5 Most Important Blogging Tools Every Blogger Must Have Now.

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There are a lot of important blogging tools that bloggers have used to kick start and grow their blogs from zero influence to a great amount of influence and profitability.

Blogging is an interesting adventure for anyone who seeks to gain confidence in self, influence people’s decisions positively, and also help people solve their problems – a good blog helps people solve problems.

The growth and success of a blog depends on a variety of parameters which is usually determined by the owner of the blog but in recent years, there are a few most important blogging tools you are sure to find listed in this rather short article.

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As you read through, you would discover why it is important for you to pay close attention to your blog content originality, relevant Key Performance Indexes, and of course, why you need a reliable hosting platform and blog Content Planner.

Let us dive right into it!

1. Keyword Density Checker

Every good blog content targets a certain keyword (or two) so it can reach the desired audience.

Keyword density is the amount or number of times a targeted keyword appears in an article. Google prefers that your keyword appears only in about 5% of the content.

When it becomes too much, then it becomes a case of “keyword stuffing” and you run a risk of your content being labelled SPAM by Google. There are WordPress Plugins that can help fix that while formatting your article before you post.

There are several Keyword Density Checker tools out there but you can check for one at SEMRush.com. The idea is to make sure that you don’t “stuff” your content with keywords.

2. Domain Authority Checker

This is a big deal! This is what affects your “internet authority” I understand that a lot of people think that a Domain Authority is overrated but it is not remotely so.

The domain authority of a blog is a search engine ranking score that predicts how influential a website is or how well it will rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). It is a powerful tool developed by MOZ and is ranked on a scale of 0 to 100.

This shouldn’t scare you though, there is nothing else that you can do to influence it other than increasing the traffic and engagement on your blog.

3. Good Hosting Company

The importance of a good hosting company cannot be underrated. A good hosting company is one factor that keeps you alive in the online space.

You do not want to host your website with an unreliable web hosting company that would give you issues without bringing solutions. As your blog or website grows in traffic and engagement, you may run into a glitch and if you did not host with a company with good customer care, you are in for a long thing!

There are a lot of people complaining about some of the popular web hosting companies you know. I advise that you buy your domain name and host with a web hosting company you are personally convinced about and not because your influencers say you should host with them. I recommend BlueHost Web hosting and I have not had a reason to look back ever since.

4. Blog Post Planner

It becomes increasingly frustrating when you do not have a well-defined plan for your blog contents.

I had a rough start myself and when I look back now, I smile at a lot of the things I did wrong in complete ignorance.

Writing a blog article was not the problem but since I was so enthusiastic about blogging, I blogged about almost everything in business; this was the worst move for me. I had no plan at all!

Without a plan, I noticed that my bounce rate kept increasing as people leave almost when they came in.

I also noticed it was difficult for me to offer a product and so, I started looking for a way to fix it until I discovered a master blog post planner that helped me organise my blog.

You should never underrate the efficiency of a blog content planner. This 1 Year printable Blog Post Planner is a steal! You should get it if you want an easy blogging journey.

5. Plagiarism Checker

Now, this is where you take your content seriously! I have seen loads of contents online that seem repeated from blog to blog and website to website.

The question is: why do I need to read your content when I have read the same words from another blog word for word?

This is very clear in posts that list services. They go ahead to copy those contents and repost them on their blogs. Do not be lazy like them, my friend. Be original and authentic.

I use Duplichecker.com and SmallSEOTools.com for checking through contents submitted by guest bloggers on my blog and they have been quite helpful.

Plagiarism Checker for blog contents
Plagiarism Checker for blog contents

Here are some of the important terms you can find in a result

  1. X% Plagiarism: this means the percentage of your content that looks like a reproduced or copied content from another blog or website. Your blogging standard should help you determine what percentage is high or low for you.

Personally, anything that makes a content shows any sign above 3% plagiarism is bad for my blog because my audience has this knack for originality. For my entire blog, if it hits above 25%, then I have my job cut out for me. 25% because I expect them to come from my privacy policy page or some not-so-popular personal page on my blog.

  • Y% Unique: this shows the percentage of uniqueness or originality of your content or website. My goal for each content is 96-97%. What percentage is comfortable for you? You decide!


So far, we have discussed four of the most important tools every blogger needs. I entirely understand as well, that there could be a few other tools like the appearance of your blog and where you bought your domain name, but that is okay.

What tools are helpful to you already in your blogging journey? What tools would you start using? Please let me know in the comment section.

[This article contains affiliate links. Purchasing anything through those links means I get a little cent at no cost to you whatsoever. Those cents are how I take care of my little furry puppy. His name is Bobby]

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Thanks for the useful tips. I agree that content planning is one of the most challenging aspects of blogging. Planning a year ahead sounds like a great strategy. Thanks for sharing.

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