Easy Practical Ways To Make Money From Graphic Design In Nigeria

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Practical Ways To Make Money From Graphic Design In Nigeria

There are so many articles talking about how to make money from graphic design in Nigeria and when you go through them, you’d quickly figure out that they are pretty much the same thing.

I have been a profitable graphic designer for over 10 years and in that time, I have found PRACTICAL WAYS even a beginner graphic designer can make 100k+ every month from the same graphic design that others are neglecting.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t write this article to add to the pile of those purposeless articles you see online or even in Nairaland taking about making money from graphic design; I actually read over 15 of such articles and found them to be the same and less effective.

Why You Need This Article

From experience in the field, I have found out that just having the skill and putting all your hopes on those 2,000 Naira design jobs cannot make you enough money to pay your bills.

For instance, this article is going to focus on areas of money making through graphic design you have NEVER seen any blog talk about and even go a bit further to explain what you already know in a better way.

My Graphic Design Credibility?

I have worked in the biggest printing press in Umuahia (Vigan Press) at the time as an intern and got paid 5,000 Naira a month. Not only that, I have worked in Chirak Printing Press in Ijesha, Lagos where I received no pay for the months I worked there.

I have also worked in Port Harcourt where I rose from a graphic designer (actually one of the best in the city) to the post of a manager but then I quit the job to make my own money.

Working as a manager (of Bonelham Printing Press in Port Harcourt) at the time helped me figure out the unusual things you would find in this article; these are things you would NEVER see anywhere online.

I have gone ahead to set up Amiya Prints. Amiya Prints is a Port Harcourt based digital printing press that I am growing from scratch through the strategies I will teach in this article.

By the end of this article, you’d be sure to have found what has been missing from you and your graphic design business that would help you either start making some money fast or help you scale what you are already making.

Let us quit wasting time already!

 Ways To Make Money From Graphic Design In Nigeria

How To Make More Money From Graphic Design In Nigeria Even If You Are A Beginner

A beginner graphic designer can make as much as 100k a month! That is not all there is to make from graphic design but as a beginner, you can make that much fast!

Now, before you doubt, there are systems and processes to it.

I’d like to clear, for a start, that by “a beginner”, I mean someone who is just starting to “make money” from graphic design and not someone with zero skill.

It is not enough to have the skills and wow people with your creativity but of what use is a graphic design skill that is not making you a dime?

Do you use your phones for designs if you do not have a laptop?

This is a question that gets thrown at me often and I’d like to state again that while your mobile phone can get you a few bucks from graphic design, it does not have the flexibility and finesse to get you a ton of money from graphic design.

Moving on…

Here are some of the important ways to make money at least 100k per month in Nigeria, even if you are not yet a pro.

1.      Graphic Design Skill Is Important

Yes! Graphic design skill is the first and most important skill if you must maximize profit from graphic design.

So many people as are looking for how to make money from graphic design in Nigeria and it is funny because they either do not have the skill or are not even convinced by their own skill set.

Convincing yourself that you are good enough and deserve to get paid is the first step to making progress!

Get the skill.

It is an easy thing to do. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you can design the world with your mobile phone, if you cannot use conventional graphic design apps, you are a long way from home.

Let me explain.

With a mobile phone graphic design app, you are confined to Canva, PixelArt, and other graphic design apps you download from Play Store or iOS store. What these apps help you do are some minor designs they project through their predefined app templates (except you have a top-notch creative mind) and that is not where graphic design is headed.

What Graphic Design Software is Best?

If you must make as much from graphic design in Nigeria going forward, you must learn how to use desktop (or laptop) software like CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator, or even InDesign (Photoshop is not mainly for graphic design but we will talk about that in another article).

best graphic design software Nigeria

You must lean any of these software (preferably CorelDRAW) because that is the language of graphic design in the streets.

All the printing press(es) you would enter in Nigeria work with CorelDRAW as their major design software. They may be using any other design software but the flexibility of CorelDRAW and how it integrates with their printing machines make it easy for them to choose CorelDraw.

Read Also:

If you already know how to use other software, there would not be any harm if you learn CorelDRAW. You can learn how to design graphics with CorelDraw from YouTube or from anyone one grounded enough to teach you.

The only challenge with YouTube is that you do not have the opportunity to ask questions and get prompt response which is why I created a video course.

I called it the Ultimate Graphic Design Video Course and is on sale for a very cheap rate of 5,000 Naira; it is always updated with new tutorials.

