Top 10 Nigerian Business Blogs To Follow

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top 10 nigeria business blog to follow

Have you been looking for the best corporate blogs in Nigeria or the top 10 Nigerian Business Blogs To Follow? Or you have been looking for the best Nigerian blogs, here it is!

You are sure to find a lot of lists about Nigeria’s top business blogs but when you visit the blogs listed, there is a guaranteed confusion waiting for you.

It is either they are lacking niche depth or they lack focus in the business ecosystem and as such, cannot be taken seriously.

We took our time to painstakingly crawl through the Nigerian blogging ecosystem to fish out these top Nigerian bloggers who power these top blogs in Nigeria.

Now, this list is not arranged in any order and as such does not give preference to one blog above the other. It is our opinion from deep research that these blogs deserves to make our top 10 list.

1. ProfitableVenture.Com

ProfitableVenture.Com which is owned by Ajaero Tony Martins is a blog where you get genuine ideas on business growth and investments.

It takes pride in being the ultimate resource center for startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors.

ProfitableVenture is not particularly designed with great aesthetics in mind.

This blog design feel makes it clearly easy for visitors to go right ahead to access whatever content they need.

Their article on “50 Best Trending Future Business Ideas for 2025-2030” projects the future. They are fast becoming futurists as this article would supposedly stand the test of time for over 5 years.

Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria


This is the blog side of Invoice.Ng and is owned by InvoiceApp Inc. with great aesthetics and ease of navigation.

They clearly pass their message in an intriguing and captivating manner.

Their article on “7 Startup Launch Hacks From Experienced Entrepreneurs” got me hooked the last time I went visiting.

This article like the other great content they have on the blog makes business and startup exciting and I have no doubt that you would have the same feeling when you go visiting their blog for all the great ideas they have to share.

3. Entrepreneur Business Blog.Com

This amazing international award winning blog that makes the list of top Nigerian business blogs is owned by Emenike Emmanuel, an amazing guy.

EntrepreneurBusinessBlog is nicely designed and is easy to navigate which is why a lot of persons do not know that this blog is owned by a Nigerian because a large chunk of its audience is international.

It has articles focused on how to help you start, grow and scale your business with its major focus on digital marketing strategies.

Whatever business you are doing in this century, the blog has a way to help you monetize digitally.

4.      Build Good

This is another award-winning blog in the list of top Nigerian business blogs.

BuildGoodBusiness.Com is another amazing blog with great content and is easy to navigate.

BuildGoodBusiness is owned by Noble Cyril who is a graphic designer and business manager turned blogger.

He is really easy to work with and is always open to guest posting on quality content since his audience have a flair for humor and perfection.

It has a focus on helping you start and grow a good business from skills and ideas. A large chunk of this blog’s audience is international but has great content for the Nigerian audience.

With its great focus on business growth strategies, this blog has become the resource center for great business tips that helps people start and scale their businesses for optimum productivity.

Top Nigerian Business Blogs

5. is owned by Emmanuel Odoemelam who I have noticed is an amazing and easy-to-go guy.

It is by far Nigeria’s best Small and Medium Enterprise blog that has mind blowing business articles.

Those articles are aimed at helping you grow your business in Nigeria.

SMEDigest is not just a blog but also has a radio show you could follow and learn more if you are interested.

They have a “How-To” series that teaches you how to do some things you have been finding difficult. They even have a how-to on setting up a bakery business.

What could be more amazing for people seeking to start a bakery business in Nigeria? Their great SME News in Nigeria is amazing.


This blog, is an award winning blog.

Just like the name, they expose the secrets of entrepreneurship to their audience through their captivating articles.

If you are an eCommerce hopeful, their article on how to start your own eCommerce business should help you get started. Their interview section has interviewed a host of business leaders.


The ever smiling Florence Chikezie who is enterprising and ever ready to change the narrative owns and is always seeking to be the mainstay for Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Started off as ReDahlia but switched to for easy identity and flexibility.

ReDahlia on its own has grown rapidly to even have a co-working space you should check out when next you are in Lagos Nigeria.

This blog talks about everything entrepreneurship and business as they aim to be “everything to entrepreneurs”.

They have about 94% of their audience coming from Nigeria.

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NaijaBizHub is another top-notch, neatly designed business blog for Nigerians seeking the best business ideas and solutions.

This blog is owned by Noble Cyril Amaugo and is focused on Business, Real Estate, Agriculture, Investment Opportunities, and Social Media business information and guides.

NaijaBizHub has gradually grown to become the go-to blog for young and old entrepreneurs who are searching for verified, practical information without unnecessary exaggerations.

Above all, the articles on this blog are enriching and without fluffs if you seek to build a profitable business in Nigeria


Do you have an intellectual property? This blog has an article that would help you protect your intellectual property.

InfoGuideNigeria is another top Nigerian business blog and is owned by Ifiokong Ibanga, an amazing personality.

It is not entirely a business blog as it publishes articles in other niches, it made the list because it has a strong online presence.

Above all, the business articles in this blog are entirely amazing and enriching if you seek to start a profitable business on a low budget.

10. arms you with great startup tips, small business ideas, business plans and tips for African entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses.

Stanley Edom is the chief whip of this blog and they provide business plan services amongst others. also share success stories that would constantly keep you motivated and driving as you drive through your day.



Afriwallstreet is a Human Development startup launched to enlarge people’s freedom and opportunities while improving their well-being.

As Nigeria’s first social media for professionals, AftiWallStreet has a multimedia platform that gives people support to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live.

Afriwallstreet was launched with the aim to be the leading and largest online community for Africans and the world to connect, network and explore opportunities. They also offer jobs and career opportunities across Africa to people looking for them.

Afriwallstreet serves as a  marketplace for niche startups, businesspeople, professionals, and companies to offer their services and products.


Outside the above listed, there are other blogs that are worthy of mention for their great contribution towards helping their audience grow their businesses.

Below is a list of those blogs.



What do you think? Do you have other business blogs you would have loved to see in this list? Did we get something wrong? Please drop a comment. I reply every comment!

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One of the best business websites I’ve seen…. Good job guys!

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This is a good list admin. You’re indeed doing a good job on here. Keep it up

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