7 Steps to Create an Irresistible Offer

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7 Steps to Create a Stunning and Irresistible Offer to Increase Sales

Sales can be hard sometimes but when you create a stunning and irresistible offer, you increase sales by a large margin.

This is true for almost every business, including coaching businesses.

Sales naturally decline over time, especially when you do not have new leads or have not found a good way to break through the objections your leads have towards the product or service you are promoting.

To sell more and increase your chances or building a sustainable business, here are 7 important steps to create a stunning and irresistible offer to increase sales.

There is no need to run about the bush but if you must market yourself properly as a coach, you must learn how to create a stunning and irresistible offer that will in turn increase your sales.

1.      Rationale – use to Create Irresistible Offer

If you want to create an offer so good that your prospects feel stupid to ignore, then your offer must be compelling.

A compelling offer begins with a clear and credible explanation of why you are making such an outrageously generous offer for a product so useful or helpful.

People have a way of smelling frustration and a drive to quickly make sales.

Always remember that your product or service is not in a hurry but you.

If you must make sales as fast as possible by creating a stunning and irresistible offer, then you must go ahead to explain to them why you are making such a generous offer.

Perhaps it is a special introductory offer that will either lead to a product launch or lead to a cross-sell, whatever it is, find a way to explain why the offer is coming their way.

This is one of the surest steps to create a stunning and irresistible offer that will always convert

For instance, if you have a target to make $10k in the next few days, you can promote to your already existing list by introducing a flagship program for a different dimension of your existing products.

Say, you teach how to increase sales through online advertising, you can come up with another program about proper lead targeting and use your online advertising program to structure an irresistible and stunning offer and increase both the sales of the existing program and the new program you are introducing.

Always seek to give an insight into why you have chosen to make such an outrageous offer.

2.     Stack up Value to Increase Sales

To create a stunning and irresistible offer that would increase sales, you should build up value of your offer based on the usual everyday price.

It can be what you charge regularly but broken down in a way that the perceived value will increase.

Say in your coaching session for online advertising, you regularly teach targeting and objection handling, you can break it down into two to have targeting priced at A$ and Objection handling priced at AA$.

This brings the perception that they are getting so much more by paying so little.

Stacking or building up value for your offer works every time when given the right approach.

3.     Utilize Price Anchoring Steps to Create Irresistible Offer

There is such a thing as price anchoring when you are trying to create an irresistible offer that your audience will feel disadvantaged to resist.

This is another of the surest steps to create a stunning and irresistible offer that will always convert

How this works is that you design your offer in such a way that the most expensive pricing looks like a steal for them.

For instance,

Say you are selling a course and have 3 packages as follows

Plan 1 is $370 and they get product X

Say, Plan 2 is $450 and they get X, Y, Z

and Plan 3 is $590 and they X, Y, Z, and a free consultation call

Obviously, the free consultation call may not be worth the extra $140 so most people will pick plan 2, since plan 1 does not have any kind of bonus attached to it.

Plan 2 is only $80 more than Plan 1 and this will look like a steal for them.

4.     Expand Payment Options

Expanded payment options make your offer appealing to your audience.

When your ideal price point is relatively high for prospects, do consider how to break your pricing down into smaller chunks of payment.

Realistically, all your audience cannot afford a one-time payment for a $1000 coaching program and this will force them to forfeit your session even if it is what they really need to move forward in business or in life.

Breaking your payments into small chunks of installment payments of. Say, 50%, 25%, 25% will help them to easily pay for your services without feeling the weight of the payment.

This is one of the best steps to create a stunning and irresistible offer that should rake up your sales.

5.      Include Premiums to Increase Sales

These are the free gifts that your audience or prospects receive along with the products they are purchasing.

The reason premiums are used (especially in e-commerce) is because they have been proven to always work.

Think about buying a new set of furniture for your new apartment and it will come with an exotic center table or a bed side lamp.

Think of buying a really nice brown shoe and they offer you a free brown belt.

Would you rather buy them separately or buy the shoe to get the belt for free?

6.     Give Powerful Guarantee to Make Your Offer Irresistible

Guarantee is one of the places that forces your audience to make a final decision.

The stronger and more realistic your guarantee, the better and more stunning your offer becomes.

The role of the guarantee is to reverse the risk for the prospect and make it look like it is on you.

A strong guarantee informs the client that they have little or nothing to lose when they take you up on your offer.

If you must create a stunning and irresistible offer to increase your sales, you must carefully study what guarantee that will trigger your audience to whip up their cards.

7.     Scarcity or Exclusivity is Golden

Have you not quickly bought something because they said it remains only few or because they said it is reserved for a set of people and will go back to that state if you do not buy?

This article here shows how Jonas Troyer employed this same principle to raise $30k in a day by simply making his audience understand that his offer is only exclusive for a set of people.

Nobody quickly buys anything when they know that they will find it much later.

You don’t have that long to wait for them to make a decision and so, your best bet is to make them feel fortunate to find your offer now because it might go off soon.

Offers without scarcity does not sell as well as ones with scarcity or exclusivity.

However, you must be genuine because they will be watching out to see if you lied to make them take your offer.

This erodes brand trust.

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