Read to the end and find how to get it for free.

working as a freelance graphic designer in nigeria

2.     Decide What Profitable Area To Focus On

Now, graphic design is a very wide field and it is difficult to make as much money as you can from graphic design if you focus in every area of graphic design.

For instance, if you want to go into office space branding (or corporate branding) where you use stickers and flex banners to brand an office space or business environment, then focus on that because it is a money spinner.

How about designing and printing product labels, paper bags, and business cards? This is one area I am focused in with my printing company @AMIYAPRINTS [follow us on Instagram through that link @amiyaprints].

I focused on this area because it requires less work and can be coordinated from anywhere in the world; all you need is to get your design done and send it to people who would print it and give it to a delivery guy to deliver to your client.

Others are focused mainly on Freelancing online either through Fiverr or Upwork or even eBook cover designing or shirt designing and printing.

There are actually people who have built businesses solely on shirt printing; you don’t know the amount of money they make in a day.

Whatever field of graphic design that suits you best, focus on it and stop running around every area of graphic design. It wastes your time and makes you achieve less.

3.     Get Grounded In That Area You Chose

Having chosen an area of the graphic design and prints business out of the very wide graphic design field, it is time to get grounded in the field and learn all there is to learn in the field.

I once had two students, they were actually cousins. One spent more time to learn how to make money from graphic design after I thought them the skill and the other rushed out into the street to start making quick money – now he wants to be a comedian – true story.

Instead of rushing to the streets, take your time to learn the “in-things” in the business of graphic design.

There is a difference between the skill of graphic design and the business of graphic design.

Prior to resigning as the manager of Bonelham, I figured out ways to make over 100k from graphic design and after a few months of testing my new discoveries, I quit my job and started living my best life making more than double what I was paid as a manager.

I didn’t want to call it a stroke of luck and so when I thought my assistant same principles, he quit his job the next month.

4.     You Need A Proven System That Works

There is a system to making good money from graphic design in Nigeria.

It is not enough to browse “how to make a living from graphic design in Nigeria” or “how to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria”.

All you need is a proven system.

One of those systems is to learn to understand how those clients that pay so much think and how to get them to patronize you even if you are charging more than they are already paying.

There are also proven negotiations skills you must learn that would help you give job quotations in a rush while factoring in your profit into it without the client complaining.

I put those proven systems in an eBook that might interest you.

I called that eBook “The Big Money Graphic Designer”.

It is compilation of all the proven systems, tweaks and strategies that I have learnt in over 10 years that helps me make at least 150k per month for just a token.

You know, no customer cares about you or your business because all they want is to be in control all the time and get more than the value of their money. Most of them even believe the money they pay you, however small, is the solution to all your problems but that is never true.

I found this out when I became a manager and so, I started looking for ways and proven strategies to always be in control of every negotiation I get into with a client and 93% of the time, negotiations have gone my way.

The most frustrating part of being a graphic designer is when you get a job that pays so little and after spending the whole night doing a design just how the client wanted it and burning your precious internet bundle, you’ll hear things like “I don’t like it. Can you do another one?” or things like “can’t you do second design so that I would make a choice?

How can you demand for all that when you paid me just below 2,000 Naira?


The skill of graphic design is by far one of the most flexible and profitable skills of the 21st century and beyond.

Every industry or field require the services of a graphic designer, even schools.

While it is a great thing to have the skill, it is never enough to have the skill that a lot of people are praying to find who would teach them only for you to make less than 50k a month in Nigeria; it is very unfair!

If you must make as much, I have compiled my strategies into an eBook that would help you.

There are tons f ways to make money from graphic Design in Nigeria but until you get a proven system that helps you navigate through beginner mistakes, then you would make so many mistakes that would cost you some huge money.

Inside the eBook, you would get to learn everything I know about graphic design and how I built @printboynaija from scratch and make consistent money from it.

You would also get the link to my Ultimate Graphic Design Video Course which I sell 5,000 Naira FOR FREE.

The eBook is at a ridiculously low price of 2,500 Naira.

The main price is 5,000 Naira but I am attaching a link to get it for 50% discount at 2,500 Naira so that I would thank you for visiting my blog and know how many people that read this article while helping you build a profitable graphic design business.

I would also be available to answer your questions every day and also guide you to make your next big money from graphic design.

How to Buy “The Big Money Graphic Designer”

You can send me WhatsApp Message through the WhatsApp button below to have a discussion with me and get the eBook.

If you must make more than everyone is making, you must make the sacrifice and do more than what others are doing.

Most times, those sacrifices may just be a little more effort or a new kind of information that would set you up for life.

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