8 Powerful LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies for SaaS Company

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Powerful LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies for Your SaaS Company

Here are some of the most powerful LinkedIn b2b marketing strategies that SaaS Companies have started using to grow their businesses.

LinkedIn as a social media platform offers you the liberty to employ some powerful b2b marketing strategies for your budding SaaS Company.

These days, you find almost every b2b company who is interested in employing some marketing strategies on social media creating and building their brand presence on LinkedIn and that is not happening by chance.

LinkedIn as a social media company has carved out a niche for themselves out of the general population of social media users to be the most renowned social media outlet for industry professionals, businesses, and business executives.

Your business would do well on LinkedIn for sure, but that would be if you do the right things or employ the best b2b marketing strategies that are guaranteed to push your SaaS Company up the ladder.

Can LinkedIn Help my SaaS Company Marketing?

As a social network, it has a huge potential to help you grow your business from ground zero to the apex.

Yes! The answer is a resounding “yes” because LinkedIn for Business would help you build credibility, aid you in creating a meaningful network of professionals, and position you rightly to learn from people and their expertise.

The relevance of LinkedIn to companies like SaaS establishments who look to function in the b2b ecosystem cannot be overemphasized especially with top social media strategies constantly saving the day post-Covid.

Since other companies on LinkedIn would be needing your amazing services, it is now important that we look at those powerful b2b marketing strategies that would help take you off the ground or push you up the ladder fast.

Assuredly, there are tons of information you can find online about this topic but having helped a few companies build their brands on LinkedIn and also studying the best strategies employed by the brands crushing it on LinkedIn, these marketing strategies are sure to work for your new SaaS Company.

1.     Streamline Your Audience

The first most important thing to do when starting up a business of whatever nature is to figure out who your customer is.

It makes no sense to have a great offer and channel it to the wrong crowd, it makes no sense to have an amazing product like yours and not know who exactly the product is for, what problem it would be solving for them, and how best it would be solving those problems.

LinkedIn is not left out!

If you must bring your SaaS Company to the internet to grow it fast, then you should do your due diligence and find out who the customer is, what problem it would solve for them, and how it would solve the said problem.

For instance, if you intend to help your customers solve the challenges of online b2b order management they face daily with your software, then you should streamline your audience to clients who manage their b2b order online.

Say, you decide to focus on the fitness industry, then your ideal client may be a fitness firm that has a huge challenge with managing their large customer data with a clear focus on gym subscription management.

However you choose to define your customer, it is of great importance for you to make it as clear as possible.

That way, your attention would be focused more on the LinkedIn account of fitness companies with a large user base.

If your product or service is good enough and you have an amazing offer, you’d be putting your competitor out of business soon. Such is the brutality of the business ecosystem for SaaS Companies!

2.     Turn Your LinkedIn Page into a B2b Marketing Tool

Bringing your SaaS Company online would mean that you have to create a LinkedIn business page for it.

Before we proceed to turn your page into a lead generation machine, let us figure out how best to create a LinkedIn page.

How to Create a LinkedIn Page?

Click on the LinkedIn Create Page Link and scroll way down to see the button for page creation.

Clicking on the CREATE YOUR PAGE button would open the page as shown below where you would be prompted to select what kind of page you want to create.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies

There are four different types of page you can create which is suited to all kinds of organizations, but considering you are a business and maybe less than 200 employees, you should click on “SMALL BUSINESS” to proceed.

Marketing Strategies for SaaS Company

Set up your page identity details, company details, and profile details (plus verification) to proceed.

how to create linkedin page

Now that your page is created, you should go ahead to finish up the remaining page details.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies for Your SaaS Company Linkedin page 2021

Turning Your LinkedIn Page Into a Lead Generation Tool

Moving on!

Properly setting up your LinkedIn page for lead generation is one of the best ways to manage your online reputation.

Setting up your LinkedIn for Business page is not just all there is. You should also turn it into a lead generation machine. This is because your company page is the gateway for LinkedIn leads to pour in.

The best conversion point should be a click-through to your company website. Therefore you should put it in your page description and in your recent updates.

Pay close attention to your logo and your cover image. The designs should be structured in a way that would interest people to stop by or intrigue them to find out what your business is about.

You can use Canva to get this done by yourself or employ a seasoned graphic designer or brand specialist if your company does not already have one.

You are at liberty to advertise any of your popular products or lead magnets on the cover image. It is yours. Deal with it how you see fit but do not take attention away from what matters most.

Your “Company Description” is a very important place where you should pitch your SaaS Company to prospective clients that visit your page.

The image below shows what Microsoft did with theirs. Maybe you would learn a thing or two!

Microsoft LinkedIn Page

It works best for you to employ the services of a seasoned copywriter to write an optimized company description for you in a way that would tell your story and ignite the emotions of your leads towards doing business with your SaaS Company.

