts, or even high target tourism centers.

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I am in the business niche and I drilled down to marketing and advertising.

What say you?

While you start, you could face a certain area and the blog would push you to a different area that attracts your audience the most. That is absolutely fine.

However, seek to define your audience early enough and provide quality information to that uniquely defined audience.

Other things would follow.

3. Better Domain Name Choice

This is very important. What you call your blog is what it would answer.

Your domain name is like your house address. There are no two houses with the same address. It is even more like your fingerprint. There are no two persons with the same fingerprint.

While choosing a domain name, great care should be taken to make sure that the domain name reflects what your blog is talking about.

Look at my domain name for instance. BuildGoodBusiness talks about how to build a good business, QED!

Another thing you should consider is Search Engine Optimization.

Some domain names help your blog become more visible to search engines. If you are in the BLOGGING niche, names like “bloggingbunny” would help you better than “noblecyril”.

Get it? If you can (which shouldn’t be a must), seek to incorporate your niche name into your domain name.

Naming a blog is really easy as there are like three approaches to it: using your name (like janethmings), using abstract names (like facebook), and using a niche name (like bloggingbunny).


4. Best Domain Name & Hosting Company 2022

Let us look further at domain names but this time, where best to buy a domain name in 2022.

I will go straight to the point and give you my opinion.

NameCheap.Com! …yes, it is an affiliate link that will give me a penny if you buy through the link and cost you absolutely nothing.

Why NameCheap.Com?

From experience and what you would soon find out, a lot of hosting companies would promise you a free domain name if you host your blog with them. This is nice but I strongly advise against it.

Why? Well, let’s say you should value your freedom more. It is very difficult for you to get absolute customer support from a company that gave you a 1-year rent-free domain name when you want to move your hosting to another company.

Hosting services can get bad once in a while and if it continues or if you are no longer satisfied with their services, you would need to move. How would they allow you to move just like that when they gave you a 1-year rent-free domain name? Besides, domain names usually cost below $10. What is $10 that you cannot pay to own your freedom?

Your influencer may have told you otherwise and I don’t care. This is painful when you experience it. I took that correction when I saw how painful it was for 5 of my friends who are bloggers. They were forced to stick with them. Convinced? No? There are two choices here: buy from NameCheap and host somewhere else or buy and host at the same place. I hope you don’t get stuck soon with a hosting company.

Let us talk about hosting your blog.


Don’t be scared, not all hosting companies are bad. At least, SiteGround.Com is not (again, this is my opinion).

I use SiteGround.Com (another affiliate link that gives me a penny to feed my cat if you buy through it) and have never had any complaint. There is also BlueHost and a host of other good hosting companies. Though I have heard a couple of complaints about a few hosting companies out there, I cannot trust those complaints because I do not have firsthand experience with them.

SiteGround.Com has never disappointed me or given me a reason to doubt their credibility.

The most important thing you should look out for while choosing a hosting company is their customer support system and the ease of use of their hosting services.

5. The Best Beginner Blog Themes Now

This is where your personal preference comes to play. I bought my theme from CSSIgniter as I began. There are other themes you can get from ThemeForest and other even more sophisticated theme providers.

Which looks more attractive to you? Which do you like?

Be careful to find out if they are RESPONSIVE and MOBILE FRIENDLY.

I would always point to or buy from CSSIgniter and ThemeForest for a beginner like you. As you grow and advance in blogging, you could either purchase a more sophisticated theme or have one build for you from scratch.

6. Your First 5 Blog Posts

This is one place people slack a lot.

Your first few blog posts set the tone and structure (appearance) of your blog. These first few posts should focus on your blog niche and what you would like your blog to be known (and found) for.

Here is a trick I used. I made a first post about the top business blogs to follow and included mine in the list.

What this did was to put my tiny-weeny blog side by side with the more established blogs. That way people pick it as one of the top blogs when making up their own lists in the future.

Also, seek to make your “Cornerstone Content” be like a summary of what your blog would talk about.

Your Cornerstone content should be detailed and long enough to really express your thoughts.

7. Blog Traffic Generation In 2022

Traffic heals every blogging sickness!

You would hardly help more people when only a few people are exposed to the solutions you are providing.

The second most asked question about blogging is traffic generation as every blogger needs traffic.

There are numerous ways to generate and retain blog traffic.

  • Social Media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Advertisement
  • Blog Outreaches and roundup posts
  • Guest posting and blog commenting, etc.

Which would you use? If you request it, I would give you a detailed approach I use in traffic generation and retention. Drop a comment.

8. Blog Monetization In 2022

Here is the chief of it. Everybody wants to make more money from their blog or don’t you want it too?

There are numerous ways to make money from a blog. Some of these ways could be niche-dependent.

Here are a few of the blog monetization strategies:

  1. Sponsored posts
  2. Selling your digital products
  3. Adverts (Google AdSense and others)
  4. Affiliate Marketing (see how it works for bloggers)
  5. Selling consultation, memberships, and subscription
  6. Etc.

Which of the blog monetization strategies would you use? As a beginner, you could begin with affiliate marketing (selling another person’s products for a commission), or selling your own digital products (like ebooks, printables, podcasts, audio, and video course). You could also consider sponsored posts (where people pay you to post an article on your blog) and advertising.     

If you choose affiliate marketing, be sure to sell products that you are convinced would help your audience either become better at what they do, or live better lives.


Now you know the very first set of principles for profitable blogging, what would you do about it?

One of the biggest challenges people have is consuming too much information that they either get confused about them or they never implement any of them.

Don’t be like that. You have the right information by any standards now, use it!

The best time to start your blog and become profitable at it is now. The next best time is now!

Do not wait for later, get it done now. You can break the dock of the “first post syndrome”

Let me explain what I mean by “the first post syndrome”

This is the fear of your first post. You are either too afraid to put it out or you are not sure it is perfect enough.

I ran into the first post of one of the bloggers I respect so much and boy, it was funny. It was more like introducing who he was and what his blog was about (as at then).

That blog has evolved into a money-spinning company!

Here is a link to my very first blog post…

No first bog post is ever detailed or professional.

Just close your eyes and push the “publish” button.

You’d realize that the second, third, and subsequent articles would become ever intriguing.

Besides, do you know the joy it gives to hit the publish button? It is like the joy you feel when you drink cold water after a sunny day. You should try it.

By-the-way, you can always fall back to that post and edit it later.

One more thing… Here is a Free Ebook For You

Did you find value in this article? Share the link everywhere and drop a comment to let me know you read my article.

Who knows, one day you could write an article on this blog as well (that is what guest posting is all about).

Did I tell you that guest posting in other authority blogs helps you grow your blog?

PS: This article contains affiliate links. Those affiliate links mean that we receive a cent or two if you purchase anything through them. They are highly secure (as they lead you to the vendor’s TRUSTED website) and would not cost you a dime. I use the cent you give me through those links to feed my cat and my dog. They are just so adorable. Do you have a cat or a dog?

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