Revealed! Shocking Ways to Increase Sales through An Underperforming Email List [Case Study – eCom]

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ways to increase sales through email list

How can I increase sales through an underperforming Email list? This is something that is not really talked about much.

Everyone seem to be focused on building an email list but what happens when conversion drops? How then can I increase my overall sales through an underperforming email list?

What happens when the same email list that helps drive your major revenue becomes less effective?

The Good Business Team hooked up with Zarak Samdani, a copywriter and email marketer to find relevant answers to this question.

Using eCom as a case study, he opened our eyes on how to flip the switch back on so that your business would effectively use the same underperforming email list to increase sales and bring in more revenue.

Find our conversation with him below.

Hello Zarak, thanks for making time to be with us.

We have observed that so many people engage their clients through email marketing but they do not generate as much revenue as should be generated.

We are hoping that you would help us figure it out and also tell us what to do to increase our revenue through this channel.

Before we proceed,

Tell Us About Zarak Samdani

I am a direct response copywriter and email marketer for supplement eCom stores. I focus on email content calendars, auto-responders, backend management, writing long form sales pages/VSLs and emails.

How Can You Explain Email Marketing In Its Simplest Form?

Imagine having a piece of paper with 100 names and emails on it. Except, all of these names and emails are your perfect target customer. And all of them have shown enough interest in your product/service to give you their information.

This is email marketing.

It’s having a list of qualified leads that you can market to WHENEVER you want, at NO cost using emails that get delivered right to their inbox.

With Facebook ads, you pay for attention. If you want more clicks you have to spend more money.

With email, the customer’s attention is already yours, and will be for years to come (assuming that your emails are well received).

What Products or Services Can Be Sold Through An Email List?

Literally anything.

I know of a dozen folks who make fortunes each year through email marketing. Some of them don’t even sell their own products, but sell other people’s products for a % of the sale (affiliate marketing).

Most of them sell things like supplements, high ticket courses, consulting, etc.

Email marketing works for any type of product/service.

How Can a Business Executive Build a Targeted Email List?


Sign up for an email service provider: ConvertKit, SendFox, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo for eCommerce.

Create a lead magnet (or just give away a discount/free sample if you run an eCommerce store).

Set up an opt-in page for the lead magnet (or use a pop up if you have a website/eCom store).

Send traffic to your opt in page. This traffic can come from media buying, your Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, etc.

That’s how a business owner/executive should go about building an email list.

There are different nuances for building an email list rather than a personal brand, but the basic idea is the same.

ways to increase sales through underperforming email list

How Best Can a Business Increase Their Sales Through Their Underperforming Email List?

It depends. WHERE are they lacking in terms of email marketing?

It’s hard to say without having specific information, but in general I’d recommend:

  • Pay a good copywriter a onetime fee to rewrite all of your autoresponders. I wrote an abandoned cart sequence that has a 43% placed order rate for my client, and they’ll be earning money from that for months if not years. It’s worth it to have them rewritten if you think they could do better.
  • If deliverability is low, or your email list isn’t engaged, schedule a re-engagement campaign and clean your list of anyone who isn’t interested in your offers.
  • Dial it back on the discounts. Unless your brand is consistently bringing in heavy traffic each month, you can’t afford to have a high churn rate with your email list. By constantly sending out discounts you’re reducing the perceived value of your products and also churning out subscribers.
  • Come up with a content strategy. Plan out the next 1-3 months. What emails are going to be sent out each week with your newsletter? Are they going to be educational? Funny? Shocking? What products are you going to pitch with these emails? Have this all planned out.
  • Have an opt-in pop up on your website. Or have a dedicated opt in page. Whatever it is, just make sure that there’s traffic going to your opt in so that you get new sign ups each month.

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Is There a Cap On How Much Sales You Can Make Through an Email List?


My biggest retainer is a supplement brand that turns over $14M a year in revenue. I don’t know exact %’s, but I know that they’re turning over $500k a month from their 3 email lists with 150k+ subscribers.

I write emails for them that fetch between $3,000-$12,000 in revenue EACH. They’ve done such a good job with growing their email list that it’s literally money printer at this point.

Pay a good copywriter who understands your audience and it’s literally impossible for them NOT to make bank with their list.

How Best Can Our Audience Reach Zarak Samdani

You can email me at , OR If any readers are looking for email marketing, copywriting, or freelancing tips, it’d be worth it to join my email list. Here’s the link:

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