Top 5 Ways To Use Outdoor Advertising To Attract New Customers

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How To Use Outdoor Advertising To Attract New Customers

Outdoor advertising is not dead! Digital marketing has not and will not take the place of outdoor advertising.

With so many companies and businesses vying for advert spots in several outdoor games and sports centers, it has become very clear that outdoor advertising is a good way of reaching out to new and potential customers.

According to Statista, Out-of-home or Outdoor Advertising revenue grew by roughly 5% compared to that of 2019 and is projected to increase somewhat by 2022.

So many companies clamor for outdoor advertising slots because it is still very effective today.

A large percentage of purchasing decisions people make are influenced by billboards they see, flyers they receive, or advertising they see on buses and trains as they journey with it daily.

Have you not suddenly decided to visit a website or save a phone number you saw on a piece of advertising material simply because it spoke to you?

Did you know that outdoor advertising generated about 8 billion dollars by 2018? ~Statista

What Is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is any form of advertising done outdoors – on the streets, highways, buses, trains, walkways, etc. that promotes or advertises a certain product, service or offering.

How To Use Outdoor Advertising To Attract New Customers
How To Use Outdoor Advertising To Attract New Customers

Outdoor advertising works better if you are promoting your service in a certain area or locality except you have the budget to target a whole city or country like Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

While managing a printing business in my city, I had a lot of customers who came in because they saw a billboard I mounted outside to advertise my services.

Outdoor advertising is one very important way for small businesses to increase their profit margins by attracting new clients. This has always worked! The advent of digital marketing in the past decade has brought with it a different approach to advertising but will not take the sworn place of outdoor advertising for good reasons.

Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Almost everybody is familiar with billboards. We see them everywhere we go, in traffic, on the highway, a lot of places. Billboards are placed in areas where there is a high volume of traffic because they are a very good way of sending location-conscious promotions.

Transit Advertising

The advertisements you see at the train stations, on the train and even on buses and taxis are forms of advertising. This is a very effective way of sending your message to prospective customers who spend most of their time en-route somewhere.

Digital Signage

These, like billboards, are stationed at a place. They use electronic technology to periodically swap adverts preinstalled in them by small businesses who may have bought display slots.

How To Use Outdoor Advertising Effectively To Attract New Customers

The major aim of any form of advertisement is to draw in new clients or to influence a buyer’s decision.

Below are simple ways to use outdoor advertising effectively.

Target The Right Audience

There is only little you can do when you are selling ice to an Eskimo!

Without attending to the right audience, you would be shooting at the wrong target no matter how much you invest into your marketing efforts.

Every product has a target user and creating a clearly defined client avatar is the first step to making great sales. In your outdoor adverts, your ability to clearly define who your audience is would be the one thing that would set you apart from your competitor.

Who are you selling to?

A 22-year-old girl who is starting a business venture or a 25-year-old boy who is a football player and probably needs a new helmet? Who are you targeting? Define this clearly and it sets the tone for how great your sales would be.

Outdoor Advertising
Target the right audience with Outdoor Advertising

Make Your Outdoor Advertising Designs Captivating

People are attracted by beauty and color. No matter how people claim they like minimalist designs, they are still attracted by great flashes of color and neat designs. Refuse to accept a boring design from your graphic designer. Your ad design must tell a story and be interactive. A great graphic designer finds a way to lead people through the design in whatever area they desire.

Your objective is to attract new clients which means you should go all out to draw them close with a captivating design. Do not, however, choke your viewers with unnecessary designs. Something neat and attractive will do just fine.

Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

Nothing is more disgusting in ad design than blurry, disintegrated images. If you must use images, use relevant, high-quality images (licensed of course). Since people are suckers for great aesthetics, what better way to turn their heads than do it with clear and attractive but, relevant images.

You do not advertise a cigarette with a girl in a bikini. You do not advertise alcohol with the image of a boy or an underaged girl. In choosing an image, consider the message you want to pass and use a relevant image for it. Customers are very sensitive and the wrong image can just be your undoing!

Solve A Problem With A Good Copy

Your product or service aims to solve a problem. Make that bold claim with a nice ad copy. Copywriters are usually great with writing ad copies as well and not just newsletters and brochures. If you can afford one, by all means, do!

People would come because you have made a bold claim that you can solve their problems. When they come, please deliver!

Make Contact Details Bold And Accessible

Have you thought about how they would reach you?

I have seen so many great outdoor adverts that certainly held me by the jugular but without a clear contact detail. This happens mostly with product packaging where the focus is mainly on how fine a design comes out to look.

Make your preferred contact detail bold enough for them to see. Do you want them to visit your website, put it out there. Do you want them to come to your office? Or call on the phone? Whichever one it is, let them have it. There is really no need for advertising is they can’t reach you.

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