Top 6 Most Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start With $100 Or Less.

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Top 6 Most Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start With $100 Or Less Now

Do you have a lean budget? Are you looking for Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start With $100 Or Even Less?

Do you ever dream of starting your own business and living the dream life of a business owner? You can start a business under 100 dollars. It is not rocket science.

As we embrace borderlessness, there is a rising need to start profitable online businesses on a low budget. Online businesses have risen to be the lifesaver for low-income earners or people who seek to increase their income by investing $100 or less.

There is a limitless number of legal businesses you can do on the internet that would guarantee a huge profit line if done very well but before we dive in, you must know that starting and growing a business requires more than just starting or having a skill you can bank on.

1. Graphic Design

The truth is that there are many people already offering this as a service (especially people into product branding) and so, it becomes tempting to say that this niche is over-saturated but that is not entirely true.

Graphic Design is one of the most profitable online businesses that has taken every industry by storm!

So many businesses are coming up daily that needs the service of a fresh-minded, broad viewed graphic designer, and freelancers cannot cut the chase.

Top 6 Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start Now
Top 6 Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start Now

Running this as a business is the difference! To do Graphic Design as a business, you need the skill plus a good business acumen to create products out of the service, this guarantees that you make money while designing daily and also sell your products like video courses or eBooks on the side even while you sleep.

Teaching how to be profitable with the skill is yet another untapped area as people are tired of just designing for $5 per design. You can even start a profitable printing press business. If you learn ways to be profitable in it, you can teach those ways and make more profit as a business by selling coaching services or Graphic Design video courses

2. Social Media Management

Businesses and business executives have become too busy that they do not have enough time to manage their social media pages. You can start by managing a social media account for someone at NO COST TO YOU and make money from it.

The average salary for a social media manager is $50,000 a year. As your business grows, you can make a business from it by employing business models that would guarantee a steady flow of money from it.

You can employ other page managers to work under you as you pay them. There is a different thing entirely to building a business out of skill and if you want to be successful, you should start acting as and seeing yourself as a business owner and not just a person with skill. That way, your mind is conditioned to build a business out of it.

3. Affiliate Marketing

People overthink affiliate marketing a lot. If you have about a $100 bill, you can start selling someone’s products and earn a commission from every sale. That is simply affiliate marketing!

What products are you interested in using? What products changed your life or that of someone you know? Sell them and gain commissions.

It is very important to sell products you are convinced about because that way, you convince someone from the angle of a knowledgeable person; people can sense fear and doubt miles away, and besides, how can you sell what you are not convinced about its effectiveness?

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It doesn’t just have to be physical products you can mail to people.

There are online products or resources like recommending Domain Names (I prefer to use Namecheap for obvious reasons), website themes for bloggers or website designers, or even a hosting plan.

There are even people who give out their digital products for people to earn by recommending them. Your job is to figure out the one that works for you.

You can start by sending out emails or building a one-paged landing page where you can give adequate information about the product you are selling as you drive traffic to it.

PLRAssasin is a great place to re-brand and re-sell products online. PLRAssasin is a tricky resource because you are not the person who develops the products from scratch but it is highly profitable because all you need is to buy, re-brand and re-sell products at your own price.

4. Dropshipping

Do you have something to sell? Do you like to sell it? Have you been selling? You can totally do that on the internet with little money. The little money you push into advert and logistics can be gotten back with great returns if you do it right.

Building a business from selling anything on the internet is easy. All you need is a product to sell, a sales page (crafted with the persuasive copywriting skill), and a channel to receive money, and boom! Sales!

Do you know how to choose a perfect dropshipping niche? it is quite easy. There are several ways to choose products to sell but be careful to choose a product that would “move the market”.

NicheScrapper can help you to choose a good product to drop-ship. Nichescraper is a great tool that helps you find the right dropshipping product and can help you “spy” on market-moving products to sell.

5. Copywriting

Do you enjoy writing? Do you write persuasively and influence people into taking action? This is totally you! Copywriting is an intriguing writing niche you can start with no money and earn $1000 or more if you master the skill and have exclusive clients.

The average annual salary of copywriters in America is $47,000 and you can plug right into this from your comfort and make big bucks while traveling to BlackBerry Farm in Tennessee for a cool weekend!

Copywriting is a skill for the present and future as people are always looking for ways to sell products or services and positioning yourself as someone who can help drive in sales through written words would make you your dream life.

This is not rocket science, you should learn to Copywrite as you can apply it in any area of sales, even in affiliate marketing!

6. Blogging

Blogging is not dead! It is never going anywhere, ever! Why? People would always need help and would always run to the internet to get genuine answers from people who have been in their shoes so they can learn how they too, can solve their problem.

Profitable Online Businesses
Profitable Online Businesses

Blogging allows you to control how much work you do and how much money you make IF YOU START IT RIGHT AND DO IT RIGHT. You can start blogging on a low budget with as low as $35 to $65.

A domain name from NameCheap is about $9.06. SiteGround is a very nice place to host your blog for about $3.95 to $11.95 per month, depending on the plan you choose. Overthinking this is where a lot of people get it wrong. If you can whip up a theme, fine. If not, you can buy a theme from CSSIgniter that gives you up to 30% off of the normal price.

All you need to blog is just a computer, writing skill, and an internet connection. As you grow, you too can make money blogging so you can have a dream holiday at The Bahamas. I kind of like holidays!


Making money online is relatively easy but building a business out of it is what you should target and not just some random trickles of dollar bills. It is not just about making money, it is about building a business while doing what you really love and find easy doing.

Whichever Online business you decide to do with your $100 dollar bill, o it like one who is employing skill to build a life and not one who is using skills or knowledge to make a few bucks.

[This page contains affiliate links. I make little bucks if you buy any product through any link. That is how I maintain this little old blog]

Did you find this informative? Which of them would you want to start? Do you know another online business so profitable and so easy to start? I’d like to hear from you.

Please leave a comment, I always reply.

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