Want To Quit Your Job? 5 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

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5 reasons why you should not resign

If you are looking for a cutesy article that would help you affirm your decision to quit your job, you are not in the right place.

A lot of persons are quitting their job. Times are uncertain and while the desire for a better life continues to stare us in the face, economic circumstances are not compromising their harsh stance.

A staggering 4,478,000 people quit their jobs in August 2019 with 3.5 million Americans quitting their jobs every month in 2018.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why People Quit Their Jobs

There is always a reason to quit one’s job. There are tons of excuses and valid reasons as well and these facts tend to distract people from taking a second look at their job before they jump the ship.

I was in that same shoe some time ago, very dissatisfied with my job. The feeling of being out of place was big and I had this strong feeling that I was no longer a fit for the job. I had grown so big in my capacity that I felt I needed a new challenge.

5 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn't quit your job
5 reasons why you should not resign

Well, these things happen.

As we proceed, you would discover 5 important reasons why you should pause for a moment and take a second look at your current job before making that decision. Hopefully, you wouldn’t hit Thanos at the wrong time as Star-Lord did at Avengers: Infinity War.

To some, these reasons we are about to discuss would cut across as trivial but if you have seen yourself caught in the web of job dissatisfaction or even uncertainty and are seriously considering quitting, then you should hold that thought a bit until you look at them.

I have resigned from a job before and right now, there are things I would have done differently had I seen an article like this one.

True, I quit my job and started a profitable business after a little while but if I had to reconsider the timing, I could have stayed a little longer.

Each of these reasons can make you take a deep breath if you consider it carefully, so we are going to look at them right away.

1. Do You Still Feel A Sense Of Purpose In Your Job?

My job was to manage a digital printing firm in my city and boy, that was a huge task.

The love I had for my job was to death and I would handle clients’ projects deep into the night and still wake up strong and shiny. I needed clients to make profit from their small businesses too.

The interest was gone! It gradually became stressful and draining so much so that I loathed what I once loved.

How bad has your job become? I still had a sense of purpose in my job but the stress had overwhelmed me that I didn’t even have enough time to appreciate my job.

If it is still there, maybe just a flicker, you should consider fanning it up again.

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I had an assistant at the time who was doing an amazing job but he gradually became overloaded with work and my stress returned.

If you can (which I think you should consider), try figuring out what went wrong and how to make it work. Chances are you can find your rhythm back and your joy and fulfillment would return.

Quitting a job is never easy as you would need to deal with fear and uncertainty but when you try to win it back and it eludes you, then you have my support.

2. Have You Stopped Growing?

Let us look at it this way for a moment. We get jobs so we can make money but there is one secret thing about it- growth!

If you have exhausted all avenues for growth, take a walk! Consider this carefully though. There are a lot of ways to grow in a firm and most times when we think we are stuck in a cycle, it is another cycle beckoning.

What is the nature of your job? Have you grown to the peak of your career as it concerns that company or firm?

So many firms have a demand for a certain level of educational qualification with the head of the company determining what is and what is not to be.

If your educational qualification has exceeded what is required in your firm, you should definitely consider moving on to better things.

I knew I had gotten to that stage where I can comfortably hold down my own business and so I was not going to sit there and watch a boss tell me to make a move that would backfire on me.

Bosses sometimes act bossy, right?

This is my point: if you are no longer growing in your desired area and see another opportunity of career or personal growth outside, CAREFULLY quit your job. You should not allow yourself to become redundant for any reason.

3. A Better Source Of Income

This holds a lot of people down. The flip side is that this is the major source of fear that keeps so many potential industry leaders stuck behind a janitor’s cart.

Of a truth, it is scary to live a life without enough money. It is like a road trip to Alaska from Chicago without enough gas.

A better pay is the major reason why a lot of people quit their job monthly. Some companies are more likely to give new employees better pay as opposed to increasing the pay of old staff.

