Top 9 Uncommon Remote Working Productivity hacks for Bloggers

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Uncommon Remote Working Productivity hacks for Bloggers

As a premium blogger, I love talking about remote working productivity hacks for bloggers like me. Blogging has become one of the best outlets for me.

The funny thing about writing articles is that while it stresses you out, it can sometimes be an outlet or an avenue to take your mind off things that would want to give you a negative vibe.

Now, what attracted me to blogging outside the money-making opportunity it presents is the ability to work remotely. It is amazingly intriguing to know that I can work from anywhere in the world.

While it serves to promise such liberty and an avenue for wealth building, it can sometimes become a little too much.

I have often noticed that home becomes so chocking for me when I work for long hours.

Sometimes, I feel blank in my head that I start looking for a way out of my head.

In a quest to save me from myself, I studied a few remote work productivity hacks that bloggers can plug into and also discovered a few for myself.

This article outlines all the tips and productivity hacks that help me live the “laptop lifestyle” bloggers and other content creators are confined to.

A few of them would definitely be things you know already but you would be sure to see new tips that I am sharing with a different perspective.

Let us deconstruct my blogging remote work productivity hack!

avoid Multi tasking

1.      Stop Attempting To Multi-Task

This is the reason why I never get anything done!

I do too much!

I find it crazy that I always unconsciously try to do so many things at the same time. Do you feel the same way too?

Sometimes, I write articles while cooking stew (oh, I know a bit about kitchen routine) or listening to a radio show.

I thought this was helping until I did a personal productivity audit. The result of my audit showed me that I was 37% less effective.

A whole 37%!

If you want to reach your daily blogging goals, try as hard as you can to never do too many things at the same time.

I have discovered that the days I set out to do one thing at a time, I achieve all I set out to do with a few hours to spare.

You should do the same.

If you ever fall into the temptation of wanting to do something else while writing an article or working on your blog, never yield.

Say to the god of distraction: “not today!”

2.     Define Work Space and Home Space

This has a way of hooking up our minds.

If you must work effectively from a remote place or in this case your home, create a “work space” and do only work stuff there.

Let us be real here, not many of us had a home office before COVID. There is no need to twist it, not so many people have dedicated spaces for work in their homes.

If you do not have any, create one for yourself.

I bought a table, a ring light, and a good chair that can help me work.

If you must hack your productivity and get your blogging efforts to count, you must differentiate between your “work space” and your “home space”.

Do only work stuff (and nothing else) in your work space. This helps your brain adjust for work any time you sit on that chair or come into that space.

Pro tip: the couch or bed is always a bad idea!

Create a To-Do List  blogging productivity hack

3.     Create a To-Do List and Track Your Efforts

My to-do lists are simple, straightforward, and defined.

You should do the same.

Your to-do list is a worthy helper if you are to hack your blogging productivity.

A blog is a business and blogging is your job. Think of it what you must but, create a to-do list that fits into your daily goals and stick to the list till you tick them all off.

One trick is to assign time to every chunk of activity on the list.

Granted, it is hard to learn the discipline of following or sticking to a to-do list but when you learn it, you save your life.

Stick to the activity and stick to the timing; this helps you get stuff done fast.

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4.     Take a Break, Take a Walk

Do you realize that taking a walk helps you refill?

Sometimes, I take that long walk at night to clear my head and think straight.

Listening to music or dancing to your favorite music is another way of utilizing your break period.

The aim of taking a break is to stretch out your body and free yourself from the thought of work for a few minutes or an hour (maximum).

Whatever helps you relieve stress is good enough but never fall back to your bed. Bad habit!

On a side note, I hear sex helps you relax. Is that true?

create work life balance Productivity hacks for Bloggers

5.      Define Work-Life Balance

Away from defining work spaces and home spaces is work-life balance.

When you are done working for the day, whether it be writing articles, publishing posts, sourcing for images, engaging with an audience or creating a digital product, whatever it is, switch off work from your senses and go have some real life.

I fall for this myself. I often get back to my email when I close my pc for the day and that gradually drags me back to work.

It is not a good habit to stick with. The best productivity hack for any blogger would be some balance!

Find some balance!

6.     Have a Morning Routine to Kick Off Your Day

How do you start your day? Like I shared on PassionateEntrepreneurs, my morning routine before work is to work out for 20 minutes, take a glass of water, and recover in ten minutes.

What this does to me is that my mind is ready to work ten minutes after working out.

A huge percentage of successful bloggers have a more elaborate routine. You should figure out what you should do constantly before work, that way your brain knows what follows next.

Pro Tip: close the day the same way.

I close down every browser and shut my laptop down, take a shower, and enjoy the rest of my day.

Starting and ending the day with a routine is highly beneficial if you must do more with blogging so you can hack your productivity.

7.     Maintaining Regular Hours is Another in the list of Productivity Hacks for Bloggers

Every one of us had a life before the need for remote working took center stage.

If those regular hours represent your peak hours, seek to maintain them. If not, find out your peak hours and stick with it.

There is no standard definition of when you must start working for the day and how long you must spend working.

If your peak hour says 3 in the morning, why not?

I have found out that I can write two articles between 8 in the evening and midnight.

Find out what hours works for you and maintain those regular hours.

In the end, it boils down to what you made out of your 24 hours!

Take Ergonomics Seriously Productivity hacks for Bloggers

8.     Take Ergonomics Seriously

Sitting down for long and working with your fingers and minds can be stressful to your back and entire hands. Your eyes could start hurting and your shoulders could start getting heavy and weak.

Take ergonomics seriously. There are so many productivity hacks for bloggers but this bothers on your health and should be taken seriously.

Use only a piece of furniture that would not affect your health. Let your posture be one that you are most comfortable in but one that would not harm your precious little spine and ribs.

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Productivity hacks for Bloggers block off social media notification

9.     Blocking off Social Media Notification is Another of the Productivity Hacks for Bloggers

I added this at the last minute.

We all can agree that it is one of our biggest sources of distraction.

Of course, you should have some time for socializing but whenever you settle to work, block off social media notifications.

This is another of the important productivity hacks for bloggers who seek to increase their output.

Writing this article, I am tempted to check Facebook because I just received a notification of whatever.

The pull is so strong I am trying so hard to resist.

I will resist because I have got work to do. I am still working on this and you should do the same.

Blocking off social media notification is one thing I will do first any time it is “work time”

I have tried to be real with this article and share personal experiences. It is your time. What other tips would you want me to know of? I would love to know your routine or tips.

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Great content! The perfect place for guest blogging where you can publish guest posts easily. 

Rosie Ireland

So good to see that I follow lots of these already! I learnt at the start of the pandemic that having clear “work” and “home” areas would help me mentally. I try to be strict about my working hours and not using my phone too!


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