6 Latest Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business Better

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Latest Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business Better

Identifying the right marketing hacks to grow your business can be the difference between the success and failure of your business.

To start a business, you’d need to have a really good idea that embodies the solution to the challenges people have but what good would your solution do if you do not know just how to get them to the faces of people who need them the most?

As we go on, we’d take a different look at a few but effective marketing tips or hacks (if you will) to better grow your business and hit those goals you set out to achieve at the turn of the year.

To a large extent, the great Return on Investments (RoI) that underline the huge success businesses record per quarter or year has its roots in effective marketing and strategic brand positioning.

Without a great and effective marketing strategy, business growth will largely dwindle.

Let us take a deep look into some of the latest marketing hacks that guarantee better growth for businesses who dare to take a second look at their RoI with an intention to either adjust marketing efforts to become productive or scale an already productive efforts to yield even more success.

1. Social Media Needs new Approach

Everyone is on social media these days, including your customers. In fact, this is where they reside. Have you heard the saying – “social media never sleeps”?

It really doesn’t! It has presented a series of marketing hacks that business owners use in this decade to grow their businesses with little investment.

Businesses have joined as well.

The biggest mistake I have seen businesses and brands make when using social media in spreading their messages on platforms where their target audience does not reside.

According to khoros, 42.5% of the world’s population which amounts to about 3.2 billion people use social media with Facebook and Instagram grossing a little over 51% of its users as female.

Pinterest has a 70% female user concentration. Twitter shares its user base equally with both gender averaging 50% while LinkedIn looks predominantly masculine with an average score of 57% male.

The chart below shows a clearer recommendation of the best social media platforms businesses can utilize to get optimal results.

social media statistics for marketing- a hack

There is a place for your business with social media but to get the most out of it, you should consider taking your content to the best place where your target audience is gathering.

This increases your focus and reduces your total expenditure.

2. Approach SEO Better

So much fuss about Search Engine Optimization!

Without properly optimizing your business website or online footprint for search engines, it would be very difficult for people to find you online.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to assume that without doing anything more than churning out content, people would find them and purchase their products or subscribe to their services.

Google favors deep and resourceful content better than shallow content.

As you maintain an online presence for your business to increase your profit, try a better approach to search engine optimization.

Instead of pushing content out to build backlinks, focus more on producing content that people would love, share, and link back to.

The magic this does is that it projects you as an authority in your field with little or no stress.

Who wouldn’t want that?

3. Blogging is Getting Even Stronger

So many companies have taken to blogging. This is a strategic move to gain more inbound customers as they look to increase their bottom-line through effective content marketing.

The essence of effective content marketing is to share relevant written, or visual content in a bid to grow a community of targeted audience that would learn about their brand, products, and services.

Blogging provides companies and businesses an alternative way to grow their brands with storytelling while strategically “wooing’ their audience to buy into their products and/or services through effective sales-based content.

With companies spending up to 76% of their budget on content creation (Hobspot 2017), search engines have become the number one traffic source for blogs in every industry.

They utilize blogging by incorporating blogs into their official websites or building one from scratch.

Have you not considered adding blogging to your marketing strategy? The shocking revelation is that not many businesses understand the power of blogging in driving steady traffic and sales.

With blogging, you have the liberty of employing search engines as your number one salesperson. Since people often search for personalized content like “Massage therapists near me”, you’d be positioned to show up in their search results if you have content that targets such keywords or search terms.

marketing hacks to grow business- traffic analysis

A quick look at relevant statistics from Udemy shows that of the 93.6 million visits to their website, search engine brings in over 21% (which is the second-highest source of their traffic) of their website visitors.

You should strongly consider blogging as a new approach to business growth.

To do this, it pays to consider what kind of business you are doing and what niche it operates from.

Once those two are fixed, your next most reasonable step would be to take a blogging course to learn what to do and how to do them fast and easy.

Alternatively, you could get an expert to set it up for you at an affordable price while you work on it to use it and draw attention to your business locally or even from an international audience.

With a blog, you’d attract more FREE customers that come to your website or landing page through Google’s organic traffic structure.

4. Video Marketing is Getting Better.

If you want to convert your target audience fast, video marketing is your best bet.

A Wyzowl report in 2020 stated that about 84% of customers said that they were convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

The interesting thing about video marketing is that to begin, you do not need a huge budget.

The highly sophisticated nature of recent mobile phones now makes it easy to take and edit video clips that look professional.

You could use YouTube or any social media platform to share your message. Customers relate more with behind-the-scene videos or even explanatory videos that show the benefits of products and how to use them.

Do not be one of those businesses that put out videos only for advert purposes.

