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Top 5 Product Packaging Tips You Should Totally Reconsider

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Top 5 Product Packaging Tips You Should Reconsider

Have you considered the product packaging tips you need while thinking of your customers lately? Producers are making a lot of mistakes in product packaging and it is time for you to totally reconsider your packaging to avoid making those same mistakes.

You will discover, at the end, the top 5 product packaging tips that are guaranteed to increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase your sales by a few percentages.

What Really Is Product Packaging?

“Competition is a great thing and critically important in any industry. I respect the companies that build their brand through innovation/great product, packaging, sharp marketing and clever ideas.”

-John Robinson

What makes a consumer prefer your product to another product even when they have no prior knowledge about your product or when they lay side by side in stores?

I shop a lot and beyond the crazy sales copy and adverts companies put into driving through their products for a market share, one thing really stands out and pulls me every time – packaging!

A lady checking out product details before she makes a buying decision -Getty Images

Do you have a product? The container housing your product is called the product package, it is just as simple as can get. Be it a bottle, carton, paper wraps, boxes, whatever!

Your product packaging plays a vital role in how consumers would perceive and identify initially with the product and so must be taken seriously.

No sale is enough for any product or business, this is why we had to dig up these top 5 product packaging tips we think you should reconsider so you can have more sales and meet more and more of your financial goals.

Top 5 Product Packaging Tips You Should Reconsider

More sales wouldn’t hurt, right? Here are the tips you should definitely take a second look at so you can knock your product sales up a few notches:

1.       Make It Simple Enough

You know, we now live in a fast-paced world where people have grown to have a shorter attention span. With everybody on the run to somewhere else, it has become very important that we reconsider those products we push out to the stores and make them more appealing and direct to the millennial buyers that have an ever-changing taste.

Simple, minimalist designs have become the new normal. Working on label designs for years as a brand identity designer, I have followed consumer trends and can conclude that people are no longer patient enough to search your packages with a sustained intrigue, all in search of your product details.

Customers prefer to find whatever they are looking for in almost an instant whenever they pick up your products from the shelf.

It is of no use to just pour confusing design elements all over your package materials but, it is important nowadays to keep it clean and simple enough for customers to locate your details in almost an instant.

Keep opening your packaging simple enough that customers don’t need to struggle to open the product or request assistance from anybody. Have you considered how easy or difficult it is to tear open your product?

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2.   Make Your Contents Visible Enough

Just like it is better to keep package designs simple and minimalist, it is also of a great importance that they see your contact details without searching for it.

I would rather buy a product I can easily contact the producer than buy one from someone I can hardly find their contacts on their product packages. This is one of the product packaging tips that are less considered.

Boldly displaying your contact detail is not just for creative beauty but also a tool for advertising your product further. A lot of franchise deals started by consumers directly contacting the producers with an offer or even an inquiry.

How would you get feedback if you do not make it easy for your customers to reach you? If you are targeting millennial buyers, bear in mind they have grown to have a short attention span and patience. Play the game to them by giving them what they want even before they start searching for it.

BreadFruit Packaging by Phronesis Foods

3.      Consider Your Customer Demography

Every product has a market. It is very important that you consider who your primary buyer is from the beginning. What gender is your product targeting? How old are they? How much money can they pay for your product or would their parents or guardians be the ones to buy the product for them? What kind of beauty attracts them?

When you have answers to these questions, it becomes easier to target them right from the design phase.

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Targeted designing always does the magic because it targets the customer directly. Ever wondered why Heineken is one of the most popular and famous beer in the U.S? Seriously, though, think about it for a moment (even if you don’t drink beer).

Their packaging is for class and style. What about Chocolates? Have you seen how beautiful their packaging usually come out? When you target your customers right from the package design phase, you are sure to be popular among them (never neglect churning quality product, people perceive it from miles away).

4.      Showcase The Product Itself

This is one of the product packaging tips that power a trend that is not going away any time soon. When you give your customers a sneak peak of what to expect, they go even for more.

Every customer want to really see what is inside the package before they buy. This does two things: show them if it is still edible or useful. Secondly, it triggers their desire to buy the product.

While packaging, figure out a way to showcase the real life product either through a picture or making a part of the container transparent just so they can take a look at what the product look like.

Considering that product packaging is adviced, think about how soft drinks are packaged in plastic containers, everyone knows what the content looks like by just looking at them. Most people buy them because of the varieties of color or flavor they project.

5.      Make It Standout In Stores

As always, the packaging of any product plays a very huge role in its acceptability and eventually sales. Effectively packaging your products make them stand out in stores when displayed on shelves. The reason why up to 65% of new products don’t rake in much sales in stores can be traced to product packaging.

Customers are used to old brands that they have come to rely on and so, for you to take away a bit of their time, you need to strategically package your products to attract them. This can be done either with a different approach to container choice or through package design.

If you do not make your packaging distinctive, it would become more difficult to stand out in retail shops or malls.

The goal of every product or service is to make money while selling or rendering services. If you do not take care to reconsider how buyers interact with your products, you would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

There is no need to play cautious any more when it comes to packaging. Play the long game of disrupting the products industry by redefining product packaging on your own terms.

Your sales would increase, you would buy more into the emotions of your would-be customers, and most importantly, your products are exposed more to the people who needs them the most.

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