7 Sure Latest Guest Posting Tricks To Get Your Article Published Fast

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Latest Guest Posting Tricks and Tips are tricks that has proven effective in recent times by helping people publish their guest posts more often than before.

So you are troubled that your guest posting requests are constantly turned down and you need a few fresh guest posting tips and tricks.

Or you are afraid to write your first guest post.

Guest posting or guest blogging is still a powerful tool that can help you grow your blog authority and traffic if you get it right from the beginning.

I get a lot of guest posting requests in my email and while I honor some of them, I trash over 90% of them.

I do not trash them because I have high standards that can’t be met but because there are a few things that they should have done before sending me a request email.

It is annoying to know that when some amateur bloggers think of guest posting or guest blogging, they only imagine link building.

While link building is one of the chief aims of guest posting, there is traffic generation, authority building, and relationship building.

In this article, I would be telling you some of the things I wish over 90% of the fresh bloggers who email me knew before sending me those emails.

I do write guest posts once in a while and when I do send out a mail, I record over 77% success rate.

I record that high rate because I apply these guest posting tips and tricks to help me get my articles published in no time, even if I have never sent them a mail before.

As we go through these 7 guest posting tricks, be sure to do your due diligence and practice or implement these tricks.

1.      Read Their Blog Post(s); Seriously

This is the first thing I look out for when I receive a mail inquiring about guest posting.

I find it interesting and almost compelled to oblige you above other persons when you mention that you have read one or more of my article (and of course, telling me what you picked from the said article).

If you do not read any article from the blog you have in mind, how are you going to know what article on their blog to link to?

It may not be a widespread practice for you to read through their blog but it would definitely give you an edge if you state that you have read a few of their articles and found value that connects with the article you are sending to them.

Don’t you think?

For instance, I sent a mail to a blogger requesting to send a guest post (one of the rules on his blog). In that mail, I stated that I found good value from three of his articles and would like to link to them in the article I am willing to send.

The result? Relationship built, a strong conversation held, guest post published under a week after sending.

2.     Follow Their “Write for Us” Guest Posting Guidelines

These guest posting rules are rules that should be followed to the latter.

Granted, they differ from blog to blog and from blog culture to blog culture but there are rules that are always clearly stated on blogs.

You should follow them to the latter.

Where the rule says you should write at least 1000 words, please do so. If the rule says you should send a topic first before an article, do so.

You may not agree completely but, guest posting on authority blogs is basically going to work better for you than it will work for the blog admin or owner.

Following their rules or guidelines strictly is one of the guest posting tricks that would help you stand a better chance with them.

guest posting tricks

3.     Write a Good-Enough Guest Post

How would you feel if you’d have to spend 4 more hours editing and rewriting a guest post that you find interesting enough to publish on your blog?

This is one of the guest posting tricks that people often overlook. Every blog has its writing style and tradition and so, I encourage you to study their writing style so you can incorporate the same into your article.

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My blog has a conversational style of writing and I have had to reject so many articles not because they are not good enough but, because of their writing style.

I had to master how to write in different patterns when I first started guest posting and it has helped me become a better blogger.

If your guest posts or articles are to be accepted and published, it has to align with the tradition of the blog you have in mind. If they use infographics, seek to incorporate the same in your article.

You must write an article you are proud of. You must write an article that you can publish on your blog if it gets rejected.

People would get to read your article when it gets published.

It makes you stand on good ground to either get a paid opportunity from another blog or a recognition that you least expected; such are the silent benefits of guest posting.

Please write articles that are good enough to be published on any other blog should it be rejected by the blog you have in mind.

Guest posting rejected reply

4.     Be Careful With Your Link Building

First, it is annoying and looks exploitative to see that your links are leading to the top of a landing page or sales funnel.

It is all shades of wrong!

If you are not asked to pay some money before your guest post or article gets published, do not point your links to the top of a sales funnel.

Social media and digital marketing companies are the chief culprits when it gets to shady link building practices.

In one of the articles I almost rejected, I reached out to the guest blogger to make the necessary link adjustments if the article must go live. So many bloggers do not have that luxury of time to tell you what is wrong with your article; this is one reason your articles are resting in someone’s trash can.

Be sensible enough to pay for such links if you have a budget for them but if you do not have a budget, please point your links to other pages that point to your landing pages or sales funnels.

Another thing you should bear in mind is the actual link building.

I feel bad (maybe my feelings get fragile a bit sometimes) when I see that the first link on a guest post is your link, it doesn’t look nice.

If you did your due diligence, you would figure out how to tailor your article to link to one of my articles first before linking to your blog.

I have had this discussion with some of my blogger friends and they all seem to agree that it looks exploitative.

Send a link to your page but link internally to the blog first.

5.      Be Careful With Your Guest Posting Email Subject Line

This is a rather short guest blogging tip that you should always have in mind when sending out a guest posting email.

Some blogs would tell you the exact content of your email subject line while others don’t.

If they don’t, please write a subject line that is interesting or attractive enough to make me want to open your email.

guest posting tips

6.     To Send Guest Posting Email, Bring Your Home Training

Everyone appreciates a little home training once in a while.

We have our challenges as bloggers and when you hit our inboxes, please show some courtesy with your first few lines.

All the guest posting emails I sent out last year that I (genuinely) asked about how they were dealing with the Corona Virus and the lockdown got replies!

You should do the same.

Ask how they are coping with the pandemic, be kind enough to wish them well if a season is fast coming.

However, do not pry into their private lives with your first few lines, it is a turn-off.

Bring your home training, you’ll need it.

guest posting email

7.     Be Patient

Some authority blogs receive tens, if not hundreds of guest posting emails per day.

It is a huge task to read and sort through such emails and that is why some of them dedicate an email address to guest posting alone.

Be patient with them.

Some would tell you that if they don’t get back to you within a specified time frame, it means that your article has been flagged down.

When that is the case, be patient until the said time elapses.

Be patient. When it finally gets published, you would find out that it was worth the wait.

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Pro Tip:


If your article is rejected and you really want to guest post on that blog, send another article. Keep at it until you get what you want.

If you know someone who has published an article on the blog before now, ask them how they did it and learn from them or ask for recommendations where necessary.

Recommendations go a long way to present you as a trustworthy blogger.


Guest posting is one of the fastest ways to continuously increase your blog traffic or increase your blog authority.

Guest posting is still one of the most relevant ways to build blog links and relationships.

You should consider sending out at least 2 guest posts each month but you must follow these latest guest posting tricks as listed in this article so that you would have a better chance at having your articles published fast.

Have you published a guest post before? What other trick do you know? People are willing to learn from you in the comment section. Please drop a comment.

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great tips for sure


I plan on doing more guest posting this year so this was very helpful . Thank you for being so detailed and honest.

Heather Ritchie

I love that you mentioned persisting because just like HARO submissions, you’re not going to get every guest post you pitch to someone. Great article!

Aditi Jain

This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.


I’ve been wanting to do more guest posts this year, so this came at the perfect time! TYSM!

I have never published guest posts before, but I read what other people say about it, especially those with more experience. You offer a lot of advice in your article, so I’m saving it for when I’ll be ready to publish outside my blog!

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