15 Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana With 200 Cedis or Less

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Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana

Usually, you will find a list of businesses you can start in Ghana with some good investment but not many people talk about the low-end street businesses you can start in Ghana with 200 Cedis or less.

Ghana is blessed with a good population that drives the everyday economy as is evident, both Accra, Kumasi, and other regions.

In this article, we will talk about the top and most profitable street businesses you can start in Ghana with 200 Cedis or less.

It does not matter if you are in Accra, Ashanti, or even the Northern and Eastern Region. These are businesses that can be started by anyone in the street with no qualification but little knowledge and experience.

1.      Errand Business (Any Message or All Message)

Errand business in Ghana, which is one of the most profitable Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana is gradually turning into a huge business with wealthy individuals and companies willing to invest their money into it.

You can easily become an errand person that helps people run errands like helping them purchase stuff from malls and markets, or run miscellaneous errands for them while they pay you some money.

You don’t need any money to start a small-scale errand business since you just need to help your customer run an errand and get paid.

With some capital, you can purchase dispatch motorcycles to run these errands faster for better pay; this is called the dispatch rider business or bike logistics business.

2.     Selling Packaged Water

As small and ignored as it is, you can start this business with as low as 10 Ghana Cedis.

Now, people look down on people who sell either Sachet water (pure water) or bottled water in the street but they do not know how much these people make per time by just selling water which is the basic daily need for people.

If you cannot bring yourself to selling them by yourself, you can recruit a few people to do the selling for you while you pay them an agreed amount either per bag or per day.

3.     Mobile Phone Credit/Mobile Money

Millions of Ghanaians use mobile phones and require recharge cards daily.

Starting a recharge card business in the streets of Ghana will not take you more than 50 Cedis (starting small scale).

The money in this business, however, is hidden in huge turnover.

This means that you make more money when you sell more recharge cards consistently and as the business progresses, you can turn it into a mobile money business.

4.     Cobbler/ Shoe Shining

You see, the shoe shining business which is another of the money-making Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana is gradually becoming something people are willing to take up with a Ghanaian graduate reportedly starting a shoe shining business.

Everyone has this need to appear which makes the demand high.

Besides, starting a cobbler & shoe shining business has been putting food on people’s tables for a long.

Why not look into it and start making some money for yourself?

5.      Car Washing Business

The thing about a car wash business in Ghana is that it yields a good return on investment but you will need to invest some money into starting properly.

When started properly with the right management strategy, you can raise as much as 200-500 Cedis a day.

You will need a few pieces of equipment like a Compact Pressure Washer, a Generator for power supply, detergents, and other things that will help you run it properly.

Read our article on the Ten Steps to Starting a Profitable Car Wash Business in Ghana or Nigeria.

6.     Selling of Coconut

Do not laugh at those guys that sell coconuts in the streets and beaches because they take home a good amount of money – almost three times their investment per time.

This is another of the money-making Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana and make some decent money per month.

You can start a coconut business with as low as 50 Cedis and grow it into a good business.

Ghanaians are known for their love of coconut and coconut juice and so, this business yields huge profits when taken seriously.

7.     Truck Pushing Business

This is another of the street businesses you can start in Ghana with less than 200 Cedis.

Truck pushers make between 80-200 Cedis on a good day and funny enough, the people who laugh and insult them do not have that amount of money daily.

All you need is to rent a truck and boom! You have a business.

Now, if you do not want to push trucks but have some money lying around, you can build or purchase your trucks and lease them out to pushers every day for some money.


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8.     Landscaping and Home Gardening

Landscapers and gardeners take care of flowers and gardens incorporate areas and in people’s homes.

Most people who have flowers and decorative grasses in the surroundings do not know how to take care of them and that is where you come in.

With a little knowledge in decorations and horticulture, you will be cashing out some good money you can put together to start a business of your choice.

9.     Dog Breeding and Training

Take a walk through the streets of Accra and Kumasi and you will see plenty of stores selling dog feeds and accessories.

The dog breeding and training business is a big business that can raise you over GHS 12,000 per year.

You need to know about dogs and how to train them to start this business.

10. Disk Jockey or DJ Business

Just like dog breeding, you need some level of knowledge before you jump into this business.

The good thing about this business is that you will always get jobs with it.

You can easily learn from someone over some time and start your own DJ business.

Surprisingly, you must not have your equipment to start as you can rent a few important pieces of equipment and save up to buy your set of equipment with time.

11.  Taxi Business

Taxi drivers make up to GHS 1,500 weekly (Source: SalaryExplorer) and this is in a bad week.

You must, however, how good driving and people management skills since you will be dealing with people in close range.

You should also know the shortcut routes to several destinations so that you can arrive earlier than expected.

As usual, you must not have your car to start a taxi business as you can just drive for someone or lease a vehicle in a hire-purchase agreement.

Taxi drivers cash out daily and if you have a driving skill wasting, you should get it to good use.

12. House Cleaning Business

You can typically make about GHS 1800 per month from home cleaning (as a salary) but running your own home cleaning business will make you more than three times that figure when managed well.

Some smart people have started running Facebook and Instagram adverts for their home and house cleaning businesses and smile to the bank steadily.

You don’t need money to start as the house owner will pay you a few percentages upfront before you start the cleaning. With that payment, you can purchase the things you need to do the cleaning.

You can as well start a cleaning agency where you employ workers to do the cleaning for you when you get cleaning contracts.

How big you start depends on your budget.

13. Hair Barbing and Braiding Business

Hair barbing, braiding, and wig making are part of the profitable Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana and make a decent living from.

All you need is to gain the required skills and off you go.

You must not have a shop before starting as you can get a job in a shop or run a personal or home service business for your clients.

With this, you can save up some money and open a shop where you can now include nail and lash fixing to increase your profit.

14. Home Tutor/ Skills Tutor

This is one of the Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana with no money at all.

You must, however, have some skills you will teach.

You can teach academic subjects or teach people how to use some computer applications in their home for pay.

To do this, you must package yourself well and present yourself as a knowledgeable person that can seamlessly pass that same knowledge down to someone and get paid for it.

15.  Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer

The average salary of a gym instruct in Ghana is GHS 44,000 per year (it can be more).

This makes gym instructor and personal training business one of the money-spinning Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana and build something out of.

For this business, you must know how best to build body, burn calories, and remain fit.

This is not a business for just a regular street person but for people who have the required skill and knowledge. With these Street Businesses You Can Start in Ghana, you are sure to save up some money in a short while to start your dream business or scale it into something huge

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