Go a step further to create video contents that are engaging and fun-filled. This way, customers will feel at ease with you and subconsciously wait to buy from you.

marketing hacks to grow business- Lead-Magnet-Ideas

5. Build a Targeted Lead Magnet

Your business is expected to thrive on how many leads or potential customers are converted into paying customers.

This is a tradition in the business ecosystem. Businesses are sustained by customers who pay for their services.

It is important to create a targeted lead magnet to attract a cold audience as you attempt to build a database of customers.

Lead magnets are an effective way for companies or brands to collect relevant customer data.

The hack is in creating a targeted lead magnet that solves the problem of your targeted audience.

People visit websites or reach out to businesses because they have unique problems that need solutions.

Be the solution provider who would exchange their worry with peace through the strategic help you are giving them.

To collect their details (which is always very important), the lead magnets you share must be relevant and attractive and in the form of e-books, free subscriptions or memberships, bonus sales, etc.

No matter how helpful your lead magnets are, they become useless when they are not targeted at the right audience.

Download this FREE Customer Avatar Template to help you clearly state who your ideal customer is and how best to approach them for maximum result.

[convertkit form=1834692]

6. Email Marketing is Still Relevant.

Email marketing is by a large margin, one of the most effective ways a business can connect with an audience and build a relationship with them.

The number of email users is expected to grow to a little over 4.4 billion users by 2024.

As more and more people continue to use emails as their major channel of “serious” communication, email marketing continues to be on the rise.

According to Campaign Monitor, about 25% of people who open emails on mobile devices will open it again. This means that any email you send has a chance of the receiver opening it again.

This is where a great email copy is employed.

The sole aim of an email marketing campaign is not to entertain but to build a “friendly” community and sell to the community and therefore, you should take care to write an email copy that intrigues the reader enough to not just read to the end but to perform a certain desired action.

Some of those expected actions could be to click a link to purchase a product or subscribe to a service.

Whatever it is for you, your email should be written convincingly enough to show the reader how much you care about their person as much as you care about making sales.

Email Marketing is still very much relevant and would continue so since it generates the highest RoI when compared to other channels of marketing.

marketing hacks to grow business

Bonus Tip: Leverage Influencer Marketing Better

You see, with the advent of influencers and how much sales they have brought in for companies, it has become easy to assume that once an influencer is employed for a brand, profits start rolling in.

That assertion is hardly true!

Just like every other hack mentioned above, a strategic approach is needed if influencers are to work for your business or service in 2021 and beyond.

It is wrong, no matter how popular an influencer is, to assume that their profile fits into any product, brand, or even service.

Influencers thrive and live on the strength of their followership and followers are niche-defined.

The fact that 17% of companies spend more than half of their marketing budget on influencers and 89% of those companies saying that the RoI of influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other channels could be misleading.

Here is where strategy should come into play for you: if you must use influencers going forward (which is advised), it would make perfect sense to use an influencer whose audience would embrace what product or service you are offering.

How effective would it be if Michael Jordan promotes a McDonald’s Sausage Buritto? Wouldn’t it be more effective if he promoted sportswear?

What kind of business do you run? What influencers are there whose audience can identify with the product you intend to promote? Use that!

marketing hacks to grow business

While at it, you should choose the best channels for influencer marketing.

According to relevant statistics, Instagram has grown to become the most impactful channel for influencer marketing.

With an expected 117.2 million American users expected in 2021, Instagram has maintained the lead in influencer marketing due to its ease in content creation.

If you intend to use longer video content, YouTube is another channel of great credence to reach out to.

“Strategy” is the word. Clearly define what results you expect to receive at the end of the campaign and what other key performance indicators would indicate success.

With these well-defined, reach out to an influencer (within a reasonable budget) whose life and brand agrees with your company values and whose audience would accept the product you intend to promote through them.

Don’t sell ice to an Eskimo!


Growing businesses are becoming increasingly easy. 2021 is a great year to try out new ideas that are already working but with a better-refined approach.

These marketing hacks to grow business as discussed are a sure way to grow and expand your business even as businesses are picking up again post-COVID.

Customer behaviors are ever-changing but would not go any step far away from the hacks we have looked at in this article.

As buyer behaviors consistently change, it is your duty as a business executive or personnel to study those behavioral changes and adjust accordingly.

Has this article been of great help?

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Very helpful suggestions. Thanks for sharing information!

Donna Merrill

Hi Noble,
Great points you have listed here. My favorite is still email marketing. Once someone signs up to my email list, I can engage with them. Eventually, after sending them good information, they will be curious to opt into my business. I would have to say a good ten percent have done it. And that’s a lot because I do have a loyal following.


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