The most important part of your company description is your first two lines because that is the part the reader can see without clicking on “see more”.

Pro tip: Make those first two lines customer-focused. Research shows that customers are inclined to engage more with you when you focus more on helping them solve their problems. Use that!

Build relationship often

3.     Publish Valuable Contents Regularly

One of the most expressive rules of inbound marketing is consistent value creation.

If you must create content for your SaaS Company on LinkedIn, then you must share consistent value.

Regularly plug into the challenges your proposed customers have. So many companies have challenges that your SaaS Company can solve with its products or services but would not ordinarily reach out to you until they see that you have the solutions they are looking for.

How would they know if you don’t share values that point to those problems?

Here is another angle to it: some b2b companies have a challenge but do not know that those challenges even exist. They know they have challenges in business but have not figured it out just yet.

Optimized content marketing on LinkedIn is one of the best b2b lead generation strategies you can employ to get the best results for your SaaS Company.

With the valuable content you publish regularly, you would be sure to hit on those problems they have and have been wondering what caused them.

Would you rather publish just about any content or would you strategically position yourself as a solution provider through the valuable content you publish?

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4.     Use Media Often: B2B LinkedIn Marketing Trick

Most recently, multimedia has proven to be one of the most successful additions to content creation and marketing.

You should share pictures and videos often.

What kind of pictures or videos?

Behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, images of satisfied clients who use your products, events, and retreat images where your products and/or services are widely used and recommended.

The trick is in giving people something to hold on to. I would buy it if I know people are buying it. I would use it if I know the users are happy and satisfied.

Use that as well!

Publish Valuable LinkedIn Contents Regularly

5.     Build Relationships and Engage More

Nothing beats relationships and engagements when it comes to generating b2b leads for your SaaS Company on LinkedIn.

You should consider this as one of the most powerful marketing strategies in this list because it deals with your actual conversation and engagement with the leads when they come in.

This is where you put all the best lead nurturing strategies you have learned over time to good use. You do not always have to bombard people with explosive information.

It is social media and you should make out some time to engage with people and build relationships that would increase your sales.

Most times, when clients send a message, it is best to be polite in your response either in your inbox or the comment section of any of your updates. That way, you gain so much authority to nurture leads down the sales funnel and even turn them into raving fans.

6.     LinkedIn B2b Marketing Strategies: Join or Create a Group If Necessary

Now, let’s talk a little about you reaching out for leads!

When you know who your ideal customer is, it is best to reach out to them.

You should join LinkedIn groups that fit your client’s interest and participate actively in them.

Since LinkedIn ranks groups by their level of participation or activity, you should join active groups so that you can build meaningful relationships with people and as you answer their questions, you would gradually become an authority in the group.

Having your group is another step to creating an authoritative image for you and your SaaS Company. When and if necessary, you should create a group and attract your audience to it.

Just like any other social media that allows influencers to build groups, a group provides you an opportunity to strategically market your SaaS to a warm audience.

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7.     Try LinkedIn Advertising to Grow Your SaaS Company

Digital marketing has changed the way we do business!

Digital marketing has restructured the advertising ecosystem of every business niche. Social media marketing is not left out as it generates huge revenue for social media companies per year.

LinkedIn Advertising has become one of the best b2b marketing strategies any SaaS Company can employ to get huge returns on Ad Spend.

You should try LinkedIn advertising!

With LinkedIn Ads, you can generate leads, drive traffic to your budding SaaS Company’s website, and foster strong brand awareness.

8.     Another of The LinkedIn B2b Marketing Strategies is to ask for Referrals and Testimonials

Referrals still work!

Ask for referrals or testimonials from your existing clients who are happy with your company.

The misconception that you look needy when you request referrals or testimonials is wrong. Surprisingly, I have gotten a 93% success rate in total for all the times I have asked for either a referral or a testimonial.

A referral or a testimonial is a huge way to spread your popularity to places you do not know and this always comes without a cost.


Without the right product channeled to the right audience, your SaaS Company would find it difficult to take off and hit the home run.

Using LinkedIn as a Launchpad for your SaaS Company is a great idea but if you do not employ the top LinkedIn marketing strategies for your business if you intend to focus on b2b marketing, you would be playing a blind game and leaving a lot of money on the table.

It should take you some time to get to grips with if you do not know your way around LinkedIn but with this article, you are sure to find helpful tips that would take you off to a great start.

Asking for referrals or testimonials is a great way to build social trust and when you combine it with consistent value sharing and media, your audience would easily be drawn to you.

Have you tried growing a SaaS Company on LinkedIn before?

What are some other strategies you used to get great results?

Be sure to leave a comment and share it with those among your network that need this. Help them grow!

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