What Is Dropservicing And How Do I Start Now?

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Drop Servicing

People are beginning to ask: what is Dropservicing and how do I start? Do you think this is new? It really isn’t.

How do we make sense or even a name out of something that has been masked by another seemingly broad industry?

In this article, we would look at Dropservicing, how it compares with Dropshipping, and how you can start your own Drop Servicing business almost immediately.

Online businesses have been booming or taking new shapes and forms since the turn of the century as there are several online businesses you can start with $100 or less. We would look back at mid-pandemic 2020 soon and realize that a new business model was discovered – or refined into something fancier.

Let us take a look at what Dropservicing is below, shall we?

dropservicing business

What Is Drop Servicing Business?

Ever heard of the term “service arbitrage”? Well, it just got picked up and redefined!

Before now, all we did about “arbitraging” services was locally or, should we say offline? People who knew a service provider would just refer a service provider to a customer without requesting or accepting something in return.

What is DropServicing?

Dropservicing is a business model where you sell services on your online space or website but do not render the services to the clients by yourself; instead, you hire qualified freelancers to render the services while you pay them and keep what remains as profit.

A big example of something close is the freelancing giants – Upwork and Fiverr.

These two companies along with others in the field provide a platform for freelancers to advertise their services and get hired right on the website. The difference here is that I run a business where I pose as the service provider to get the contract from clients but pay service providers (mostly freelancers) to deliver the project.

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How Does Dropservicing Work?

If you are conversant with how dropshipping works, then you already have an idea about dropservicing. Dropservicing entails that you stand as a middle-man between the freelancer and the client.

For dropservicing to work seamlessly, you need to have a website where you advertise all the services you want to render.

This works in every industry these days. In one of my webinars, I illustrated how a single mother makes over $2500 a month running a graphic design business. She doesn’t know anything about the art of designing but receives projects, executes, and deliver to her client while they see her as the one doing the designs by herself – it is totally legal!

Say, you pay $500 for me to design a website for you, I pay a website designer $300 to deliver the project while I keep $200 as profit.

Dropservicing Vs Dropshipping

Just as there is a difference between Ecommerce and Dropshipping, there is a huge difference between Drop Servicing and Drop Shipping.

Drop shippers sell other people’s products while drop servicers sell other people’s skills.

In the dropshipping business model, there is a requirement for physical products, overhead, and logistics, and the drop shipper is at the mercy of the vendor or manufacturer when it comes to delivering quality products.

Dropservice does not have all those hassles. All that is required is to make sure that you always use a qualified freelancer to deliver every project.

Of course, you are the one to deliver the projects. If you notice that a freelancer gave you a mediocre job, you could reject it until their delivery meets the client’s demands.


Best Drop Servicing Niches To Start.

There are numerous niches to consider when it comes to Dropservice.

Since dropservice mainly borders on skills, you would have all you focus on skills that can be put to use remotely. Digital skills are at the foundation of the drop service business model.

Below are some of the dropservice niches to choose from and start making money almost immediately.

  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Programming
  • Animation
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • …so much more.

Let us look at how you can start your own dropservicing business.

How Do I Start DropServicing With Little Money Now?

1. Choose A High-Demand Service

The secret to Dropservice success is in what niche you choose. People are already making the mistake of offering so many disjointed services. While this tends to increase your market share, it reduces your earning potential in the long run.

What services can you combine and offer as a whole? While website design and programming can function together, it is even more wisdom to pair website design with graphic design and digital marketing.

You could choose only a niche and dominate it but if you can handle other complementary niches, why not?

The most important thing, however, is a total consideration of who your ideal customer is. Who do you want to serve? A clear understanding and definition of who your ideal client is and what problem they are facing will not only help you tailor your business to suit them but will also reduce your advertising cost.

A service that people have a high demand for is what you should choose. These days, more and more people are looking for digital marketing agencies and copywriters. What do you think would happen if you dominate that industry?

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2. Find A Good And Affordable Service Provider

The reason why you want to start dropservicing is to make money and leave a lasting impact in people’s businesses and careers.

While the business model allows you to work with a freelancer, you should NEVER hire a mediocre or average freelancer. This would wound your business image in its early stage.

I had a bad run at the early stage of my Digital Marketing agency. A couple of clients complained bitterly about some of the services I hired freelancers to execute without supervision.

If you must run a Drop service business, you should always know exactly what your client need is so that you would translate the same needs to the service provider as they work on the client’s job.

3. Create An Attractive Website Or Landing Page

A website or landing page is where you are going to sell those services.

DropService functions in the creative or digital space and so, your website or landing should look attractive and professional.

Since your website is the first contact point you probably would have with your client, they are going to take a close look at your website and may be inclined to believe that it could be a reflection of what they would get from you.

traffic generation

4. Drive Quality Traffic And Convert Your Leads to Buyers

Quality traffic cures the sickness of every blog or website. With quality traffic comes leads. However, you want to attract clients (or traffic) to your website, be sure that you attract the right kind of audience.

Qualified traffic or audience are those who are likely going to need your services.

Do you have a system in place to convert those leads to clients? This is very important.

The success of a successful marketing campaign is not in how many persons they made notice their campaign but in how many of those people they convert to buying customers.

5. Deliver on Your Promise

If you really want to start dropservicing, you must deliver on your promises.

When you deliver quality services on time, your clients become your mouthpiece. Clients have huge expectations and most times do not have the budget to match them.

Always deliver on your promises and seek to do (reasonably) more than is paid for, this is a great way to get a better customer testimonial.

A good testimonial works magic!


The big question for people that want to start dropservicing is the question of whether dropservicing is passing fad.

DropService business is a highly lucrative business and the business model does not provide room for unnecessary expenditure and overhead.

Your biggest challenge should be with the quality of service you are delivering to your client.

Seek to always deliver great services and you would dominate your niche.

So, let’s talk. Are you going to start dropservicing anytime soon?

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