7 Most Important Outdoor Advertising Tips For Businesses

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outdoor advertising tips

There are several outdoor advertising tips you can find for businesses but most of them hardly a deep to understand the business and its peculiarities before offering their outdoor advertising tips.

Is outdoor advertising dead? You wish! Check around you, there are outdoor advertising tips pointing you to the amount of profits businesses are raking in with outdoor advertising.

Have you thought for a moment, why big and small companies alike scramble for advertising slots at the venue of all kinds of outdoor events?

Haven’t you had the opportunity to sit on a train and have a nicely crafted advertising piece compel you to make that call or visit that website?

According to Statista, outdoor advertising in the U.S grew by roughly 5% in 2019. This figure is expected to progressively increase in the coming years.

On a global scale, outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising recently accounted for roughly 6.15 percent of all advertising expenditures.

So, let us define Outdoor Advertising. Shall we?

Outdoor advertising is any form of advertising done outdoor to promote or publicize a business, product, service, or event.

Outdoor advertising works best while promoting a product or service in specific geographical locations.

If you intend to use outdoor or out-of-home advertising to promote anything, great care must be given to the advert concerning your area of focus.

For instance, if you intend to effectively promote your local sushi shop through outdoor advertising, its success begins with your location and business culture of your location.

Now you know what outdoor advertising is and a few of the most effective types, let us look at the useful and important outdoor advertising tips you should keep in mind while considering outdoor advertising for your business, product or event.

These outdoor advertising tips are not listed in any chronological order or order of importance as they are all equally as important.

1. Consider Your Outdoor Advertising Objective

Your objective is the bedrock of your advertising success.

What do you want to achieve with the advert? Get more calls, get traffic to your website? More walk-in customers? Get more orders?

What do you want to achieve with the advert campaign?

This is the one thing that sets the tone for every other component of your campaign. When you clearly define what you desire from your outdoor adverts, measuring success becomes easier.

outdoor advertising tips you should know

2. Your Outdoor Advertising Location Matters

We know by now, that outdoor adverts have their bearing on the geographical location of your business.

Keep your location in mind while crafting your adverts.

Outdoor adverts perform better in areas of high foot traffic.

Consider putting up your adverts in an area where there are plenty of people who would see it daily as long as it is active and out there.

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There are areas where the local authority would remove your adverts if it is viewed as posing a kind of hazard or another. There are other areas where a certain kind of advert has been discontinued.

Seek to be abreast with the latest happenings in your local community.

out of home advertising

3. Spark a Conversation With Your Adverts

A little suspense, craziness, and creativity would not hurt anyone.

In fact, disruptive adverts seem to spark a conversation between people. Seek to integrate that in your ad design or copy.

There are no clear-cut rules as to what you should do with your creativity and so, you should always put out adverts that would give people something to talk about – something that would portray your business in good light or create a hunger for your product.

Spark a great conversation and you would trend!

types of advertising

4. Keep It Simple, Clean and Attractive

This is for your creative team as well. There is no need to make your designs all clumsy and unattractive. The one thing that would make people to even notice your adverts is the design.

Let your contact details be as clear and as bold as possible. Use empty spaces creatively and churn out a great design that would retain someone’s attention for a few more seconds.

most important outdoor advertising tips
most important outdoor advertising tips

5. Analyze Your Competition’s Strategies

You are probably not the only one in your kind of business. One big mistake people do is to assume they are the only ones advertising a product or service. Don’t be like that.

Take your time to study your competition and what their adverts look like. There has to be a loophole you can exploit in your advertisement.

Your competition is a great help to you in business if you approach it as a professional business person without bad blood. There is so much you can learn from your competition, especially in their adverts.

Chances are, anything about their adverts that doesn’t speak to you would not speak to another person.

Exploit that and close the gap in yours!

6. Definite Your Call-to-action

Just like we agreed previously that you would decide on what you want from the advert, it is time to help the customer understand.

A call-to-action tells your clients what to do. If you want them to call, tell them to call. If you want them to visit a website for more details on your business or you simply have this new sushi flavor you want them to try out, tell them!

Research has shown that if you do not creatively tell your audience what to do, they end up doing nothing. Tell them what to do.