Have you got a better source of income? A better or more flexible job, maybe? If you have children you are raising of you are a single mom, do not quit your job until think this through carefully.

Single parenting can be hard and sometimes, you need to handle two or three jobs to put your children through school; it is a stressful thing to do.

Quit your job
Should I resign from my job?

If you have not gotten a better source of income, hold on to your job for a little longer.

There are a lot of businesses you can do online to make even more money than you are possibly making but it would require that you learn the ropes well so you can be profitable almost immediately.

Figure out a worthy backup plan before you resign from your job; this is important. Your backup plan could be a new job, a trust fund, or little savings stacked up somewhere.

Whatever it is, figure it out first and set balls rolling before quitting your job.

4. Does It Give You Time To Chase Your Other Dreams?

You may just have dreams you love chasing. Right now, does your job give you enough time to chase those dreams no matter how unhappy you are with your job?

I hope it allow you to go for that piano lesson or the dance lesson? Does it give you enough time to pursue other things that also matter to you? Do not quit yet!

When I left my job, it almost led to a mass exodus from the company but I was always available as a second conscience to some of my colleagues to remind them of the things I am telling you now.

If the job gives you enough time to go for that baking class, why quit? If it is flexible enough to allow you to pursue that football career or sharpen your digital marketing skill, I ask again, why quit?

5. Does Right Now Make Sense?

This almost came hunting me. I gracefully glided my company through the scorch of COVID-19 heat before leaving. The business was not making so much profit at the time and so, it was easy to say that I couldn’t drive in so much revenue.

Now I left, the next in line is gradually reaping increased revenue and it is funny because it looks as if I never really did a good job.

Think about your case for a moment, does leaving now make sense? I left when I had to because it was the perfect time for me to launch my idea. I do not regret leaving when I left. After all, whenever I look back at how much I have achieved over time, I smile because I left at the right time.

Can you say the same? If you quit your job now, can you look back and give yourself a nod of approval?

I understand that there is never a perfect time for anything but if you are just feeling unhappy with your job or overly stressed, face it and find your happiness again.

If you do not have an idea or a plan for which now is the time, do not quit your job. The regret of quitting at the wrong time outweighs the regret of not quitting.

Things To Do Before Resigning From Your Job

Quitting a job is never the end of the road or the end of relationships and so there are a few things to do before resigning from your job.

  • Give Notice Before Time.

I got this wrong. It is bad to leave a firm without notice. When you give the firm a notice, you give them enough time to plan for your departure. It is a kind thing to do. Do not take this for granted as you may end up burning bridges.

When you start applying for a new job, you may need references and where else to get one?

  • Help In Transition

If the firm finds someone to replace you, be a darling and help walk him/her through the job. This would help create a warm relationship between all parties involved. It would not take you anything to make out time to teach your successor the ropes, nothing. Be a good sport and teach someone the ropes before leaving.

  • Your Next Paycheck

It would not be a bad idea to find out when you would receive your next paycheck. You worked for it and there is no telling if you would be eligible to file for unemployment (except for few cases). The company accountant should help you with this.

Quitting a job takes courage and a mind that is not given to fear of uncertainties.

I hope these few things listed are enough to make you reconsider quitting your job at least for a little longer so you can put things in place before resigning from your job.

Do you still need help with something? Or you have a reservation about something I said, hit me up in the comment session. I always reply.

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Nothing worse than continuing in a job that is both stressful and draining. But agree with you that you should weigh your options and choose the right time. Thanks for this thought provoking post.

Aditi Jain

Great read👍🏻👍🏻


I long for excitement and growth that’s why I think I wanted a new job but number is also one reason I am staying to my current job. All 5 items are on point!

Jenn Summers

This is something I see come up a lot in coaching. Sometimes people say they want to quit and go full time into their dream job. Unfortunately until that moment it has just been a dream. I really think it is a good idea to take action and see what happens, test the waters, give it a go and then see before leaving your full time job. You have some great tips in this post that really help someone make sure they are ready. Great post


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