Top 6 Female Vendors in Port Harcourt Making Six Figure Selling on Instagram

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vendors selling on Instagram

Selling on Instagram and building a community of both sellers and buyers has become the next big thing in the Nigerian e-commerce ecosystem.

So many businesses have been built off instagram and this speaks so much of the power of instagram in both business and community building.

In this article, we would consider 6 of the top female Port Harcourt Vendors who have built huge businesses selling on instagram.

The list below is not organized in any particular order of credibility but of the numerous small businesses selling on instagram, these are the top female owned instagram businesses you should watch out for if you are looking for a proven framework to follow while building a business selling on instagram.

Declutter Sistah (@declutter_sistah_ph)

This a modern day Aladdin story of old Lamp for new lamp. With Declutter Sistah, you don’t have to throw away that old piece of furniture or home appliance as you can just list them on her Instagram page and get it sold in minutes.

With more than 6,000 followers, she makes it easy for home owners who are relocating and want to dispose of their belongings for quick cash to find ready buyers who will pay a good price for them.

Selling on Instagram has given her a new way to grow her small business and reach a large number of customer base.

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Risba Grub (@risbagrub)

They said you can’t eat your cake and have it but not with @risbagrub. She has built a business helping busy individuals to get fresh farm groceries twice as cheap. Risba Grub gets your groceries washed, cut and processed to your taste, and delivered to your doorstep in little or no time. 

Her selling point is the freshness of her groceries as she understands people’s need for freshly gotten vegetables.

Imagine telling your mother-in-law that someone you’ve never met does all the vegetable shopping for you and delivers it the same day in a hygienically packed container; Instagram brings such opportunities to you and plenty of other households.

Sarai’s Secrets (@saraissecrets__)

We saw this vendors journey on the gram

From getting hit by a drunk driver, losing her ability to walk, and birthing a child the next year. Starting a new business is never easy but Sarah did and is constantly hitting 6 figures selling on Instagram after initially losing her Instagram account that houses the majority of her clientele.

Her story reminds us that life can happen but it’s not how hard life hits you, but the fact you keep getting up.

Selling on Instagram, @saraissecrets__ is a major manufacturer and distributor of handmade (resin) home decor pieces, candle jars, fruit-based soaps, and lots more.

Lush Gardens (@lushgardensph)

Who knew all you had to do to make money was own a beautiful garden with flowers?

From blooming real roses in Port Harcourt city, this woman has been able to carve a niche for herself as her garden has become a top location to have the sassiest occasion from weddings to birthdays, and to balls.

Who doesn’t want an event in a garden that feels like a glimpse of heaven?

Lush Gardens is located in the busy Elekahia area of Port Harcourt and is open Mondays to Saturdays offering fresh flowers and plants, outdoor garden and events center amongst other unique services.

Nigerian China on instagram

Nigerian China (@Nigerian_china)

As her name implies, she’s been able to bring the Chinese economy into Nigeria selling on Instagram as she sells goods in Nigeria at the same rate you would get them if you went to China yourself.

She’s been able to help so many people start their own businesses using Instagram and WhatsApp as their major sales medium. 

As a direct supplier, she sells at ridiculously low prices than can be gotten at the regular everyday markets.

Women in port harcourt on instagram

Women in Port Harcourt (@womeninportharcourt)

With the extinction of Phone books, who knew the business directory business was still a huge business?

Needing to know or looking for any type of product in Port Harcourt? Just Ask her and her community of over 70,000 Port Harcourt residents and they will turn up information for you in just a short time.

Women in Port Harcourt provides a platform for people to either find what everyday products they are looking for or to sell any genuine everyday products they no longer need as fast as possible.

Community building is her selling point as she makes it a duty to connect buyers to sellers on her page.


Selling on Instagram or even building a community off instagram can be rewarding as you can get the daily instagram user to trust you with their everyday activities that supports their lifestyle.

These Port Harcourt vendors have carved out a niche for themselves over time and continue to show how Instagram can be used to build both businesses and community.

Female-owned businesses can thrive off Instagram as have been proven by these top 6 female vendors.

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