Why Job Seekers are Turning to MBA Degree and Why You Should

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Many job seekers are turning to an MBA degree to stand in a better position to get a job; the pandemic has made so many people lose their or jobs or has even made so many jobs redundant.

So many job seekers are beginning to give careful thought to whether now is the best time to get the Master of Business Administration degree they have been dreaming of.

While the pandemic served to rid people of their basic finances and make others richer in the process, so many jobs have become redundant, making now a good time to decide what should top the list for people without jobs.

The Wall Street Journal stated that the share of MBA job seekers with six or more years of experience went from 17% in 2019 to 32% in 2020.

Would you be going for an MBA any time soon?

While we would talk about why job seekers are reaching out for an MBA degree, it would make absolute sense to state that just getting an MBA degree (no matter its numerous benefits) would not suffice for insufficient work experience nor would it guarantee your immediate success as an entrepreneur or business executive.

Now we have that out of the way, let us look into why more job seekers are turning to an MBA degree.

MBA degree helps boost job seekers confidence

An MBA Degree Helps Boost Your Self Esteem

The experience you get from an MBA cannot be compared to what you got from a regular degree.

There are immense opportunities to master self and grow in confidence and courage. When you master yourself, you would understand how workplace productivity and company culture relates and how best to help your employer grow their business.

An MBA degree helps you to stand taller and sound more confident during a conversation or a very important negotiation. A study by Academia shows that acquiring an MBA degree has a direct relationship with how well its holders’ self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth grew.

With an MBA degree, a job seeker would always go for a better job than she would have gone for if she didn’t have one. The MBA degree makes you less intimidated by “lofty” job positions as you are now more confident in yourself, confidence, and ability to deal with what comes with the job.

MBA degree helps develop management skills

Helps You Develop Better Management Skills

What helps you develop better management skills than learning in an environment that encourages the growth and development of business executives and professionals?

The curriculum of MBA classes is designed in a way that would help you develop better skills that help to grow and sustain a profitable business.

Studying for an MBA degree makes sure to push you out of your comfort zone and help you learn and explore the latest international business trends and industry best practices that help successful business professionals build teams and better manage collaborations.

Now is the best time (considering we are largely exiting the COVID-19 lockdown) for a job seeker to go for an MBA degree so that she can stand a better chance to both build and sustain a business or get a better paying job.

The management skill an MBA degree exposes you to might just be enough for you to understand the best marketing Key Performance Indicators for your business or be enough to help you kick start a startup.

Gives You Access to a Better Business Network

It is an interesting thing to be placed side by side with the best brains in your industry just so that you all can learn together.

Now, the intriguing thing is that not only is an MBA degree worth it, but it also creates an opportunity for both students and faculty to learn from each other since you all would bring life experience and wisdom into the classroom.

Think about an opportunity to meet people you never knew existed and who probably have the right words to move your career forward even without knowing it.

Business relationships are forged in an MBA degree classroom and better networks are built within that space.

If you have a bright idea, you may just run into a partner or a co-founder in an MBA setting.

MBA degree helps job seekers

An MBA Degree Makes it Easier for you to Switch Career Path

The journey of life is one we must take on with ease but great care. Sometimes, a certain career path no longer seems fitting.

Changing career paths is one of the most popular reasons why people reach out for an MBA degree.

As a job seeker, now is the best time for you to reassess your career and determine whether to stick with it or to make a shift for something entirely different or better.

If you are on the right career path, an MBA degree would offer you a great chance to advance to a better position (maybe managerial) at your workplace.

Otherwise, an MBA degree would be a great learning ground for the new path you would like to take.

Better Salaries plus Promotions for Job Seekers and Low-income Earners

A salary raise is always a piece of good news. Job seekers seeking a better salary when they get back into the workforce reach out for an MBA degree because it is a better route.

A low-income worker can get promoted at work and receive a pay raise when she is done with her MBA.

Opportunities are endless! Now, this is not to state that an MBA degree is the perfect solution to all your job or financial problems but it sure gives you better leverage in the workforce.

Final Thoughts

It always boils down to passion, courage, and the availability of money.

I was in deep consultation with a nurse who was torn between a job and furthering her academics so she can grow better and have an edge, genuine concerns were made about working to save up for school.

The reality of life is such that the more you save money, the more likely it is to lose it all without planning for it.

If you can juggle between an MBA degree and holding down a job that gives you the liberty of time, you should go for it.

If not, there are tons of recruitment agencies and online portals that can help pair you with the best jobs that suit your personality and skill.

Whichever makes more sense to you, straighten your shoulder, stand tall, and make a move.

In the end, it boils down to you.

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