Outdoor Advertising Tips For Businesses
Outdoor Advertising Tips For Businesses

7. Speak Directly To Your Audience

You have an audience. Your advert is speaking to a certain group of persons. Speak their language.

A millennial has nothing to do with Kenny Rogers and an oldie has nothing to do with ASAP Rocky.

Who you are targeting is the highpoint after your Call-to-action. Let your advert find a way to buy into the culture of your target audience, this is one sure way to hold them to ransom.

Let us take a moment and look at other important details in out-of-home or outdoor advertising.

Why Advertise Your Business In The First Place?

Every small business is set up for profit. The only way a business stays open is by making enough return on their investments into their business; this alone is why you should advertise your business.

Do you choose outdoor advertising? Most definitely!

You see, in these times that we all have our lives buried into our mobile phones and other electronic devices, out-of-home advertising still holds sway in driving traffic to your business and thus increase your profit.

Is It Outdoor Advertising Effective?

The average American spends 7 hours or more outside for business, work, or other functions (which is about the third portion of your day since you spend the other half sleeping).

While outside, we are flooded by so many businesses and visual noise but we also manage to walk into a shop that has somehow written their names in our subconscious minds to make a purchase.

Such is the power of outdoor advertising!

No form of advertising has the ability to take our attention almost at an instant more than outdoor advertising.

Here is how it works: you see a beautiful piece of graphic design, it attracts you (beauty is always attractive), you consume the content and it is written all over your mind.

The highly effective nature of outdoor advertising is the reason all forms of businesses are vying for advertising spots in the Super Bowl venues. There is no reason why your business would not gain the desired attention with an out-of-home advert.

Types Of Outdoor Advertising

The most popular type of outdoor advertising is Billboard Advertising. While billboards seem to be topping the chart, flyers, bus benches, transit advertising and other forms of outdoor advertising are raking in the desired results as well.

Here are a few types of outdoor advertising

  • Billboard Advertising

You already know! Over 95% of the UK population will see at least one billboard advert in a day.

Billboards command high viewing levels in urban areas and this is just about enough for you to consider billboard advertising. The most effective are those in areas of high traffic where there is a very high possibility for people to see your adverts and have it written inside their subconscious.

Nothing works better than what has found its way into the minds of people; it works as an addiction (a good one of course!)

  • Shopping Mall Advertising           

This is one of the most influential. Adverts in a shopping mall play a very huge role in shaping a buyer’s intent.

Study shows that people end to tailor their shopping needs to that of adverts they see 30-45 minutes before purchase. Where better to put your adverts if not in a shopping mall where people are already willing to buy some stuff?

  • Transit Advertising

The advertisements you see at the train stations, on the train and even on buses are forms of advertising. This is a very effective way of sending your message to prospective customers who spend most of their time en route somewhere.

bus bench advertising
bus bench advertising
  • Bus Bench Advertising

Remember when you took buses? A lot of people still do. You should try it sometime.

The fun people have while sitting in busses and looking through the window as the bus waltz through the road as cool breeze speaks to you is unparalleled.

The bus benches! As people wait for buses, they get to sit down and if you have a nicely crafted advert strategically placed on that bus bench, you have a huge shot at someone collecting your business details to call in later.

Bus bench advertising works well for events, release announcements, and business nearby. Bus benches are available in Los Angeles, Nashville, and a host of other places where buses are in use.

  • Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising is the method of advertising on a vehicle. Those adverts you see on vehicles and the roof or taxes are very effective. Have you imagined how many people see those vehicles in a day?

Successful Examples

Below is a list of some of the most successful outdoor advertising campaigns:

  1. Who is America?
  2. Reebok ZPump 2.0
  3. Coca-cola: The Sign
  4. Air-Ink
  5. McDonald’s “McDrive”
  6. Renovated with OBI
  7. Formula Toothcare

What these outdoor adverts campaigns have in common is their disruptive approach to advertising.

In your quest to drive in more profit, you have to take great care not to increase your expenditure in fruitless advertising. If you must do any form of advert, be careful enough to consider the few things we have listed in this article.

Your ticket to wealth and stock market listing is your customer base. You must gainfully increase your client base if you really want to grow and remain in business.

I’d like to hear your own outdoor advertising tips. Do tell me what you think in the comment section that is the only way I know you came around.

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